Journey To Become A True God Chapter 296

296 Feng Jinx
Ye Chen felt Xia Qingyu's stare, what Ling Yin was doing at this time made the situation even more chaotic.

After confirming Ye Chen's seat belt was properly attached. Ling Yin finally left Ye Chen's side, she returned to her seat.

The plane finally landed at its destination, after the plane landed safely, the flight attendant immediately directed all passengers to get off the plane.

Ye Chen, Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu also got off the plane.

When Ye Chen came down he looked behind him, behind Ling Yin smiled softly at himself, Ling Yin gave Ye Chen an indirect kiss.

Ling Yin's style was very seductive, Ye Chen smiled at Ling Yin, this woman really seemed to have fallen on him.

Ye Chen invited everyone to get out of the airport, Ye Chen, Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu arrived in front of the airport, in front of the airport there was already someone holding up a paper with the name Xia Qingyu written on it.

It seemed this person was looking for Xia Qingyu's whereabouts.

Xia Qingyu approached the person who was holding a paper with her name on it.

"Are you Xia Qingyu?" This person asked Xia Qingyu.

"Yes that's me, where are the car keys" Xia Qingyu immediately asked this person for car keys.

"Here comes your key, enjoy your trip." This person gave Xia Qingyu the keys to the car behind himself.

Xia Qingyu received the car keys from this person, Xia Qingyu had prepared everything quite well, before leaving Xia Qingyu had already rented a car that could be used while they were in the capital.

After giving Xia Qingyu the car key, this man immediately left.

"Ye Chen, you drive." Xia Qingyu gave this key to Ye Chen, she wanted Ye Chen to drive.

"OK." Ye Chen received the car keys from Xia Qingyu.

Ye Chen, Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu got into the car.

Ye Chen drove the car leaving the airport.

"Where are we going? "Ye Chen asked where he wanted Xia Qingyu to go.

"We go to Feng Group headquarters." Xia Qingyu told Ye Chen to drive the car towards Feng Group headquarters.

Ye Chen nodded, he drove the car towards the headquarters of the Feng Group.

The streets in the capital city are very congested, Ye Chen is having a hard time overtaking the car in front because the space is too narrow.

Ye Chen had to drive even more patiently, after 50 minutes Ye Chen finally arrived at the Feng Group headquarters building.

The headquarters of the Feng Group was quite large, it was comparable to Liu Yue's corporate headquarters.

"Ye Chen, director Liu Yue, let's go inside." Xia Qingyu invited Ye Chen and Liu Yue inside.

Ye Chen and Liu Yue simultaneously nodded, they followed behind Xia Qingyu.

The three of them entered the Feng Group headquarters building, they headed straight for the Receptionist who was in front of the entrance.

"Sir And Miss, can I help you." The female receptionist welcomed the arrival of Ye Chen's entourage quite friendly.

The female receptionist was very surprised when she saw Ye Chen, this was the first time she had seen a man this handsome.

The female receptionist has worked here for quite a while, every day she meets countless handsome male stars.

Today she saw a very handsome man like Ye Chen, she fell in love at first sight, the receptionist started to daydream when she saw Ye Chen.

"I want to meet Mr. Feng Jinx if he is currently around." Xia Qingyu asked the female receptionist in a quite cold tone

The receptionist immediately realized and recovered "Miss, do you have an appointment before? The receptionist asked Xia Qingyu.

"I made an appointment with Mr. Feng Jinx. My name is Xia Qingyu." Xia Qingyu told her name.

"Oh so you are Miss Xia Qingyu, then please go up to the 35th floor, there Mr. Feng Jinx is waiting for your arrival." The female receptionist informed that Feng Jinx is currently waiting for Xia Qingyu to arrive on the 35th floor.

"Okay I'll go there" after getting information from the female receptionist, Xia Qingyu invited Ye Chen and Liu Yue to go up to the 35th floor.

"Hey handsome, wait a minute." The female receptionist stopped Ye Chen.

" What is wrong ? ", Asked Ye Chen to the female receptionist.

"This is my number, if you have time you can contact me at any time." It turned out that the female receptionist gave Ye Chen her personal contact.

It's not good to reject the kindness of women in public, so Ye Chen smiled and accepted the paper from the female receptionist, Ye Chen put the paper in his pants pocket.

After that, Ye Chen took care of Xia Qingyu and Liu Yue.

"Ahh, so handsome, I fell in love at first sight." After Ye Chen left, the female receptionist returned to daydreaming about Ye Chen, she really fell in love at first sight.

Ye Chen's group took the elevator to the 35th floor, the elevator very quickly arrived at the 35th floor.

When the elevator door was opened, a nice interior appeared in the eyes of Ye Chen, Liu Yue, Xia Qingyu, Feng Group's taste was quite good, the design of this building was very luxurious.

Ye Chen's group walked out of the elevator, they immediately searched for the room where Feng Jinx was.

It didn't take long for Ye Chen's group to find Feng Jinx's room, Feng Jinx's room was straight from the direction of the elevator entrance, that's why Ye Chen's group could easily find Feng Jinx's room.

"I'll wait for you here, good luck." Liu Yue didn't go inside, she decided to stay outside and wait.

"Director Liu Yue I will do my best, I will make sure the Xiannu company gets a lot of profit" Xia Qingyu promised Liu Yue that she would not lose when doing business with this person named Feng Jinx.

Liu Yue was satisfied with the enthusiasm shown by Xia Qingyu, Liu Yue would not be too worried about Xia Qingyu, on Xia Qingyu's side was Ye Chen, when the situation was out of control Ye Chen could definitely help Xia Qingyu solve it.

"Ye Chen, let's go in." Xia Qingyu invited Ye Chen into the room.

"You go first." Ye Chen told Xia Qingyu to come in first.

"Knock, knock, knock" Xia Qingyu knocked on the door.

"Enter the door not locked." A voice sounded from inside the room, Feng Jinx told Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu to enter.

After getting approval from within, Xia Qingyu opened the door.

Inside was a middle-aged man who was sitting reviewing documents, in front of the middle-aged man sat two people, one was a handsome man and the other was a woman with quite a hot appearance.

Ye Chen of course knew the two people who were sitting in front of the middle aged man, this was Xiao Yan and also the hot female star who was previously a plane with him.

Xiao Yan and also the hot female star saw the arrival of Xia Qingyu and Ye Chen.

Xiao Yan immediately looked at Ye Chen with a hostile gaze.

"Who are you, what do you want to come to my office" with a serious face Feng Jinx asked Xia Qingyu and Ye Chen.

"Mr Feng, I am the Xia Qingyu who previously discussed business with you." Xia Qingyu introduced herself to Feng Jinx.

"So you were Xia Qingyu who spoke to me on the phone at that time." Feng Jinx nodded at Xia Qingyu.

"Then sit on the sofa, I will finish my business with Mr. Xiao first" Feng Jinx told Ye Chen and Liu Yue to wait on the chair, Feng Jinx didn't seem to care too much for Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu, he seemed to care more about Xiao Yan and this hot female star.

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