Journey To Become A True God Chapter 309

309 Sparing With Lord Guardian
Ye Chen: "So you can say that this person is a senior in this country, then why did he come here? ".

Ye Chen wanted to know the reason a person this strong had appeared before himself and Ling Yin.

"What do you want from us? "Ye Chen asked what Lord Guardian wanted from the two of them.

"I came here to settle the mess that you guys have done, do you know that the battle just now damaged a lot of the country's facilities?" Lord Guardian told Ye Chen and Ling Yin the chaos that Ling Yin and Python King's battle had caused.

"Isn't the battlefield far away from the residential areas? ". Ye Chen said to Lord Guardian.

the battlefield here was quite far from the residential areas, so there shouldn't be damaging a state owned facility.

"Then what is this?" Lord Guardian took out an image stone, this image stone brought out a picture of the situation near here, many houses were crushed by trees and also collapsed due to the impact of the battle of Ling Yin and Python King.

Ye Chen saw the image displayed by the imagery stone, Ling Yin should have created a barrier first so that the area around here wouldn't be affected by the two's battle.

"I'm sorry, I will replace all the damage I have caused." Ling Yin took the initiative to replace all the damage she had done.

"That's good, but you have to come with me to take responsibility for everything, you will be punished properly." Lord Guardian is not only asking for compensation, this old man will also sanction Ye Chen and Ling Yin.

"I don't have time for that, just paying compensation is enough." Ye Chen didn't have time to go with this old man and receive a Sanction from Lord Guardian.

"You can't refuse it, if you dare to refuse then I will forcibly take you two." Lord Guardian threatened to use force to take Ye Chen and Ling Yin.

"I don't have time, you should just go, I will compensate all the losses." Ye Chen told this old man to leave his sight.

"Hahaha, very brave young man, if you really don't want to then I will have to take you by force." Lord Guardian stepped forward towards Ye Chen, he stretched out his palm, he was preparing to hit Ye Chen.

Ling Yin did not expect that Ye Chen would dare to challenge a Lord Guardian who has the strength at the 10th stage of the Overlord Realm.

"Ye Chen, don't be careless, this person is very strong, you are not his opponent." Ling Yin tried to stop Ye Chen who was intending to fight Lord Guardian.

"You are calm, leave all this to me" Ye Chen told Ling Yin to calm down and leave everything to himself.

Ye Chen used his free left hand to welcome Lord Guardian's palm strike.

"Bamm. . . "Ye Chen and Lord Guardian's palms collided with each other.

The collision of the two palms made a very strong blow, Lord Guardian was flown back several kilometers.

Ling Yin was dumbfounded when she saw Lord Guardian retreating several km by the exchange just now, from this alone Ling Yin already knew how strong Ye Chen was.

Lord Guardian did not expect that Ye Chen was this strong, the palm that was previously used to attack Ye Chen now felt a little sore from the exchange of blows just now.

"No wonder you are very brave, it turns out that you are very confident in the strength you have." Lord Guardian must praise Ye Chen who has this kind of strength.

"Only with your strength like that you will not be able to forcefully carry me" Ye Che looked very confident in the strength he currently has.

After receiving the inheritance from the Azure Dragon, Ye Chen's strength was now much stronger than before, even a cultivator who was 3 levels higher than his own was unable to match himself.

Ye Chen hasn't even opened his Fire Vein yet, if he does that then he really won't be invincible.

"I was still warming up, this time I will be serious." Lord Guardian again tried to attack Ye Chen, this time he was very serious, Lord Guardian's aura was radiating very strongly, the profound energy in Lord Guardian's body exploded out.

"Five finger seal." The tip of Lord Guardian's Five fingers came out some strange runes, he started to lock the tag on Ye Chen's body.

Ling Yin who was in Ye Chen's embrace felt a terrifying force heading towards her, she trembled slightly as these five fingers drew closer.

Ye Chen saw the arrival of Lord Guardian's attack, "breaking meteor blow" Ye Chen used breaking meteor blow to punch Lord Guardian.

"Booommmmm" an explosion occurred, this explosion made the earth rumble, a crater was formed by the collision of the attacks made by Ye Chen and Lord Guardian.

In the battle this time, Lord Guardian suffered defeat again, he retreated even further than before.

This time the hand he had just used to attack Ye Chen was badly injured. Blood started dripping from Lord Guardian's palm.

Lord Guardian was more and more surprised when he saw Ye Chen "who exactly are you, how can you have this kind of power" Lord Guardian can no longer be calm, Ye Chen's strength is far beyond his expectations.

"I am just a young man who is still in school" Ye Chen told Lord Guardian that he was just a student.

Lord Guardian's jaw fell to the ground.He could not believe that a person who had this strength was still a school student.

Ling Yin was also shocked, she couldn't believe that Ye Chen was still a student, where might a student have this kind of strength.

"Why, don't you believe me? " Ye Chen saw that Lord Guardian didn't believe he was still a student.

"Yes, yes, yes, I believe you are still a student." Lord Guardian nodded at Ye Chen.

Seeing this, Ye Chen chuckled "now that you know my strength, you should just go, on earth no one can match my strength." Ye Chen told Lord Guardian to leave here.

Lord Guardian stroked his white beard. "It's true that your strength is strong, but in this world there are still people who can fight you." Lord Guardian told Ye Chen that there was still someone who could take him away against Ye Chen.

"You mean? ", Asked Ye Chen to the old Lord Guardian.

"Your strength is almost comparable to that of a great faction ancestor in this world, I estimate that your current strength is comparable to cultivators who are half-step towards Divine Realm." Lord Guardian guessed that Ye Chen's strength was comparable to someone in the half-step stage. Divine Realm, otherwise he wouldn't suffer defeat like this.

"Author's note: half a step to Divine Realm is a level that is in the middle of the 10th level of the Overlord Realm and Divine Nascent Realm's first level, there is still a huge gap if you want to break through to the first stage of the Divine Nascent Realm.

"So in this world there are also cultivators who have reached the half-step level to Divine Realm, it seems that I have underestimated cultivators on earth." Ye Chen just found out that there is a cultivator who has reached the half-step stage to Divine Realm.

he thought that Fu Lanling was the only cultivator on earth who had managed to reach half a step towards Divine Realm, it turned out that all of the great factions had already reached that stage as well.

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