Journey To Become A True God Chapter 292

292 Beautiful Assassin
In the restroom, Tu Reng intended to hug Ling Yin's beautiful waist, but when his hand almost reached Ling Yin's waist, suddenly his gaze turned 180 degrees backwards.

"Ehhhh? "Tu Reng did not understand why suddenly his gaze turned 180 degrees, he tried to move his head, unfortunately he could not do that, when his eyes looked down, he was surprised because what was below was his back.

Tu Reng just realized that at this time his head was turning 180 degrees backwards

Tu Reng didn't have a chance to scream, his body started to lose balance, Tu Reng's body fell forward and hit the floor of the plane.

Tu Reng looked at Ling Yin with a horrified gaze, he didn't expect that this woman would turn out to be a beautiful assassin.

Ling Yin squatted in front of Tu Reng, he patted Tu Reng's head.

" do you know ? , I hate being shameless like you the most. "Ling Yin gave Tu Reng a cold gaze who had been lying on the ground.

Ling Yin hated men like Tu Reng the most, this man played a woman like an object of absolutely no value.

Tu Reng wanted to say something, unfortunately his words were stuck in his throat and couldn't be spelled out.

Little by little Tu Reng's consciousness began to disappear, he finally let out the last breath he had, at this time Tu Reng was dead.

After confirming that Tu Reng was dead, Ling Yin took an object from her storage ring, she sprinkled a liquid she had over Tu Reng's corpse.

Instantly Tu Reng's corpse turned into steam and disappeared without leaving a trace.

From beginning to end Ye Chen saw what Ling Yin was doing to Tu Reng.

Ye Chen did not expect that this beautiful flight attendant turned out to be a beautiful assassin, it is only fitting that Ling Yin has such a high cultivation base, it turns out that from the start this woman was a beautiful assassin.

Ye Chen was quite disappointed, even though he hoped that there was something to be seen.

Ye Chen might be overly hopeful, how could a woman as strong as Ling Yin want to do something like that with a man like Tu Reng, it's absolutely impossible to happen.

Ye Chen didn't want to interfere too much in this kind of matter, he decided to return to his seat.

Ye Chen walked towards his passenger seat.

"Wait, what are you doing here? "Just as Ye Chen was about to go to his chair, Ling Yin came out of the restroom.

This woman quickly recovered herself, Ling Yin was currently smiling sweetly at Ye Chen.

"Hoam. . . ., I just wanted to go to the restroom to wash my face, unfortunately there was someone inside so I decided to just go back. "Ye Chen very quickly looked for an excuse so that Ling Yin would not be suspicious of him.

Ye Chen pretended to be sleepy so that Ling Yin would believe that he was currently under sleeping pills.

The door on this plane already has a notification, so if someone is in it the light will turn red, but when no one is in it the light will turn green.

"I see, you want to go wash your face, then please, I'm done." Ling Yin invited Ye Chen to use the restroom.

"Hoamm. . . , it's not necessary I want to go back and sleep, I'm sleepy. "Ye Chen wanted to go back to his chair.

Ye Chen walked back to his chair, when Ye Chen was walking away from this place, a black butterfly-patterned knife was suddenly on his neck.

Ye Chen naturally knows who this butterfly knife belongs to, this knife is of course Ling Yin's.

"You can't leave here, you already know a lot of things you shouldn't know" Ling Yin won't let Ye Chen go, just as this young man knows what she just did.

Ye Chen: "Beautiful flight attendant, what are you doing? Why did you suddenly pull out a knife around my neck, do you intend to rob me?" , please let me go, I have absolutely no money in my body. "Ye Chen started to act stupid in front of Ling Yin.

Ling Yin, who heard Ye Chen's words, almost fell to the floor, she didn't expect Ye Chen to think of herself as a thief.

"How dare you call this woman a thief, do you want to die? Ling Yin's attitude towards Ye Chen immediately changed, Ling Yin's tone turned very cold.

Ling Yin also gave off a pretty strong killing aura at Ye Chen.

"Then I have to say what you are doing right now, isn't what you are doing right now is like a thief who is pointing a knife at his victim" Ye Chen told Ling Yin that she looked like a thief who pointed a knife at his victim.

Ling Yin saw the position she was taking on Ye Chen, indeed her current position was like a thief pointing a weapon at his victim.

Ling Yin gritted her teeth, she felt humiliated by Ye Chen. "Turn around and raise your hand up." Ling Yin told Ye Chen to raise his hand up.

Ye Chen helplessly started to turn around and raised his hands up.

Currently, Ye Chen came face to face with Ling Yin.

Ling Yin pulled her butterfly knife from Ye Chen's neck. "Tell me did you see it?" Ling Yin again asked whether Ye Chen saw it or not.

"Yes of course I see it, you have something quite big, moreover you are brave enough to wear red underwear." Up close, Ye Chen could see Ling Yin's split peak.

Ye Chen was taller than Ling Yin, when he looked down he could see Ling Yin's gap.

"I never wear red, I always wear black" angrily Ling Yin suddenly told Ye Chen what color the underwear she was currently wearing.

Ye Chen was shocked when he heard Ling Yin tell the color of the underwear she was currently wearing, even though Ye Chen only wanted to tease this female killer a little, unexpectedly this killer had instead printed the color of the underwear she was wearing on Ye Chen.

Ling Yin immediately realized what she just said, why did she tell this man the color of the underwear she was currently wearing, Ling Yin currently felt that Ye Chen was being fooled.

Ling Yin again put her knife on Ye Chen's neck, this time Ling Yin's knife was closer than before, just a little bit Ling Yin moved her knife, Ye Chen's neck might disappear.

Ye Chen could feel the cold metal against his neck, this woman really didn't mess with himself.

"How dare you tease me, don't you know that right now your life is in my hands" Ling Yin looked very angry at Ye Chen.

Ling Yin didn't like this shameless Ye Chen.

Ye Chen: "What's wrong with me, haven't I answered everything you asked me".

Ling Yin didn't know whether Ye Chen was playing dumb or simply ignorant from the start.

"My patience has a limit, hurry up and tell me did you see what I just did in there? Ling Yin asked Ye Chen again, she wanted to know if Ye Chen saw what she was doing in the restroom.

"Do you think I am a superhuman who can see through walls, if I have such ability I would have used it to see the underwear of all women in this world" Ye Chen answered Ling Yin with vulgar words.

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