Journey To Become A True God Chapter 294

294 Ling Yin Fell In Love With Ye Chen
Ling Yin is now acting coquettishly in front of Ye Chen, Ye Chen is very confused by the changes this woman has made, this woman is changing very quickly.

Previously Ling Yin wanted to kill himself, but now she seems to like himself.

Ye Chen must be careful with this woman, she is a great assassin, Ling Yin must be very good at acting in front of him.

Ye Chen could see that when Ling Yin led Tu Reng into the trap she had set, Tu Reng could easily be fooled by Ling Yin.

It was because of this that Ye Chen had to be careful of this woman.

"Cough. . . , tell me what's your real name? "Ye Chen asked what Ling Yin's real name was.

"My name is Ling Yin, then what's your name? ? Ling Yin turned to ask Ye Chen.

Ye Chen didn't expect that Ling Yin would use her real name to commit such a murder, this woman was so confident.

Ye Chen felt that Ling Yin's current gaze was full of love for him, Ye Chen didn't know if this woman wanted to plan something on him.

Ye Chen will stay alert to Ling Yin. "My name is Ye Chen, by the way why did you kill that person earlier, are you an assassin? ", Ye Chen immediately asked Ling Yin the main point.

He wanted to know if Ling Yin was an Assassin or not.

"Yes, I am an Assassin who is in the Ranking of Legends list, that person was a syndicate boss who used to kidnap beautiful girls / women in small villages, they kidnapped beautiful women to become a comfort woman in a nightclub, I killed his to save The innocent woman / girl who is out there, I don't want them to experience something bad like that. "Ling Yin told Ye Chen that she killed that person for some reason.

Ye Chen didn't know whether or not he should believe Ling Yin's words, Ye Chen was quite hard to believe a beautiful assassin like Ling Yun.

But if what Ling Yin said was true, then Ling Yin did this for good, this woman wasn't as bad as Ye Chen imagined.

"You said you were an Assassin in Legend Rank, what does that mean?" Ye Chen was a little interested in what Lin Yin just said.

"Assassins in Legend Rank are a level that shows that the strength I have is extremely strong, Assassins in Legend Rank have a mission failure rate of below 1%, therefore the price for hiring an Assassin in Legend Rank is quite expensive, Assassins in Legend Rank Nor do we just accept missions, we will only take missions that we think fit our criteria. "Ling Yin told Ye Chen about Assassins in Legend Rank.

Ye Chen just found out that this kind of Assassin exists in this world, with Ling Yin's current strength it won't be difficult to kill a high-ranking countryman, no wonder the pay they can get is so much.

"Then why did you become an Assassin? Aren't with your current strength you can easily earn a lot of money." Ye Chen asked Ling Yin again, why did Ling Yin decide to become an assassin like this.

"What's more, of course I want to take revenge on someone." When Ling Yin said this, Ye Chen felt quite strong killing intent from Ling Yin.

"Eheem, with your current strength that has reached the 3rd stage of the Overlord Realm, wouldn't you be able to easily take revenge on that person" should with Ling Yin's current strength, she could easily take revenge on her enemy.

"I'm still too weak, the person I want to kill has a much stronger power than what I currently have." Ling Yin told Ye Chen that right now she was still weak when compared to the person she wanted to kill so badly.

"I see, then continue what you want to do, I'll go first" "Ye Chen decided to leave this place, let Ling Yin do what she wants.

Ye Chen also couldn't bear to keep looking at Ling Yin's naked body, Ling Yin's transparent underwear made little brother Ye Chen who was below excited.

"Wait, where do you want to go" from behind Ling Yin hugged Ye Chen's body.

"I want to go back to my seat, quickly remove your arm from me" Ye Chen told Ling Yin to let go of himself.

"No, no, no, how can you leave me after staining me, you have to take responsibility." Ling Yin doesn't want to let Ye Chen go, she wants Ye Chen to take responsibility for tarnishing the chastity she has.

"I didn't do anything, didn't you want to kill me earlier, why did you turn out like this" Ye Chen tried to push Ling Yin out of his body.

Ling Yin clung to Ye Chen's body, she didn't want to let Ye Chen go "I was wrong, I will no longer have thoughts like that, after all I didn't kill good people like you." Ling Yin tried to explain to Ye Chen that she was wrong at first.

Ye Chen was completely helpless, currently Ling Yin's half naked body was clinging tightly around himself.

Ye Chen is a normal man, looking at Ling Yin's beautiful body, naturally Ye Chen will be excited, Ye Chen's lower body starts to rise.

"Giggle, master, you are so amazing, in just a few minutes you can make this woman go crazy over you, it seems that your king's heart technique has developed quite a bit." In Ye Chen's mind, Chu Yuechan laughed at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen is so helpless, it looks like Ling Yin really doesn't want to let go of himself.

Ye Chen turned around and looked directly at Ling Yin "Tell me what you want from me? Ye Chen asked what Ling Yin wanted from him.

"I want to continue with you." Ling Yin wrapped her arm around Ye Chen's neck, she took the initiative to kiss Ye Chen.

Ling Yin was very brave, she kissed Ye Chen's lips passionately.

Ling Yin's temptation made Ye Chen excited, Ye Chen started to cooperate with Ling Yin.

Ye Chen's hand began to caress Ling Yin's half naked body.

The two of them didn't care what was around them, they started to do fun things.

For 30 minutes Ye Chen kissed and played with Ling Yin's body, Ling Yin really enjoyed playing with Ye Chen, she reached the peak of happiness several times by Ye Chen's caress.

Ling Yin liked this little man so much, she felt that she could no longer leave Ye Chen.

Ling Yin started to put her clothes back on, she tried to tidy up her whole appearance like before.

After experiencing the peak of happiness Ling Yin's face became much brighter than before, it seemed that all the complaints she had over the years were eliminated by Ye Chen.

After all, Ye Chen had been away for quite a long time, he was afraid that Xia Qingyu would wake up and search for his whereabouts.

Ling Yin, who was wearing clothes, saw Ye Chen leave, in her heart she felt a little lost when Ye Chen left.

Ling Yin accelerated in restoring her own appearance, after everything was back in order she decided to follow Ye Chen's departure.

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