Journey To Become A True God Chapter 314

314 Feng Luo Ji Zen
"Long live Mr. Feng Lou." Everyone simultaneously gave longevity greetings to the old man next to Feng Xue.

This old man's name is Feng Luo.

"Thanks to all of you who wanted to come to my birthday tonight, this old man was very happy to receive all of you." Feng Luo thanked everyone who wanted to attend his birthday.

After the event's welcoming words began, as usual birthday people have to say their wishes, Feng Luo only has one hope that the Feng family will continue to be victorious.

After saying Feng Luo's wish, together with Feng Xue started cutting the immense cake, after the cake was cut, the maids started distributing it to everyone who was here.

"My old friend Feng Luo, happy birthday." An old man came to Feng Luo, this person is a person who has just played a very good musical instrument.

"Hahaha, Mr. Ji, thank you for being here." Feng Luo looked very respectful of this old man.

This old man is called Ji Zen, he is a great teacher who has trained many stars in this country, some of the people who have been trained by Ji Zen have become big stars, for example is Feng Xue.

"Big Teacher Ji, nice to see you again." Feng Xue paid her respects to Ji Zen.

"Hahaha, Feng Xue, you now look more beautiful and more mature, your career is also very good, I am very happy to have a student like you." Ji Zen is very happy to have a student like Feng Xue.

Feng Xue is not only beautiful and has a good voice, she is also very talented with musical instruments, therefore Ji Zen is very proud of Feng Xue.

"Big Master Ji, thank you for your compliment." Feng Xue smiled when she heard Ji Zen's praise.

"Feng Luo's grandfather, happy birthday." A man standing behind Ji Zen also wished Feng Luo a happy birthday.

This man wished Grandpa Feng Luo a happy birthday, but this man's eyes were instead looking at Feng Xue's body, this man's gaze looked very lustful when he saw Feng Xue's beauty.

Feng Xue felt indecent gaze from this man, she was completely dissatisfied with what this man was doing.

"Junior sister Xue, long time no see, you've looked even more beautiful since our last meeting." This young man smiled at Feng Xue.

"Liu Lee, why are you here." Feng Xue looked dissatisfied at the arrival of this person.

"I came here with the teacher to celebrate your grandfather's birthday." Liu Lee told Feng Xue that he came here to celebrate Feng Luo's birthday.

"Aren't you bruised because you want to meet me? Feng Xue sniffed coldly at Liu Lee.

Liu Lee who heard this was a little awkward, it seemed that his intentions were easily discovered by Feng Xue.

"Xue don't be like that, isn't Liu Lee still a senior above you, you should respect him even more." Feng Luo scolded Feng Xue for being too harsh to Liu Lee.

Liu Lee is Ji Zen's most talented student, it is estimated that in the future Liu Lee can replace Ji Zen's position to train young talents in this country, that's why many people try to close and please Liu Lee who is still like this, if in the future of Liu Lee being famous like Ji Zen, it will be difficult to be able to establish a good relationship with Liu Lee.

Liu Lee smiled at Feng Luo, he was quite happy when Feng Luo helped him, the benefits that Liu Lee got from becoming Ji Zen's successor were extraordinary, there were so many people trying to please him.

"Liu Lee why don't you play a piece of music for Feng Luo's birthday present, he will definitely be very happy to hear your music." Ji Zen told Liu Lee to play music for Feng Luo, he wanted Liu Lee to show the greatness he had taught him.

"OK teacher, I'll do it." Liu Lee went to show his skills in playing musical instruments.

Everyone who is here waiting for Liu Lee to play a musical instrument, they want to hear the sound of the musical instrument Liu Lee produced, whether Liu Lee's skills are really close to Ji Zen or not.

Everyone who was here was waiting for Liu Lee to play a musical instrument.

Liu Lee went to the musical instrument where he was holding a zither, Liu Lee intended to play this zither.

Liu Lee started to play the Sitar he was holding, when Liu Lee started plucking the zither strings, a very melodious music began to be heard.

Everyone is starting to enjoy this melodious voice, when compared to Ji Zen's music game, it can almost match the abilities of Ji Zen.

Everyone enjoyed the music played by Liu Lee, after playing for 5 minutes, Liu Lee ended his Sitar game. "Thank you." Liu Lee looked down and thanked him.

"Nice, beautiful, amazing." Everyone in this place applauded, only Feng Xue did not seem to be clapping when she heard Liu Lee's music playing.

Feng Xue felt that Liu Lee's game was still far behind when compared to Ye Chen's piano playing.

After receiving applause from the people who were here, Liu Lee returned to Ji Zen's side.

Now he looks even more proud of himself.

Ji Zen nodded at Liu Lee, he was delighted to see Liu Lee's instrument playing skills almost approaching him.

"You are very talented, in the future you will definitely become someone who is as great as Ji Zen." Feng Luo praised Liu Lee's ability to play musical instruments.

"Grandpa Feng Luo, thank you for the compliment, I still have a very long way to go." Liu Lee tried to look quite low profile, he wanted to receive a good impression from Feng Luo.

Feng Luo was delighted to see Liu Lee, not only is his talent very great but this person also looks very low profile.

"Xue, what do you think about Liu Lee's ability to play musical instruments, doesn't Liu Lee play really well? " Feng Luo asked Feng Xue who was beside him.

From earlier, Feng Xue didn't seem to be praising Liu Lee's ability to play musical instruments, even though he remembered that his granddaughter really liked musical instruments too, he wanted to know what Feng Xue thought about Liu Lee's abilitie.

"Not bad enough, but when compared to my friend he is still far behind." Feng Xue answered her grandfather's question.

Everyone here was shocked when they heard Feng Xue's words, Feng Xue said that Liu Lee's abilities were quite good, Feng Xue also told everyone that her friend's abilities were far greater than Liu Lee's.

The people here were starting to wonder who this person Feng Xue was talking about, they wanted to know who could surpass Liu Lee in playing a musical instrument.

"Xue why are you being so rude to Liu Lee" Feng Luo scolded Feng Xue again.

"Grandfather, I'm not lying, my friend can indeed play better than this person." Feng Xue didn't lie to Feng Luo, when compared to Ye Chen, Liu Lee's ability was still far away.

Feng Luo saw that Feng Xue was very stubborn, he could not do anything, it was not good to scold Feng Xue in public like this.

"Ahemm, Feng Xue, may I know your friend who can play better than Liu Lee, I want to meet that person." Ji Zen believed what Feng Xue said, Feng Xue couldn't possibly lie in front of him.

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