Journey To Become A True God Chapter 301

301 Stay In The Same Hotel Room
Judging from Feng Xue's previous attitude, it was likely that Feng Xue was slightly attracted to Ye Chen.

It was Liu Yue's instincts that told herself.

Xia Qingyu didn't say anything, she just turned her head to the side, it seemed that Xia Qingyu was jealous because of Liu Yue's words just now.

Liu Yue was very helpless seeing Xia Qingyu's behavior, Xia Qingyu was different from the other sisters, Xia Qingyu was very jealous of other women, she wanted to monopolize Ye Chen alone.

No wonder Ye Chen had a hard time getting Xia Qingyu, it turned out that Xia Qingyu had become a woman like this, Liu Yue had to make Xia Qingyu understand and want to share Ye Chen with the others.

"Ye Chen, let's find the most luxurious hotel in town." Liu Yue wanted Ye Chen to look for a 5-star hotel in the capital, Liu Yue had her own plans.

"Okay." Ye Chen understood, he changed the original direction, he went to the most luxurious hotel in the capital.

Ye Chen is still unfamiliar with the streets of the capital, fortunately there is a travel guidebook provided by this car borrower, because of this Ye Chen knows where the best Five-star hotels in the capital are.

Ye Chen drove this car following the map that was provided, after about 20 minutes the two of them arrived in front of the very luxurious hotel door.

When Ye Chen, Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu came, a waiter approached Ye Chen, he asked for Ye Chen's car key, The Waiter would park the car in the underground parking lot.

Ye Chen handed the car keys to the Waiter, he, Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu went straight inside.

First they have to check in first.

"Hello can I help you" with a smile The receptionist asked Ye Chen, Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu.

"Are there still empty rooms? We want to book two rooms." Xia Qingyu booked two rooms at the receptionist.

"Of course there is, let me carry out the procedure." The receptionist was getting ready to complete the procedure for booking a room.

"No need to book two rooms, just one room Vip" Liu Yue interrupted Xia Qingyu, she wanted to book only one room for Vip.

"But Director Liu, what about Ye Chen?", Xia Qingyu asked Liu Yue.

Liu Yue smiled at Xia Qingyu "You don't need to worry, Ye Chen can live in a room with both of us." Liu Yue told Xia Qingyu that the three of them would live in the same room.

"But. . . , Ye Chen is a man how can he stay with us, I'm afraid he will do something bad. "Xia Qingyu knew how Ye Chen's behavior was a little perverted, she was afraid that Ye Chen would do something bad to both of them while sleeping.

"What can Ye Chen do? ", Asked Liu Yue to Xia Qingyu.

"What can Ye Chen do to the two of us? ", Asked Liu Yue to Xia Qingyu.

Liu Yue was seen teasing Xia Qingyu, Xia Qingyu's face started turning red like an apple, Xia Qingyu couldn't say the shameless things she had done together with Ye Chen.

If Xia Qingyu told Liu Yue, then she wouldn't have the face in front of Liu Yue.

Seeing that Xia Qingyu was embarrassed, Liu Yue decided to stop teasing Xia Qingyu.

"Just let Ye Chen stay with us, it will make it easier for Ye Chen to protect us both." Liu Yue told Xia Qingyu that Ye Chen would find it easier to protect both of them if they were in the same room.

Xia Qingyu was so dumbfounded, how could Liu Yue think like that, one man and two beautiful women living in the same room didn't make any sense.

"Ye Chen, you have no problem right? ", Asked Liu Yue in a coquettish tone.

"I agree with what director Yue said." Ye Chen was very happy, Liu Yue really knows what he wants, living in the same room as Xia Qingyu would be quite fun.

Xia Qingyu didn't know what to say, she was completely clueless about Liu Yue's way of thinking.

"So two regular rooms or one room Vip" The receptionist again asked Xia Qingyu and Liu Yue.

"Just one room Vip, please finish all the procedures." Liu Yue told the receptionist to finish the procedure.

The receptionist nodded, she started her usual procedure.

Xia Qingyu couldn't do anything, she could only obediently comply with Liu Yue's wish.

Liu Yue completed the payment procedure. "Miss, here is the key to your room. Do you need help lifting your luggage? "The receptionist handed Liu Yue the key to Vip, she also offered to lift the goods provided at this hotel.

"That's not necessary, we didn't carry heavy things at all." Liu Yue turned down the receptionist's offer.

"OK, have a nice happy night at our hotel." The receptionist greeted Ye Chen, Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu.

Xia Qingyu's face immediately turned bright red, the Receptionist's words were like a revelation that the three of them were a couple.

Liu Yue only smiled at the receptionist in front of her, the words that the receptionist said could make other people misunderstand.

After getting the room key, the three of them went up to the floor where their room was, because the room being rented was Vip's room, then the location of the room was on the top floor.

The three of them go back up the elevator to reach Vip's room which they have rented.

Within a few minutes Ye Chen, Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu arrived at the door of Vip's room.

They immediately opened Vip's room using the key given by the receptionist earlier.

After the door was opened, Liu Yue was the first to enter, followed by Xia Qingyu and Ye Chen.

The three of them enter Vip's room, the contents of Vip's room are very complete, there is a sofa and Tv. There is air conditioning, there is a dining table, there is a large bed that can accommodate several people, and many other facilities are provided.

The three of them enter Vip's room, the contents of Vip's room are very complete, there is a sofa and Tv. There is air conditioning, there is a dining table, there is a large bed that can accommodate several people, and many other facilities are provided.

Ye Chen rushed to the bed, Ye Chen flopped and slept on it.

the mattress provided here is very soft.

Ye Chen began to wonder if he would play together with Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu on this bed.

"Ye Chen, what are you doing, it's our bed, tonight you will sleep on the sofa." Xia Qingyu scolded Ye Chen for sleeping on a woman's bed, Xia Qingyu pointed at the sofa next to her.

Ye Chen made a relaxed pose on the soft bed. "Come on Qingyu, don't be stingy, come and sleep with me." Using his finger, he invited Xia Qingyu to get on the bed.

"Who wants to sleep with you, hurry down and get down now." Xia Qingyu tried to pull Ye Chen off the bed.

"Puchi. . . " Liu Yue laughed seeing Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu's behavior, what the two of them were doing like a couple flirting with each other.

Liu Yue went to the bed, she sat on the outside of the bed.

Liu Yue started to take off the high heel and stockings she was wearing.

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