Journey To Become A True God Chapter 293

293 Dealing With Ling Yin
The answer from Ye Chen didn't make Ling Yin satisfied at all, Ling Yin was even angrier at Ye Chen.

Ling Yin disliked lewd men like Ye Chen the most, at this time Ling Yin wanted to slice Ye Chen's neck.

"You still dare to joke with me, I will really kill you" Ling Yin slightly moved her knife which was on Ye Chen's neck.

Just as Ling Yin's knife was about to scratch Ye Chen's neck, Ye Chen disappeared from Ling Yin's sight.

Ling Yin was very surprised when she saw Ye Chen disappear from her sight, Ling Yin didn't see Ye Chen's movements at all.

From behind Ye Chen stretched out his hand and touched Ling Yin's double peak.

"Ah. . . . " Ling Yin immediately groaned softly, when Ye Chen's hand touched her soft peak, Ling Yin felt an electric current enter her body.

Her body started to heat up and felt soft, all the strength that was in Ling Yin's body began to dissipate.

As the knife was about to stab into his neck, Ye Chen used a nine-shadow step to go behind Ling Yin.

Without wasting any time Ye Chen stretched out his hands and grabbed onto Ling Yin's two soft peaks, Ye Chen used the king's heart technique to deal with Ling Yin.

Ye Chen would make this arrogant woman apologize to himself.

Ling Yin tried to rebel from Ye Chen's evil claw, unfortunately her body was so soft and weak, she simply didn't have the strength to break free from Ye Chen's evil claw.

"What did you do to my body? Why can't I use my strength." Ling Yin asked Ye Chen what he had done to her body.

Ling Yin was really very uncomfortable, she felt thousands of insects crawling on her body.

"Hehehe, you have a very good body, these two big balls are quite soft when squeezed." Ye Chen echoed Ling Yin's two double peaks.

Both of these big balls are very supple and tight, the sensation of touching them is quite comfortable.

"Ah. . . ., ummm. . . . ", Ling Yin felt an immense sensation as Ye Chen's hand squeezed her two double peaks, she groaned in a voice that was quite seductive.

Ye Chen quite liked hearing Ling Yin 's voice, this woman could make himself very excited, Ye Chen began to squeeze the two big balls even more firmly.

Ye Chen did not forget to absorb Yinqi from Ling Yin, Ling Yin's Yinqi was pure and quite a lot, it seemed this woman's Yinqi had accumulated for quite a long time, if Ye Chen plucked Yinqi from Ling Yin's body, it was likely that he could reach the peak of the level seven.

"Big pervert, hurry up and let me go, if you don't let go of me, then I will kill you and cut you into thousands of pieces." Ling Yin threatened to kill Ye Chen if Ye Chen didn't let go.

Ye Chen didn't really like the threats from Ling Yin, Ye Chen put his lips close to Ling Yin's ear, "do you know, I hate someone who dares to threaten me, I'll let you know who I am."Ye Chen started to take off the flight attendant hat and clothes which Ling Yin uses.

Ye Chen's movements were very fast, he very easily took off the flight attendant clothes Ling Yin was wearing.

Ling Yin's hair that was previously rolled up now smelled very beautiful, now on her body Ling Yin only wears a pair of sexy transparent black underwear.

It seems that what Ling Yin said earlier was true, this woman was actually wearing a very transparent Black outfit, the two pink buds could be seen clearly by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen once read that women who like to wear black have very strong lust, it seems that Ling Yin is a lonely woman who is full of lust.

Ye Chen couldn't take it anymore, he wanted to keep touching Ling Yin's body.

Ling Yin felt that her body was cold, when she looked down, she saw that the clothes she was wearing had disappeared somewhere.

"Ahh. . . " Ling Yin screamed quite loudly, if only there were people around here, then they could definitely hear Ling Yin's scream.

Ye Chen immediately turned Ling Yin's body, without saying much Ye Chen silenced Ling Yin's lips, he covered Ling Yin's lips by kissing her.

"Um. . . ., Um. . .., "Ling Yin's eyes widened, she was suddenly kissed by Ye Chen.

In her life, Ling Yin had never kissed a man once, but today she was kissed by a young man who was much younger than her.

In the current situation Ling Yin was unable to think clearly, she just felt that this kiss was quite pleasant, Ling Yin had never felt anything that made her heart happy like this.

Ye Chen felt Ling Yin's cherry lips which were quite soft, Ye Chen bravely stuck his tongue into Ling Yin's mouth.

Ling Yin was enjoying a kiss from Ye Chen, suddenly an object invaded her mouth, this thing instantly snared her tongue.

Ling Yin tried to resist the invasion from this foreign object, but unfortunately she was unable to do so, this thing continued to squirm in her mouth and gave Ling Yin an extremely extraordinary feeling.

Without Ling Yin noticing, she started using her tongue to entangle this thing.

Ye Chen and Ling Yin started kissing passionately, because provoked by Ye Chen's King's heart technique, all the lust that Ling Yin had been holding for decades began to be released.

Ling Yin started entangling Ye Chen's neck using her two arms which were smooth and white as snow.

Ling Yin started to greedily kiss Ye Chen, Ling Yin no longer cared about what was around her, what she wanted was to get a pleasant feeling from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen tried to get away from Ling Yin, but Ling Yin didn't want to let Ye Chen go, she hugged Ye Chen like an octopus.

Ling Yin has been a great woman for a long time, she often looks down on every man who tries to get close to her.

But today she even took the initiative to get closer to this young man.

After 10 minutes of kissing Ling Yin finally removed her lips from Ye Chen's.

Ling Yin pushed Ye Chen down to the floor, she immediately waited for Ye Chen's body.

"I like you, from now on you will be mine." Ling Yin sipped her hand using her lips, Ling Yin's current expression was very lewd.

Ye Chen was surprised by Ling Yin's attitude change too fast, he did not expect that Ling Yin would become such a brave woman.

Even though Ye Chen intended to teach Ling Yin a lesson, but now he was being cornered by Ling Yin instead.

Ling Yin didn't care anymore, what she wanted now was to have more fun with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen didn't want this to happen, he pushed Ling Yin from above his body.

Ling Yin who was completely unprepared, she immediately fell to the floor. "Ouch." Ling Yin rubbed my head which was a little sore from hitting the floor.

"You are so mean, how could you do such cruel things to me" Ling Yin complained to Ye Chen, Ling Yin complained because Ye Chen suddenly pushed herself.

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