Journey To Become A True God Chapter 290

290 A Drink That Has Been Mixed With Sleeping Pills
With an angry feeling, Xiao Yan returned to his seat.

"Honey, why do you look so angry, did those two women do things that made your heart displeased? "When Xiao Yan returned to his seat, he was greeted by a woman with quite a hot appearance.

This woman is quite beautiful with a seductive face, she is an artist who is quite famous in the capital, this woman is willing to be a toy from Xiao Yan so that her career becomes even brighter.

This woman did not care if she was only toyed with by Xiao Yan, as long as she remained a famous star she would do anything to make it happen, even if she had to sell her own body to people who had influence in this country.

In today's world this has become a natural thing, everyone is free to make their own choices, whatever they think is right they will immediately do it without caring what other people think.

"The two women dared to openly reject me, even though I already told you that I was a young master from the Xiao family, but they still kicked me out, it made me very angry." Xiao Yan told this hot woman that he had just been rejected rude by Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu.

"The two women have absolutely no idea what they have missed, even though young master Xiao is attracted to both of them, it is a blessing that is rarely encountered in this world." In a quite sassy fashion, this hot female star mocked Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu. who had missed a golden opportunity to get close to the Young Master of the Xiao family.

"You are indeed a woman who really understands me, I will give you a gift of a luxury villa and an offer of a contract with a major media." Xiao Yan was quite happy to see this hot female star, he decided to gift this hot woman.

"Honey, thank you very much, I really love you." The hot star woman immediately hugged Xiao Yan who was by her side and kissed him, she acted even more coquettishly towards Xiao Yan.

This woman knew how to make a man happy, she acted coquettishly in front of Xiao Yan in order to benefit from Xiao Yan.

As long as the young master of this Xiao family is happy and not bored with herself, her career will definitely continue to shine with full of light.

The plane starts to vibrate a little, it looks like this plane will take off soon, when it takes off the shaking will be a little bit, that's why the flight attendants ask all passengers to wear seat belts so that there is no unwanted accident.

A few moments later the plane managed to do Teke off, the plane managed to fly safely.

After the plane started to stabilize, finally everyone was allowed to remove the seat belts they were wearing.

The trip to the capital is quite long, at least it will take around 7 ~ 8 hours of travel.

for Ye Chen, just sitting around was boring enough, he wanted to do something else.

Ye Chen looked to the side, beside at this time Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu closed their eyes.

It seemed the two of them were sleeping, Xia Qingyu was very tired because last night she hadn't slept at all.

Whereas Liu Yue was currently trying to recover her mental mind because last night she was too intense against Ye Chen, Liu Yue also needed to sleep a little to recover herself.

Liu Yue's physical strength might have increased considerably, but last night's pleasure made her mental mind quite exhausted, so Liu Yue needed a short nap to recover her mental thoughts.

Ye Chen was so helpless, even though he intended to do something fun with Liu Yue.

"Sir, this is your drink." Suddenly Ling Yin was at Ye Chen's side, carrying a push table he went around to distribute food and drinks to the passengers on the plane.

"Thank you very much." Ye Chen received a drink from Ling Yin.

"May I know a little about you? "Ye Chen wants to get to know Ling Yin.

"Sorry sir, I'm currently working, I can't continue to chat with you, there are still many passengers who haven't gotten food and drinks." Ling Yin refused Ye Chen, she still had to do her job.

"Oh so, then I won't bother you" Seeing this woman didn't want to be spoken to, Ye Chen didn't want to continue anymore.

Ling Yin just smiled sweetly at Ye Chen, after which she pushed the table back towards the other passengers.

Ye Chen saw Ling Yin's departure, even though he wanted to know a little about this beautiful flight attendant.

Ye Chen drank the drink Ling Yin gave him, when Ye Chen drank a little, he felt that there was something strange about the drink Ling Yin had given him.

This drink has been mixed with a drug that can make people fall asleep for several hours.

Ye Chen didn't understand why Ling Yin gave himself a drink that had been mixed with sleeping pills, actually what this woman wanted by giving himself sleeping pills.

Ling Yin continued to distribute food and drink to everyone on this plane, everyone happily accepted food and drink from Ling Yin.

Just like Ye Chen, these people are also eager to get acquainted with Ling Yin, too bad Ling Yin rejects all men who try to get close to her.

Even Xiao Yan, who tried to get close to Ling Yin, was immediately rejected by Ling Yin.

Xiao Yan's face darkened again, this was the third time he was rejected by a beautiful woman, what is really wrong today, why is he repeatedly rejected by a beautiful woman, is there something strange about him.

Ye Chen saw that all the food and drink that Ling Yin gave to all the passengers, contained a medicine that could make people fall asleep.

It seemed that Ling Yin's target wasn't just Ye Chen alone, everyone on the plane was given food and drink that had been mixed with a sleeping medicine.

After giving everyone food and drink that had been given sleeping pills, it was time for Ling Yin to put her plan into action.

Ling Yin pushed the table towards the four five people who were in the middle passenger seat.

These five people consist of four men with burly bodies, and a man who has a lecherous face.

The name of the man who has a perverted face is Tu Reng

From earlier Tu Reng had always been watching Ling Yin's every move, he was very interested in this beautiful flight attendant, the beautiful flight attendant gave him an extraordinary feeling of expectation.

Tu Reng was eager to try Ling Yin's taste.

"Sir, this is your food and drink, please enjoy." Ling Yin gave food and drink to these five people.

One of the four burly men receiving food and drink from Ling Yin, Tu Reng pushed aside the big man in front of him, he would personally receive food and drink from Ling Yin.

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