Journey To Become A True God Chapter 31

31 Fairy Gate

Ye Chen again dreamed of being in a beautiful beautiful lake but the difference here was there were no women, this place was empty, not beautiful women like the dream of a dream before.

But it was different from the dream of a Previous Dream Ye Chen could feel a very pure energy here, which Ye Chen had never felt in a dream before.

Ye Chen wandered around the lake at this place. The view was very good, Ye Chen almost thought that this was Heaven.

Ye Chen pinched his cheek "is this a dream but why do I feel this is really real".

"This is not really a dream" A woman's soft voice came from Ye Chen's back.

Ye Chen saw the woman Flying over the lake this woman was very very beautiful who wore white snow white clothes with a mature body, but this woman had a pair of white wings glittering on her back, this fairy beauty could destroy a country.

"Who are you? "Ye Chen asked cautiously.

"The master does not need to be vigilant, I will not do anything harmful to you," answered the fairy.

Ye Chen was not easy to believe because Ye Chen could not feel the cultivation base of this fairy woman there were two possibilities the first of these fairies was stronger than Ye Chen, and the second of these fairy women really had no strength.

Even though Ye Chen didn't feel any hostility from this fairy woman but Ye Chen had to remain vigilant "I Asked Again Who Are You Actually" Ye Chen asked again.

The fairy woman sighed and said "my name is Chu Yuechan and I am the guardian in this place".

"Then where are we now?" Ye Chen asked.

"We are now at the gates of the fairy world" Chu Yuechan answered.

The answer from Chu Yuechan instead made Ye Chen even more confused, "What kind of world is the fairy world, instead I was sleeping on my soft bed" Ye Chen complained in his heart.
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Ye Chen "Beautiful fairy Please explain More details so that I understand better".

Chu Yuechan That touched his forehead and shook his head shaking his head "ok I'll explain so that you understand"

Chu Yuechan "This is a fairy world, which is an artifact from the Fairy Gate that you have".

Ye Chen "You mean that iron shaped like a gate"

"Exactly the truth is a very extraordinary artifact, but at this time the artifact does not yet regard you. As its master, all you need to do is give one drop of blood and you will be the owner of this place," Chu Yuechan explained to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen had no idea that the mysterious iron turned out to be keeping a very amazing secret like this

Ye Chen "Then what is the advantage if I become the ruler of this place?".

"The benefits that can be obtained by the master will be extraordinary, after the master becomes the ruler of the Fairy Gate, the master will be able to go in and out at will and the master can also practice here to his heart's content. women then the energy available in this place will be more pure and can speed up the level of cultivation. "Chu Yuechan tried to explain to his advantage to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen who heard this was quite tempted by his advantage Ye Chen then said "you will not lie to me right"

Chu Yuechan "why would I lie to you"

Ye Chen went mad and was thinking whether to accept or not Ye Chen saw Chu Yuechan always give a smile to him, this woman's beauty was very Deadly Ye Chen even almost lost his composure.

"Well I agree to be the owner of this place," Ye Chen said.

"Then master please stretch out your fingers" Chu Yuechan asked Ye Chen to stretch out his finger.

Ye Chen Extending his index finger, Chu Yuechan then approached Ye Chen and suddenly Chu Yuechan put Ye Chen's index finger into his mouth and winced at him.

Ye Chen felt pain from his index finger and blood started coming out of his index finger and was suctioned by Chu Yuechan

"The master's identity has been confirmed from now on there is a master from this place, Chu Yuechan will serve the master from now on" Chu Yuechan then b saluted Ye Chen.

"May I call you Yuechan from now on" Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan.

"As long as the master likes the master may call me with what the master wants," answered Chu Yuechan.

Ye Chen "don't call the master I'm not used to, just call me Ye Chen from now on"

Chu Yuechan "Ye Chen is good"

Chu Yue Chan then explained again more details about this fairy gate.

For example, this fairy gate can only be accessed by Ye Chen and also Ye Chen women, and another requirement is that the woman must have a dual cultivation relationship with Ye Chen first. enter or pass by the woman Ye Chen appoints who holds the key to enter here, and there are three keys. Therefore, besides Ye Chen, there will be 3 more people who can access this place, but that must also have Ye Chen's permission first.

Ye Chen "At that time I was when I was on the antic camera. What was Yuechan who called me?"

"Yes, Ye Chen, I called you at that time so you would pick up the Fairy gate artifact," Chu Yuechan answered.

Ye Chen "So from the beginning you chose me? "

Chu Yuechan "I chose you because you have an ancient (Yang) body, and I know that you will definitely be with many women in the future"

Chu Yuechan "You know the way fairy gates work, the more women you have, the purer the energy here."

"Hah, what if I'm not with many women? In the future, it won't make you disappointed".

"That's not possible unless you want to die so please just try" Chu Yuechan Terseyum.

Indeed Chu Yuechan was right if Ye Chen didn't immediately get (Yin) from a woman then Ye Chen would die.

And here the energy is several times purer than on earth which makes training here more effective than on earth, and from what Chu Yuechan said the energy here is still able to get stronger again, that's not only benefit Ye Chen but also the women that Ye Chen has in the future.