Journey To Become A True God Chapter 313

313 Start Of The Birthday Party
Feng Xue's words were like a bolt of lightning for the guard, the guard immediately slumped onto the floor, he could not believe that he would be fired like this.

Feng Xue ignored the guards who were currently on the ground, she went to greet Ye Chen, Xia Qingyu and Liu Yue.

"I deeply apologize for the rudeness committed by the guards I employ." Feng Xue lowered her head and apologized to Ye Chen, she did not expect that Ye Chen would be treated like that.

Ye Chen saw Feng Xue who was wrapped in a red dress, Feng Xue was very beautiful, Ye Chen was fascinated by the beauty that Feng Xue had.

"You don't need to apologize, you're not wrong at all, what was wrong from the start was the guard you hired." Ye Chen told Feng Xue to raise her head.

Feng Xue raised her head, she smiled gently at Ye Chen, Feng Xue's smile looked like a flower that had fully bloomed.

The reporters and people outside were quite surprised when they saw the most popular female star Feng Xue smiling very beautifully, and the person who made Feng Xue like this was a handsome young man in very ordinary clothes.

The reporter wanted to capture this moment, unfortunately they didn't have the tools left to take Feng Xue's pictures.

Some people were jealous of seeing Ye Chen, not only did Ye Chen have two beautiful women in his side, Ye Chen also knew a big star like Feng Xue, people began to suspect that Ye Chen's background was very strong, if not how Feng Xue looked very respectful of Ye Chen.

"Come in, the birthday party will start soon." Feng Xue invited Ye Chen, Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu to enter the mansion.

Ye Chen, Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu followed behind Feng Xue, Feng Xue's courtyard was quite large and wide.It took them 5 minutes to arrive in front of the Feng Family Mansion.

The Feng family's mansion is enormous and majestic, this is truly a super luxurious Mansion.

"Ye Chen, don't you want to change your clothes first? , I have several sets of black suits that might be good for you. "Feng Xue asked Ye Chen to change into a better one.

Liu Yue and Feng Xue's appearance was already very good and beautiful, while the clothes that Ye Chen wore looked very ordinary.

Xia Qingyu just realized that Ye Chen's clothes were very ordinary.

"Ye Chen, why didn't you buy clothes for yourself earlier?" Xia Qingyu questioned Ye Chen.

"I feel more comfortable wearing this set of clothes." Ye Chen felt more comfortable when wearing this shirt, this shirt Ye Chen got from the wardrobe in his villa, it looks like this is the clothes belonging to the villa owner before Ye Chen.

Liu Yue didn't say anything, according to her that currently the clothes that Ye Chen was wearing were very good, they were even better than what she was currently wearing.

"If you feel comfortable in your own clothes, then I won't force you." Seeing that Ye Chen liked the clothes he was currently wearing, Feng Xue no longer forced Ye Chen to change into a suit.

"Let's go inside." Feng Xue invited Ye Chen, Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu into the mansion.

The four of them entered, the main room of the mansion was very spacious, it could accommodate thousands of people at once.

in the main room there were already a lot of rich people and famous stars present, most of them talking about their business and future careers.

When Feng Xue arrived, there were a lot of young men and women who were looking at Feng Xue, they looked very excited when Feng Xue arrived at this place, there were also some women who were jealous of Feng Xue's popularity.

Ye Chen felt like a spectacle that was in a zoo, he was very unfamiliar with the gazes of this many people.

Wherever they are A big star will definitely attract the attention of many people.

Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu instantly turned into indifferent women, they ignored the gazes from these people.

"I'll go upstairs first, do whatever you like." Feng Xue still has something to do, she has to go over this matter.

Ye Chen, Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu nodded at Feng Xue.

After saying to Ye Chen, Feng Xue went upstairs.

After Feng Xue's departure, Ye Chen took Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu to a corner, they tried their best not to attract the attention of the people who were here.

Unfortunately, the beauty that Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu had still attracted the attention of many people, some men came to try to get acquainted with Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu.

Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu rejected all generations of rich men and star men who tried to get close to them, they didn't like men like this.

While some female stars glanced at Ye Chen, they were quite interested in Ye Chen's good looks, but after seeing Ye Chen's very ordinary clothes, they were disappointed and started to ignore Ye Chen.

The female stars who are present here are very brave, they are wearing very sexy and revealing clothes, even female stars are half naked.

The tastes of female stars are different from normal women, what they are looking for is not a handsome man, but a man who is rich enough who can be used as a support for their future career, on this occasion the female stars who are here try their luck, they hope they can get a rich man at an event like this.

Ye Chen looked around the place, the capital is indeed a very extraordinary place, there are so many novice cultivators in this place, they are mostly young men and women from influential families.

It seems that the old saying is true, in the capital it is indeed a lair of dragons and tigers, there are many cultivators who hide themselves very well.

The birthday party hasn't started yet, the main star of tonight's party is yet to come.

While waiting for the event to start, Ye Chen brought several glasses of wine and food for Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu.

Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu received food and drink from Ye Chen.

As Ye Chen, Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu prepared to eat, the lights in the room turned off, a bright light focused on the top of the stairs.

Currently in the center of the beam of light stood an old man who was roughly 70 years old, this old man had a special charisma to him.

Next to this old man stood a very beautiful and smiling woman, this was of course Feng Xue,

Feng Xue helped the old man down the stairs, when Feng Xue and the old man came down the stairs, a piece of music accompanied them, this music game was very good.

This musical play Ye Chen had heard before, this was Ye Chen heard on television.

Everyone started enjoying the music that was being played, they were carried away by the strains of this music.

Feng Xue and the old man descended the steps slowly, just as the male master stepped on the floor. Music was finished.

looks like everything has been setup very well.

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