Journey To Become A True God Chapter 300

300 Party Invitation
Feng Xue received the Documents from Feng Jinx, she told Xia Qingyu to sign these documents.

Xia Qingyu did not immediately sign the contract document, she first read the contents of the contract that was in it.

After checking everything OK and according to what Feng Xue said, Xia Qingyu started to sign the contract documents.

After finishing signing the contract, Xia Qingyu returned the documents to Feng Xue, Xia Qingyu only brought a copy of the documents for proof of this cooperation.

This is for proof that both parties have cooperated.

"Miss Feng, we will pay you our price, don't you mind that?" Xia Qingyu still wanted to pay for Feng Xue's services, she didn't feel comfortable getting something from someone like Feng Xue for free.

"You don't have to do that, I did it without needing a reward." Feng Xue refused Xia Qingyu's payment, she did this because she wanted to repay Ye Chen's kindness.

"If it's your wish I can't do anything." Since Feng Xue didn't want to be paid, Xia Qingyu couldn't do anything.

Feng Jinx again sniffed Feng Xue, This beautiful star is so stupid, she refused a payment from Xia Qingyu.

If it was him, he would definitely receive the money from Xia Qingyu.

After the same job was fulfilled by Feng Xue and Xia Qingyu shaking hands, the two women smiled at each other.

Xia Qingyu is relieved that everything is going well, this is all thanks to Ye Chen, Ye Chen always helps herself in difficult times, Xia Qingyu likes Ye Chen even more.

"Then we will go first, we will come again tomorrow to discuss the advertisement of our products." Everything is finished, tomorrow it is only left to make advertisements for Xiannu company products with the female star is Feng Xue.

"Okay, Miss Feng we will say goodbye to go see you later" Ye Chen also said goodbye to Feng Xue.

"Ye Chen, you don't need to call me Miss Feng, you can just call me Feng Xue." Feng Xue asked Ye Chen to call herself a more familiar nickname.

"Alright, from now on I'll call you Feng Xue." Ye Chen started calling Feng Xue's name more intimately.

Feng Xue was quite happy to hear Ye Chen calling herself that, she felt like she was getting closer to Ye Chen.

What Ye Chen and Feng Xue were doing did not escape Xia Qingyu's eyes, Xia Qingyu felt that the relationship between the two was not what it seemed on the surface, she felt that Feng Xue also liked Ye Chen.

"Oh yeah, do you have an event tonight? Feng Xue asked Ye Chen.

"Nothing, what is it? ", Ye Chen asked Feng Xue nicely.

"Tonight at my residence, there will be a birthday party for my grandfather, I hope you two can come there." It turned out that Feng Xue invited Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu to go to her grandfather's birthday.

" that . . . "Ye Chen doesn't feel comfortable rejecting Feng Xue's invitation.

"Miss Feng, you don't need to worry, tonight we will go to attend your grandfather's birthday." Xia Qingyu immediately answered Feng Xue's invitation.

"That's great, tonight I'll wait for both of you to come." Feng Xue was happy to see Xia Qingyu agree.

If this woman agreed, it was very likely that Ye Chen would also go along to her grandfather's birthday party.

After agreeing to come to Feng Xue's grandfather's birthday party, Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu left this room.

Feng Xue saw the departure of Ye Chen and also Xia Qingyu, Feng Xue felt a little lost when Ye Chen left.

"Xue, do you know what you just did? "Asked Feng Jinx to Feng Xua.

"What did I do? I don't think I did anything wrong." Feng Xue replied to Feng Jinx indifferently.

"You just made this Group lose quite a lot, even though before I almost got a lot of profit from this cooperation, but because of your actions all of them failed completely, see how I will report this to other legal holders." Feng Jinx this time threatened to report Feng Xue to the shareholders.

"I don't care at all, the shareholders can't do something about this, the highest share of the Group is still in my grandfather's hand, they won't be able to do anything they want." Feng Xue simply said to Feng Jinx.

Actually, Feng Xue's grandfather did not agree when choosing Feng Jinx to be the chairman who manages all the Group's business, due to pressure from the elders and shareholders, Feng Xue's grandfather was forced to appoint Feng Jinx as the new chairman of the Feng Group.

Feng Jinx had many connections with shareholders, Feng Jinx's father was also a great elder within the Clan, which was why he was able to sit in the chair of Feng Group chairman with the help of the shareholders as well as his father.

Feng Jinx's biggest problem was that the current Clan leader, the Clan leader really didn't like him, because of this the scope of Feng Jinx's movements was very limited.

Feng Jinx repeatedly tried to get rid of Feng Xue's grandfather, unfortunately all his attempts often failed and did not work, if only Feng Jinx could get rid of Grandpa from Feng Xue then he would definitely be able to master the whole Feng Group.

"Keep this agreement document." Feng Xue threw the advertising contract document on Feng Jinx's table, after that Feng Xue left the room, Feng Xue still had to take care of the party for tonight, she didn't have much time to stay and argue with Feng Jinx.

Feng Jinx could only grit his teeth, he did not expect that he could lose to a junior like Feng Xue.

"You little bitch, you will see, I will definitely take revenge for all the humiliation you have done today." Feng Jinx swore that he would make Feng Xue pay for all the humiliation that was done today.

Feng Xue had already walked out of the room, she didn't hear what Feng Jinx had just said, if she heard what Feng Jinx said, Feng Xue would be very angry.

Feng Xue descended from this building to her car, she had to return to the main house immediately.

At another place.

Ye Chen, Liu Yue, and Xia Qingyu now got back into the rental car, the three of them intended to look for a hotel to stay for the night.

"So how did it go, did you guys succeed." Liu Yue asked whether the cooperation was successful or not.

"Everything is going well, this is all thanks to the female star Feng Xue who knows Ye Chen" Xia Qingyu told Liu Yue that this cooperation was successful thanks to the help from Feng Xue who knew Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, so Feng Xue is really helping you, looks like your relationship with Star Feng Xue is quite good." Liu Yue teased Ye Chen.

"Director Yue you praise too much, my relationship with Feng Xue is not that good, it is possible that the reason she is nice to me is because I helped her." In front of Xia Qingyu, Ye Chen could not be too intimate with Liu Yue, if Ye Chen was too intimate with Liu. Yue, Xia Qingyu would be suspicious of the two of them.

"So that's what happened." Liu Yue of course knew that Ye Chen had saved Feng Xue from the kidnappers in the past.

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