Journey To Become A True God Chapter 304

304 Ling Yins Pas
"Ye Chen", a beautiful woman in a sexy black dress set hugged Ye Chen from behind.

When Ye Chen was choosing a party dress for Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu, a woman suddenly hugged him from behind, this woman's tone was very soft and spoiled.

Ye Chen is not even aware of this woman's existence, this woman can hide her aura from Him.

Ye Chen turned his head back, as he turned his head, he saw Ling Yin with the Sexy Black Dress hugging her from behind.

Ye Chen was surprised to see a beautiful female Assassin behind him, what Ling Yin wanted to come here.

"Why are you here?" Ye Chen asked Ling Yin.

"It's because I missed you, so I decided to look for you." Ling Yin hugged Ye Chen's neck.

"Boing. . . . "Ye Chen's head is currently trapped between the gaps of Ling Yin's mountain peak, Ling Yin's mountain peak's feeling is very gentle, it's like lying on the softest sponge in the world.

Ling Yin felt very happy because he could meet Ye Chen again, only a few hours apart, she already missed Ye Chen very much.

Ling Yin hugged Ye Chen's head even tighter, Ye Chen felt tight as he was trapped between Ling Yin's mountain peaks.

"Hey let it go, I can't breathe." Ye Chen asked Ling Yin to let go.

Ling Yin was too happy when she met Ye Chen, to the point that she hugged Ye Chen very tightly.

Ling Yin let go of her arm that was wrapped around Ye Chen's neck. "Dear Ye Chen, sorry I didn't mean to do that." Ling Yin apologized to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen felt relieved to be free from Ling Yin's two large meatballs, was this woman deliberately doing that to take his life.

"What are you doing in a clothes shop like this, and you also went to a woman's party dress, could you possibly want to buy me a party dress?" Ling Yin began to suspect that Ye Chen bought this dress for herself, Ling Yin was very happy , women who are in love sometimes can't think logically.

"I didn't buy these clothes for you, I was choosing clothes for my wife" Ye Chen told Ling Yin that he was looking for clothes for Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu.

"Ehh. . ., you already have a wife. "Ling Yin was surprised when she found out that Ye Chen already had a wife.

"Yes, I already have a wife, even the number is more than five, you definitely don't like men who have many wives like me, you should just go" Ye Chen tried to expel Ling Yin.

Ling Yin didn't look disappointed after finding out that Ye Chen had many women, she instead gave Ye Chen a gentle smile.

"Then if I join as your wife, won't it be a problem? "Ling Yin is more open minded, she doesn't mind being Ye Chen's wife or concubine.

Ling Yin has lived for quite a long time, she is used to seeing a man have many wives and concubines, so Ling Yin doesn't mind other women at all, the most important thing is that she can be with Ye Chen, that's enough for Ling Yin .

Ling Yin was already excited by the joy that Ye Chen gave, she could no longer escape from Ye Chen.

As long as she was alive, Ling Yin had never felt as pleasant as the one given by Ye Chen while on the plane before, it was the most lovely and pleasant thing for Ling Yin.

Ye Chen looked at Ling Yin, this woman is really very confused.

"Do you really want to be my wife? Ye Chen asked Ling Yin.

"Of course I would, but not for now" said Ling Yin to Ye Chen.

" So what ? , "Asked Ye Chen.

Whereas previously Ling Yin looked excited when she said she wanted to join his wife.

"I still haven't got my revenge on that person. Maybe when I get revenge I will die or something bad happens to me, I don't want you to be sad if that happens." Ling Yin had already thought of all the risks she had to take when taking revenge on that person.

It was likely that Ling Yin would not be able to return, or have an accident, If that happened she was afraid that Ye Chen would be sad.

Ye Chen listened to Ling Yin's explanation, Ye Chen felt a little sorry to see a beautiful woman like Ling Yin had to endure something like this.

"Master, this woman looks quite pitiful, why don't you help her, she doesn't look evil at all." Chu Yuechan felt a little sorry for Ling Yin.

"You may have a point," said Ye Chen to Chu Yuechan.

Ye Chen stroked Ling Yin's straight hair "actually who is the person you want to take revenge on, tell me everything, I might be able to help you." Ye Chen wanted to know who the real person Ling Yin wanted to kill was.

Ling Yin enjoyed stroking Ye Chen's hand, it made her feel very comfortable and safe.

"The person I want to kill has the nickname Phantom Blade, he is the most powerful Assassin God on earth, people who hear his name will definitely get scared and run away as fast as they can." Ling Yin told Ye Chen who the person wantedto be kill.

It turned out that the person Ling Yin wanted to kill was an assassin God who had the nickname Phantom Blade.

"Then why do you want to kill that person, did that person ever do anything to you? ", Asked Ye Chen.

When Ye Chen asked Ling Yin this question, Ling Yin gritted her teeth, Ling Yin's emotions looked unstable when Ye Chen asked this.

Ye Chen saw that Ling Yin's emotions changed when he asked Ling Yin's reason for wanting to kill the Phantom Blade "if you really don't want to or can't say it, then don't say it".

Ling Yin tried to calm her heart, she shook her head at Ye Chen "I will tell you a Story.

"In the past, there was a 7 year old girl who lived in a small town on the edge of a mountain".

"The little girl's family is very rich and has a lot of business, everyone really respects the girl's family because they often help people who are in need, every day the girl is always spoiled by her father and mother and everyone in the small town".

"Until one day some unknown people came, these people were an Assassin who was paid to kill the girl's entire family and everyone in that small town, a 7 year old girl who was still innocent didn't know anything , saw a scene of utter horror. "Ling Yin told Ye Chen a story.

"You know, that 7 year old girl is me, I saw all my family members and everyone in the city die right in front of my eyes. At that time I was very scared." Ling Yin's body began to lose balance, Ling Yin's body would fall into floor.

Ye Chen who saw this immediately hugged Ling Yin's body, Ye Chen felt Ling Yin's body shaking quite violently, Ling Yin's body temperature also started to rise.

It seems that Ling Yin is traumatized when she remembers what happened to her family.

Ye Chen hugged Ling Yin even tighter, "calm down, everything will be fine." He tried to calm Ling Yin down.

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