Journey To Become A True God Chapter 297

297 You Better Go Home
"Mr. Feng, we have made an appointment beforehand, I hope you can quickly discuss business with me." Xia Qingyu was not happy to be told to wait by Feng Jinx.

Business with the Feng Group must be carried out immediately, otherwise it can be detrimental to both parties.

"Aren't you seeing that I'm talking to an important guest, if you really don't have the patience you can leave here" Feng Jinx's tone looked very arrogant when talking to Xia Qingyu.

Ye Chen didn't like this person's way of speaking at all, they wanted to discuss a business with the Feng Group, but it seemed that the Feng Group had absolutely no interest in doing business with his company.

"You two are nothing, it's better if you wait until we finish talking." Xiao Yan mocked Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu.

Finally Xiao Yan had the opportunity to take revenge on Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu for their treatment of him on the previous plane.

"Then how long do we have to wait until you are finished? Xia Qingyu asked Feng Jinx.

"Of course it's still a long time, if you can't wait for you to leave here." The person who answered Xia Qingyu was Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan took advantage of this opportunity to take revenge on Xia Qingyu who had rejected him.

"But if you want to be my woman, maybe I will consider ending all this immediately." Xiao Yan made an offer for Xia Qingyu.

Xia Qingyu looked at Xiao Yan with a cold gaze, this person was so shameless, how dare he make such an offer with herself.

"We have nothing to do with you, you should just keep quiet." Ye Chen told Xiao Yan to be quiet and not voice his voice.

"You poor man, how dare you say harshly like that to my dear, don't you know that the person in front of you is the young master of the Xiao family." The hot female star insulted Ye Chen who looked poor.

Ye Chen may be very handsome, but unfortunately the clothes that Ye Chen is wearing are just ordinary, hot female stars don't like poor men like Ye Chen the most.

Ye Chen glared at the hot lady beside Xiao Yan.

"You are just a toy woman from this ugly man, what right do you have to speak like that?" Ye Chen mocked this hot female star.

This female hot star is only a toy for Xiao Yan, when Xiao Yan gets bored, this woman will definitely be thrown away immediately.

"You. you. "The hot female star pointed at Ye Chen with her finger.

"You are so arrogant, it seems I have to teach you a little lesson so that you understand where you are." Xiao Yan stood up from the chair, he walked closer to Ye Chen.

Xiao Yan will teach Ye Chen a lesson for daring to insult him.

Xiao Yan was very confident in his abilities, he only needed one hand to deal with Ye Chen.

Feng Jinx looked at Xiao Yan, from the rumors he heard that Xiao Yan had now become a cultivator, it was very likely that this person would suffer at Xiao Yan's hands.

Xiao Yan's movements suddenly became fast, within a few seconds Xiao Yan was already in front of Ye Chen.

"Dieeeeee" Xiao Yan hit Ye Chen in the stomach, Xiao Yan did not hold back his strength at all, he hit Ye Chen with full strength.

"Bang. . . "The sound of the punch is quite loud, Xiao Yan sounded like he was hitting iron.

With Xiao Yan's full strength, Ye Chen's internal organs would definitely be seriously injured.

Xia Qingyu immediately realized that Xiao Yan was already behind him, especially when Xiao Yan was hitting Ye Chen's stomach.

Ye Chen didn't feel any pain from Xiao Yan's punch at all, Xiao Yan's punch had absolutely no effect on him.

"Ouchhh. . .! "The person who was moaning in pain was not Ye Chen but Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan felt that his hands were sore and sore, he felt that he had just hit a steel wall, Xiao Yan did not expect that this person's body was as hard as iron.

Everyone in this room was shocked when they saw that the person who was groaning in pain was Xiao Yan, wasn't Xiao Yan the one who hit Ye Chen, how could someone who was injured be Xiao Yan himself.

For Xia Qingyu, Feng Jinx and also the hot female Star, this was very strange.

Ye Chen grabbed the collar of Xiao Yan's shirt who was kneeling on the floor, he lifted Xiao Yan up high.

" Is that all you have? , if it's like this you should just go home ", Ye Chen threw Xiao Yan against the wall.

"Bammm" Xiao Yan hit the wall quite hard, Xiao Yan grabbed his back which was in pain, he hit the wall very hard.

"Dear." The hot female star immediately went to help Xiao Yan who looked in pain.

"Dear wake up, don't scare me." The hot female star tried to help Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan did not answer at all, he could only moan in pain as he felt his injured back.

"Now can we start our business?" Ye Chen exerted intimidating pressure on Feng Jinx.

Feng Jinx broke out in a cold sweat when he felt an intimidating aura emanating from Ye Chen.

Feng Jinx began to suspect that this young man was a strong master, otherwise how could Xiao Yan be defeated so easily.

"Of course, please sit down." Feng Jinx immediately told Xia Qingyu and Ye Chen to sit on the chair opposite him.

Xia Qingyu and Ye Chen went to the sitting chair in front of Feng Jinx, they both ignored and started ignoring Xiao Yan who was in pain.

"So Miss Xia, how much money do you have for this advertisement." Feng Jinx asked Xia Qingyu how much money Xia Qingyu had.

"50 million dollars." Xia Qingyu told Feng Jinx how much money he had to make Xiannu company advertisement.

"50 million dollars? , that's quite a lot, with that kind of money you can reach a lot of people both domestically and abroad. "Feng Jinx told Xia Qingyu that with that kind of money he could reach a lot of people.

"With the money I currently have, can you recommend a star to advertise our products?" Xia Qingyu wanted a female star to advertise products from Xiannu company.

"What about that woman over there, she looks good to do that, the fee for that female star is also cheap, only around 20 million dollars." Feng Jinx told Xia Qingyu the price for hiring a female star.

Hearing this, the hot female star was immediately excited, if she could get this contract, then she would definitely not be short of money in the next few years.

The hot female star immediately left Xiao Yan's side who was in pain, she immediately rushed towards Ye Chen and Liu Yue.

"Miss, I can become a star for your products." The hot female star immediately offered herself to Xia Qingyu.

This woman is very shameless, she previously insulted Ye Chen because Ye Chen looked poor, but now she wants to become a star for the products belonging to Ye Chen's company.

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