Journey To Become A True God Chapter 299

299 Get A Female Star For Ads
"Yes, we are indeed discussing a business, unfortunately this person charges a very high price." Ye Chen told Feng Xue what they were doing, Ye Chen pointed at Feng Jinx who put a high price on him.

"High price, how much is he asking for? "Feng Xue wants to know what price Feng Jinx wants from Ye Chen.

"50 million dollars just to hire a female star to advertise a product." Ye Chen told Feng Xue everything.

Feng Jinx's face turned pale, he did not expect that at a time like this Feng Xue would enter here.

Feng Xue Instantly looked at Feng Jinx. "Uncle Jinx, how can you charge such high rates? , are you doing a squeeze behind the company? ", Feng Xue asked Feng Jinx.

Feng Xue called Feng Jinx uncle, which meant that the two of them were close relatives.

"Xue, it's not what you think, I'm running a business honestly." Feng Jinx tried to explain to Feng Xue.

"Then explain quickly, otherwise I will tell Grandpa that you have used your given authority at will." Feng Xue threatened Feng Jinx.

Feng Jinx started explaining everything to Feng Xue.

Ye Chen saw that Feng Jinx was quite afraid of Feng Xue, it seemed that this woman had a big influence in her family.

So Ye Chen has an idea to deal with Feng Jinx.

"Qingyu let's just go, it looks like the Feng Group doesn't have any good intentions to cooperate with us." Without waiting for Xia Qingyu's reply, Ye Chen pulled Xia Qingyu from the sitting chair.

Xia Qingyu did not understand why Ye Chentiba suddenly withdrew herself, herself being dragged by Ye Chen to leave this room.

"Ye Chen, wait a moment." Feng Xue immediately stopped Ye Chen.

"Miss Feng why are you stopping us? ", Asked Ye Chen to Feng Xue.

"Don't go first, we can return to discuss this carefully." Feng Xue asked Ye Chen to stay here, he saw that Ye Chen looked displeased when cooperating with her family's Feng Group.

"There's nothing to explain, the price in this place is expensive, we will look for another place that can offer a more reasonable price." Ye Chen again invited Xia Qingyu to leave this room.

Looks like his plan worked, Feng Xue caught the bait from him.

Feng Xue ran towards Ye Chen's front, she stopped Ye Chen from leaving here.

"You don't need to go, we can talk about the price back, after all I still didn't repay your kindness at that time." Feng Xue didn't want Ye Chen to leave here.

Feng Xue just met Ye Chen, Feng Xue won't let Ye Chen go so easily.

"Then what price can you offer us" asked Ye Chen to Feng Xue.

"How about this, I will voluntarily become a female star for your products, you don't have to worry I will do it for free, just think of it as my thank you." Feng Xue offered to become a female star for Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu.

Xia Qingyu did not expect that Feng Xue would offer to become a star for Xiannu company products, moreover Feng Xue would do it for free without asking for a monetary reward.

"Since Miss Feng's offer was so good, we agreed." Ye Chen didn't waste any more time, he agreed that the female star for his product would be Feng Xue.

Feng Jinx didn't expect that Feng Xue would want to become a female star for Ye Chen's products for free without expecting a monetary reward.

Feng Jinx was furious at Feng Xue, even though before his eyes was a huge advantage, but because of the arrival of this little prostitute all the benefits that were before his eyes evaporated.

"Xue what are you saying, we will suffer a huge loss because of your words just now." Feng Jinx roared at Feng Xue.

Feng Xue didn't like it at all when she was scolded by Feng Jinx. "Uncle Jinx, if you keep doing things like this that can tarnish the reputation of the Feng Group, I will tell grandfather and the other elders." Feng Xue again threatened Feng Jinx.

Feng Jinx grit his teeth in anger, he glared at Feng Xue.

In the family, Feng Xue's position was higher than him, Feng Xue was the favorite granddaughter of the Clan Leader, which was why the Clan leader really loved Feng Xue.

Moreover, Feng Xue is also the most valuable asset of the Feng Group, the Feng Group will definitely not allow anyone who dares to find trouble to Feng Xue.

"Feng Xue will see, after that old freak enters the funeral, I will make you a prostitute for the big bosses, I will definitely benefit a lot from that." Feng Jinx did not dare to say it directly, he swore and said this in his heart.

Feng Jinx didn't say anything, he returned to his seat.

Feng Xue was happy to see Feng Jinx succumbing to herself. "Then let's make a deal." Feng Xue intends to discuss a deal with Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu.

Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu nodded at Feng Xue. The two of them sat on the sofa and discussed the contract for this advertisement.

"What kind of advertisement do you want, small, medium, or broad?" Feng Xue asked Ye Chen and Liu Yue about the advertising contract they would take.

"Miss Feng, please explain to me what you mean beforehand, I still don't really understand what you are talking about." Xia Qingyu didn't understand what Feng Xue was saying, she wanted to be clear from Feng Xue.

"OK let me explain, our Feng Group has several levels for the advertising sector"

"The first is a small level: this level can reach people in several cities at once."

"The second is the moderate level: it can reach people all over the country".

"When is a broad level: this level can reach all people around the world".

"The three levels I mentioned earlier have their own price, the small level has a price of 5 million dollars per year, the medium level has a price of 10 million dollars per year, and the broad level has a price of 20 million dollars per year." Feng Xue explained everything to Xia Qingyu. .

"So that's how it is, then we choose the Broad level only, we want to reach more people at once." Xia Qingyu told Feng Xue that she was going to take the Broad Level.

Se wanted to reach even more people around the world, Xia Qingyu wanted everyone in the world to know about the products of Xiannu company.

"Then how long do you want this contract to run, Minimum contract period is 1 year" Feng Xue told Xia Qingyu about the period of this advertising contract.

"We'll just take 2 years, is that fine" asked Xia Qingyu to Feng Xue.

"Of course it doesn't matter." Feng Xue gave Xia Qingyu a cute smile.

"Uncle Jinx please make a contract for them." Feng Xue told Feng Jinx to prepare a contract for Xia Qingyu.

Feng Jinx sniffed coldly, he was currently in a bad state because of Feng Xue's actions.

Feng Jinx gave Feng Xue a document, this document already contained a cooperation contract.

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