Journey To Become A True God Chapter 308

308 Hurricane Vortex
Ling Yin "Storm Blast" tries to attack the Tsunami Wave which is created from the ground.

"Boomm. . . , boomm. . . , boomm. . . , "A blast of wind started to hit the Tsunami Wave on the ground, it's a shame this huge Wave didn't budge at all when Ling Yin's attack hit it.

"Hahaha, your attack is useless, you won't be able to destroy my technique, be prepared to be buried alive." Python King laughed at Ling Yin.

"Impact Wave", a ground tsunami wave began to fall and hit everything in front of him.

Ling Yin was completely surrounded from all directions, if a force of this magnitude collided, he would be severely impacted.

"Breaking meteor blow" Ye Chen suddenly came and attacked the ground Tsunami Wave that was about to hit Ling Yin.

"Booom", a breaking meteor blow instantly swept away Python King's Impact Wave technique.

" What ! ! ! "The Python King was stunned when he saw Ye Chen so easily destroy his Impact Wave technique.

Python King has never seen someone who could break or destroy his Impact Wave Technique.

"Are you okay?" Ye Chen was a little worried about Ling Yin.

"Thank you, I'm fine" Ling Yin thanked Ye Chen for the helping hand.

Ling Yin didn't expect Ye Chen to have this strong power, she thought that Ye Chen's cultivation base was below hers, didn't Ling Yin expect Ye Chen to be this strong.

Ye Chen can break Python King's Impact Wave technique very easily.

"Bastard, how dare you disturb my fun." Python King looked angry when Ye Chen harassed himself in killing Ling Yin.

Ling Yin came back forward to fight the Python King.

"Do you need help fighting this person" asked Ye Chen to Ling Yin.

"No, I will fight him alone, if I can't beat this guy, how can I kill a Blade Phantom that is much stronger than this guy." Ling Yin wanted to win against the Python King.

"OK." Ye Chen understood what Ling Yin wanted.

Ye Chen stepped back so as not to disturb Ling Yin's concentration.

"So you still want to fight me, hahaha, come here and show your abilities." Python King told Ling Yin to come forward.

A green aura burst back up from Ling Yin's body, a gust of wind that was quite strong started blowing around the Python King's body.

The Python King saw that there was a gust of wind around him that began to envelop him.

The gust of wind turned into a huge tornado vortex, this vortex sucked everything into it.

"Hurricane vortex", this is Ling Yin's strongest technique, whoever is sucked into her hurricane vortex technique, will be instantly chopped by millions of invisible wind blades.

The Python King was trapped in the middle of the hurricane vortex, the Python King's body began to be cut by millions of invisible wind blades.

Even the leather armor that he had was quickly shattered by millions of invisible wind blades.

"Ahh. . ., bastard, it hurts. "The Python King felt his entire body being slashed by countless invisible blades of wind.

"Great Wall" Python King made a wall from the strongest rock, he hid inside the wall he just made.

Python King is relieved that his wall can protect him from the power of the wind blades in this vortex.

Now he only needed to slip out of this vortex by going into the ground, it was impossible for this vortex to penetrate the ground beneath him.

Python King started to use the technique to dig the ground, when he had dug several meters, he did not find the ground, what he achieved was an empty air, he saw that at this time his stone barrier had been lifted up into the sky by this vortex.

Ling Yin has strengthened the hurricane vortex strength again, the hurricane vortex strength is getting stronger, the Great Wall that the Python King just created is immediately raised high, Ling Yin won't let the Python King escape so easily.

The destructive power of the hurricane vortex grew stronger, the Great Wall's barrier began to be chopped to dust.

Python King in it also did not escape the rage of the Hurricane Vortex.

"Damn woman, I will. . . "Before the Python King finished his words, he was turned into a mist of blood by the millions of wind blades that were inside the hurricane vortex.

After the death of the Python King assassin, Ling Yin stopped her technique,

After using such a powerful technique, Ling Yin felt very tired, she looked weak and had no profound energy left in her body.

Ye Chen came to help Ling Yin. "Are you okay?" Ye Chen was worried about Ling Yin who just used such a powerful technique.

"I'm fine, I'm just a little tired from using too much Profound Energy." Ling Yin was unharmed, she was just exhausted and needed a short rest to recover strength.

Ye Chen nodded at Ling Yin, Ye Chen looked around, at this time his surroundings were very messy, lots of trees, stones and plants were scattered everywhere because of Ling Yin's hurricane vortex technique.

Luckily Ling Yin used the technique in a quiet place, if a technique like the hurricane vortex was used in the city, the whole city would be very chaotic.

Ye Chen intended to find a comfortable place for Ling Yin to rest for a while to recover his profound energy.

"So you guys are the ones who create chaos in this place, I think it's the act of monsters." An old voice spoke from above the sky.

When Ye Chen helped Ling Yin walk to find a resting place, he heard someone speak from above the sky.

Ye Chen was immediately alert, he immediately saw the direction of the voice coming.

Above the sky floated an old man with white hair and clothes, little Ye Chen had to notice the arrival of this old man.

"Who are you, and what do you want to come here" asked Ye Chen to the old man who was floating above the sky.

"Hahaha, a young man who is brave enough." This old man burst out laughing.

"Lord Guardian, sorry for being presumptuous, what are you doing in this place?" Ling Yin called the old man in the sky as Lord Guardian.

Ling Yin looked very respectful of the old people above the sky.

"Ling Yin do you know that old man? ", Ye Chen whispered to Ling Yin.

Ling Yin shook her head "I've never met an old man, but from the token on that old man's waist, that old man should be Lord Guardian".

Ye Chen looked at the waist of the old man, it was true that on the waist of the old man there was an imperial token that was often used by high-ranking generals / officials, the token was engraved with the words Lord Guardian.

"So that person's name is Lord Guardian? ", Whispered Ye Chen to Ling Yin.

Ling Yin shook his head "Lord Guardian is a position given to the strongest cultivator in this country, their main task is to oversee the running of the government in this country, this person is also in charge of protecting everyone from the dangers caused by the battle between cultivators who have high levels. ", Ling Yin tried to explain everything to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded when he heard the explanation about this person from Ling Yin.

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