Journey To Become A True God Chapter 315

315 Ye Chen Was Dragged Into Trouble
"Wait a minute I'll call him" Feng Xue went to Ye Chen's side.

When Feng Xue said there were people who could play better than Liu Lee, Ye Chen already felt that Feng Xue was referring to him, this female star gave Ye Chen an unnecessary problem.

"Ye Chen come with me, I'll introduce you to my teacher and grandfather." Feng Xue dragged Ye Chen away to where her grandfather was.

"I don't want to, I don't feel well." Ye Chen tried to find an excuse to refuse Feng Xue's request.

Feng Xue was quite angry when Ye Chen rejected her, Ye Chen was the first man to continuously reject her.

Feng Xue was a little annoyed, she didn't care anymore, she dragged Ye Chen to the middle of the hall.

Ye Chen is so helpless, this female star is very troublesome.

"Grandfather, Big Teacher Ji, introduce this is Ye Chen, he is the person I meant earlier" Feng Xue introduced Ye Chen to Feng Luo and Ji Zen.

Feng Luo and Jizen looked at Ye Chen up and down, they saw that this young man looked normal, there was nothing special about this person.

"So you are the one that Feng Xue is talking about." Ji Zen nodded at Ye Chen. "

"I want to hear firsthand the ability to play musical instruments that you have." Ji Zen wants to hear the ability to play musical instruments that Ye Chen has.

"My ability to play musical instruments is not that great, I'll just go back." Ye Chen didn't want to get involved in something like this, he preferred to come back to accompany Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu.

"Wait, you can't go, you have to play just one song." Feng Xue stopped Ye Chen who was trying to escape.

Whatever happens, Feng Xue must make Ye Chen want to play a musical instrument.

"Young friends, you don't need to worry, you just need to show the abilities you have." Ji Zen tried to persuade Ye Chen, he wanted to hear this young man playing a musical instrument.

"What are you waiting for, quickly prove the abilities you have, don't be such a cowardly woman." Liu Lee started to sneer at Ye Chen, he wanted to see this person's ability.

Liu Lee wanted to see how great the ability of the person who was praised by Feng Xue was, whether this person really had an ability that was far greater than himself.

If this guy's abilities were even worse than him, then he was ready to be the first to insult and laugh at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen felt challenged by Liu Lee's words, he didn't like this person's way of speaking.

"Okay, I'll play a musical instrument, but if I play better, then he has to leave here." Ye Chen pointed at Liu Lee.

Liu Lee who heard this immediately glared at Ye Chen, he saw Ye Chen with a hostile gaze, this was the first time anyone had dared to expel him.

"Okay, that's agreed, now show the abilities you have." Liu Lee's tone seemed to look down on Ye Chen.

Feng Xue was very happy when she heard Ye Chen agree, she dragged Ye Chen away towards where the musical instruments were.

Ye Chen and Feng Xue arrived in front of the musical instrument.

"Ye Chen choose the musical instrument you want to play" with a smile Feng Xue wanted Ye Chen to choose the instrument he liked.

Ye Chen looked at all the musical instruments that were here, there were only ancient musical instruments here, to be honest Ye Chen was only good at playing the piano, for others Ye Chen was not very good.

Ye Chen took a zither that was previously used by Liu Lee, Ye Chen often saw Zhao Yanyan playing the zither, so he knew a little about how to play the zither.

Feng Xue kept watching at Ye Chen's side, she wanted to see how much of the Zither game Ye Chen had.

Everyone was also waiting for Ye Chen to play the music.

They wanted to see how great Ye Chen's abilities were.

Xia Qingyu did not know that Ye Chen could play a musical instrument, he himself had never seen or heard Ye Chen doing that.

Liu Yue looked very calm, she believed in Ye Chen's abilities.

Ye Chen started plucking some zither, when Ye Chen did, the sound was ugly and irregular.

"Huuuuuuu, your abilities are terrible, you better get down." Liu Lee was the first to mock Ye Chen, he looked very satisfied when he saw that the music played by Ye Chen was bad.

Everyone immediately looked at Ye Chen with disdain.

Feng Xue didn't like it when Liu Lee mocked Ye Chen, she felt very annoyed when Ye Chen was teased by Liu Lee.

"Ye Chen, you must be on purpose, right? Please play seriously, don't play around anymore" Feng Xue asked Ye Chen hopefully.

"Young man, are you really playing? "Ji Zen also questioned Ye Chen, Ji Zen is not the same as the people present here, he doesn't seem to underestimate Ye Chen at all.

Ji Zen really wanted to see Ye Chen's abilities.

Ye Chen scratched his head, "Hehehe, I was just warming up." Ye Chen laughed at everyone.

Ye Chen did not expect that playing the zither was not as easy as it seemed, even though he had plucked the zither like Zhao Yanyan had done, unexpectedly the sound that came out was different from Zhao Yanyan's which was very pleasant to hear.

"Hey, Yuechan can you give me a song from the past" Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan for help.

"What kind of song do you want" asked Chu Yuechan to Ye Chen.

"Whatever is important is good and can make people amazed." Ye Chen asked Chu Yeuchan to give himself a good song from the past.

"Okay I will transfer it for you." Chu Yuechan started transferring some information on Ye Chen's mind.

Ye Chen began to digest the information that entered his mind, in his mind an image appeared of a person playing the zither, there were also words that came from the information given by Chu Yuechan, Ye Chen began to learn how to play this person's zither.

Playing the zither is different from playing the piano, playing the sitar must be done using the heart and soul, if it is done it will create a perfect harmony.

Ye Chen started to learn everything at an incredible speed, in just a few minutes Ye Chen had mastered it.

"What are you waiting for, hurry up and play the zither." Liu Lee couldn't wait anymore, he told Ye Chen to immediately play the zither in his hand.

Everyone also grew impatient when they saw Ye Chen not immediately playing the zither, the people who were here started to get annoyed with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen paid no heed to the words of the people around him, he focused on uniting his soul and heart to play Zither.

Finally Ye Chen started plucking the zither in his hand, when Ye Chen plucked the zither, a splendid music sounded in the ears of everyone who was here.

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