Journey To Become A True God Chapter 286

286 Your Relationship Looks Good
Liu Yue, who was still in the car, saw Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu kissing, she didn't expect that Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu's relationship had gone that far.

It seemed like she didn't have to bother to help Ye Chen get Xia QIngyu, soon Xia Qingyu might become part of the beautiful wife group.

After all, once Xia Qingyu tasted Ye Chen's big thing, she would definitely no longer be satisfied with the others

Liu Yue smiled seductively, he had already thought of a way to make Xia QIngyu quickly become Ye Chen's woman.

After 5 minutes of kissing Xia Qingyu tried to get away from Ye Chen "Big pervert hurry off me, isn't the gift I gave you enough?" Xia Qingyu pushed Ye Chen away.

"Hehehe, Qingyu I still want more" Ye Chen wiped the saliva from the kiss with Xia QIngyu, Ye Chen was not satisfied.

The Yinqi that came from Xia QIngyu was very rich in pure, this made Ye Chen very addicted.

"Let's quickly go to the airport, otherwise we'll miss our flight" Xia Qingyu invited Ye Chen to go to the airport.

"Ye Chen, where is my car, why is the car you drive different." Xia Qingyu saw the car that Ye Chen was driving, obviously this luxury car did not belong to her.

"Your car is currently in the garage because it broke down, that's why I brought this car here." Ye Chen made an excuse to Xia QIngyu if Xia QIngyu's car was currently in the garage.

"I see, then let's just go" Xia Qingyu invited Ye Chen to get into the car immediately.

Xia Qingyu doesn't care whose car it is, the important thing is that it can be used to go to the airport.

Both of them get into the car.

"Looks like you guys have a pretty good relationship too." When Xia Qingyu just got into the car, a woman's voice was heard from the back seat.

Suddenly Xia Qingyu turned her head back, when Xia Qingyu looked back she saw a beautiful woman sitting in the back seat.

Xia Qingyu was shocked when he saw the beautiful woman sitting in the back seat, Xia Qingyu naturally knew who was the beautiful woman sitting in the back seat, this was the main director Liu Yue.

What was president Liu Yue doing in this car.

"Director. . . . Liu, what. . . . that is. . . you are doing here "in a stuttering voice Xia Qingyu asked what Liu Yue was doing in this car.

"Didn't I say in the message I sent earlier, that I would go with you to the capital?" Liu Yue had sent a message to Xia Qingyu that she was going to go to the capital too.

Xia QIngyu didn't know at all, after making a call with Ye Chen, she didn't look at her cellphone at all.

Xia Qingyu immediately opened her cellphone, on her cellphone there was indeed an incoming message that was from Liu Yue, in the short message it was written that she was going to go to the capital, she would also come here with Ye Chen.

After seeing the contents of this message, Xia Qingyu's face turned bright red, and there was steam rising from Xia Qingyu's face.

If Liu Yue had been in this car earlier, then Liu Yue should have seen what she and Ye Chen were doing.

Xia Qingyu did not expect that when ahe kissed Ye Chen, she would be seen directly by Liu Yue who was her superior.

For Xia Qingyu this was such a shame, how should she face Liu Yue in the future.

Liu Yue had seen herself making out with her own bodyguard.

"Director Liu. Did you see that just now? With a flushed face, Xia Qingyu asked Liu Yue if she just saw herself and Ye Chen kissing.

"No, I didn't see anything." Seeing Xia Qingyu become awkward, Liu Yue was forced to lie if she didn't see the kiss scene just now.

Xia QIngyu's face became even more red and hot, it was obvious that Liu Yue saw it, but she lied and said she didn't see the thing just now.

"Director Liu I know you saw him just now, you don't have to lie like that" Xia Qingyu said to Liu Yue with a very red face.

"Yes, I did see it, you don't need to be ashamed, it's been a face for adults to do just now" Liu Yu told Xia Qingyu that things just now are commonplace in today's world.

hearing Liu Yue's words, Xia Qingyu was even more embarrassed, Xia Qingyu did not expect that Liu Yue was so brave, Xia QIngyu did not dare to look directly at Liu Yue

"Yue director, Ceo Qingyu, can we go to the airport right now" in this case Ye Chen used a formal name to call the two of them.

Xia Qingyu was a very jealous woman, if she knew that he and Liu Yue had a relationship, Xia QIngyu would be angry with him.

"Yes, you can go right away." Liu Yue told Ye Chen to go to the airport immediately.

On the other hand, Xia Qingyu didn't say anything at all, she could only bow her head in utter embarrassment.

Ye Chen drove his car to the airport.

On the way to the airport, Xia Qingyu was still the same as before, she kept her head lowered, she didn't dare look at Liu Yue or Ye Chen.

In Liu Yue's eyes By now, her image must have crumbled to pieces.

She performed a shameless scene right in front of Liu Yue, the more Xia Qingyu thought about it, the more embarrassed she felt.

In her heart Xia Qingyu began to wonder how Ye Chen knew Liu Yue, from Liu Yue's tone, it was obvious that Liu Yue looked very familiar with Ye Chen.

Xia Qingyu began to remember, previously when she wanted to fire Ye Chen, Liu Yue strongly defended Ye Chen and did not allow herself to fire Ye Chen, and Ye Chen's expression at that time was very confident that she would not be fired.

From here Xia Qingyu had come to a conclusion that it turned out that Ye Chen had known Liu Yue for a long time, it was only natural that Ye Chen was very arrogant in his work, it turned out that this person knew the great director Liu Yue.

Xia Qingyu was very annoyed with Ye Chen, why didn't he tell herself that he knew Liu Yue and again how could Ye Chen not tell herelf that Liu Yue had been in this car before.

If only Xia Qingyu had known this beforehand, she wouldn't have kissed Ye Chen in the open like that.

Xia Qingyu stretched out his hand and started pinching Ye Chen's waist using both of her finger pincers.

Ye Chen, who was focused on driving, was shocked by this, why did Xia Qingyu suddenly pinch his waist, why did this woman like to do things like this.

Ye Chen looked at Xia Qingyu, he asked what made Xia Qingyu do this.

Xia Qingyu sniffed coldly and turned her face to the side, she didn't care about Ye Chen anymore.

Liu Yue, who saw Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu's behavior smiled, the two of them looked more and more like an angry lover.

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