Journey To Become A True God Chapter 291

291 Ling Yins Taste
"Beautiful girl, can I get acquainted with you? "Tu Reng eagerly wants to get acquainted with Ling Yin.

Ye Chen was currently closing his eyes, he wanted to listen to the conversation Tu Reng and Ling Yin were having.

"Of course you can, my name is Ling Yin, so what's your name?" Ling Yin currently has a very seductive voice, people who hear this voice will definitely be very excited.

Ye Chen couldn't believe what he just heard, how could Ling Ying's attitude change 180 degrees for a man who had a lecherous face like this.

Is Ling Yin's taste like that, Ye Chen did not expect that the taste of a woman as strong as Ling Yin was like this, it is only fitting that all the men who are here are rejected by this woman, it turns out that Ling Yin's taste is very bad.

Ye Chen continued to listen to the conversation between Ling Yin and Tu Reng.

"My name is Tu Reng, may we exchange contacts." Tu Reng bravely asked Ling Yin for contact information.

"I forgot to bring my cell phone." Ling Yin didn't bring her cell phone.

"Too bad, then I'll just give you this" Tu Reng handed over the business card to Ling Yin "This is my business card, you can contact me using the contacts that are here" Tu Reng told Ling Yin that this business card contained his contacts

Ling Yin with a very seductive gesture received the business card from Tu Reng, she slightly leaned her body forward, Ling Yin whispered in Tu Reng's ear, she whispered words that only Tu Reng could hear. "Sir, do you want to do fun things with me, I'll be waiting for you in the restroom. "Ling Yin invited Tu Reng with very vulgar words.

Hearing this, Tu Reng was very excited, he did not expect that this woman would become such a vulgar woman, this was a golden opportunity that he should not miss.

Ye Chen became even more shocked, how could a female cultivator this strong want to do something shameless with the man she had just met, moreover Ling Yin was the first to invite Tu Reng, Ye Chen really can't stop thinking about Ling Yin.

After saying vulgar words to Tu Reng, Ling Yin pushed the table back to the back cabin, she disappeared from everyone's sight.

Tu Reng didn't immediately follow Ling Yin, he first had to wait some time before he went to meet this beautiful flight attendant.

The medicine that Ling Yin had given him started to work, everyone who had eaten the food and drink began to fall asleep.

The medicine that Ling Yin gave him might be quite potent, but it won't work on Ye Chen, Ye Chen easily neutralizes the medicine that Ling Yin gave him.

After 5 minutes, finally Tu Reng left his seat, he immediately went back to meet the beautiful woman Ling Yin.

After Tu Reng's departure, Ye Chen opened his eyes, he was quite curious about what Tu Reng and Ling Yin would do.

Ye Chen still couldn't believe that a woman as great as Ling Yin would do something like that with a perverted man like Tu Reng.

Out of curiosity, Ye Chen decided to see what Ling Yin and Tu Reng would do, maybe Ye Chen would find an interesting spectacle from these two people.

Ye Chen walked to the back cabin, at this time the female flight attendants in the rear cabin were sleeping, they seemed to have taken medicine like the other passengers.

It turned out that not only the passengers were given medicine by Ling Yin, but all the flight attendants who were here were also given sleeping pills by Ling Yin, it seems there is something strange about this beautiful woman .

Seeing this, the curiosity in his heart became even greater, Ye Chen went to the restroom in this plane, the only restroom in this plane was only one, so Ye Chen could easily find his whereabouts.

Ye Chen is right now standing in front of the restroom, at this time the door has been closed and locked, in the restroom are Tu Reng and Ling Yin.

These two people really did something like that, moreover they did it in a small room like this.

Ye Chen used a bit of his strength to make a small hole in the door.

Ye Chen peeked into the restroom, he wanted to see what Ling Yin and the perverted man were doing.

Currently inside, Tu Reng and Ling Yin were starting to do something shameless, Tu Reng was currently trying to touch Ling Yin's beautiful body.

Ling Yin sassy enough tried to stop Tu Reng's hand from touching her.

"Be patient a little, good things will start soon, you have to be more patient" Ling Yin told Tu Reng to be more patient.

How could Tu Reng be patient when he saw a beauty like Ling Yin that was extraordinary, he couldn't wait to play with Ling Yin's beautiful body.

"I can't take it anymore, hurry and give it to me." Tu Reng couldn't wait anymore, he had been drooling a lot at Ling Yin's beauty.

Ling Yin smiled seductively at Tu Reng "It's all not free, you know what I want?" Ling Yin again teased Tu Reng by using the expectation of her beauty.

"How much do you want? , whatever you want I will give it to you. "Tu Reng couldn't take it anymore, he was willing to give anything to Ling Yin.

Even though he had to pay a high price, he naturally wanted to do it, as long as he could taste this delicious meat, Tu Reng was willing to pay whatever Ling Yin wanted.

"Ahahah, then I will charge mine right now" Ling Yin put her arm around Tu Reng's neck.

Tu Reng was very excited when he saw Ling Yin's two arms that were smooth and white as snow, in his heart Tu Reng wondered what exactly this woman's skin was made of, why this woman had such an extraordinary beauty.

Tu Reng had already played with countless women, but this was the first time Tu Reng saw a beauty that could make the blood all over his body heat and flow this fast.

Ye Chen really couldn't believe what he was seeing right now, how could a female cultivator like Ling Yin do something like this with a perverted man like Tu Reng.

Even in Ye Chen's wildest imagination, he couldn't imagine how Ling Yin would make money this way.

From what he had heard from the conversation between the two, Ling Yin wanted a fee to do this with a man named Tu Reng, this woman was looking for money in a very strange way.

Would a cultivator as strong as Ling Yin lacked money to that extent, to the point that he would do such a daring thing.

Ye Chen felt there was something strange about Ling Yin, whereas previously Ye Chen felt that Ling Ying still gave off the aura of a pure virgin, but why could he do something like this, a pure virgin couldn't possibly do something like this, What a pure virgin aura that previously felt by Ye Chen on Ling Yin's body wrong? .

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