Journey To Become A True God Chapter 316

316 Amazing Music
The music was very melodious, the hearts and souls of the people who were here began to sink into the zither melody that was done by Ye Chen.

Some people feel that their souls are carried back to the past and are shown the past they have passed, the people who are here begin to remember the meaning of the life they have lived.

Lots of people start to shed their tears, they feel the life they are living is meaningless, all this time they are only pursuing a career and money, they forget all the important things that are around them, everything is too late, when they realize and look back all the important things they had were gone.

Even the female stars who were here started crying miserably, they threw away everything they had to pursue a career to become a famous super star.

Everyone continued to immerse themselves in the music played by Ye Chen, they began to feel a very comfortable feeling from hearing Ye Chen's zither playing.

After a few minutes of playing the zither, Ye Chen finally stopped.

After the melody from Ye Chen's zither ended, Everyone's Soul started to return to this world.

"Applause, clap hands, applause." Everyone started clapping. They were very touched by the sitar music performed by Ye Chen.

The people who originally looked at Ye Chen with a bad gaze also clapped their hands, they were very touched by the music that Ye Chen sang.

Ji Zen and Feng Luo had also come to their senses, they both did not expect that they would listen to a young man playing the zither so well.

Ye Chen's zither level was far above a master's, this could be described as a god-level zither.

Feng Xue who was behind Ye Chen was deeply touched by Ye Chen's zither skill, he did not expect that Ye Chen's zither skill was this great, this was far more amazing than Feng Xue had heard at that time.

After he finished playing the zither, Ye Chen intended to return to Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu's side.

Feng Xue didn't let Ye Chen go, she hugged Ye Chen's arm right in front of the multitude of people.

"Boing. . . "Ye Chen felt Feng Xue's two soft objects clinging very tightly to his arms. Feng Xue's may not be too big, just the right size for a woman of this age.

Everyone saw how intimate Feng Xue was with Ye Chen, the men who were here started to feel jealous of Ye Chen.

Xia Qingyu felt jealous when she saw Feng Xue close to Ye Chen, this female star dared to tease Ye Chen right in front of her.

Liu Yue smiled at Ye Chen, Ye Chen's zither skill made Liu Yue love Ye Chen even more.

Feng Xue accompanied Ye Chen to get off the stage, Feng Xue tried to pull Ye Chen towards where the grandfather and the teacher were, Feng Xue wanted to show off Ye Chen in front of the grandfather, and the teacher Ji Zen.

"Grandpa and teacher, how? I didn't lie to you, right?" Feng Xue looked very proud when she said this.

Feng Luo and Ji Zen simultaneously nodded.

"Young friend, where did you learn such great zither skills, I really want to know who the person taught you is? "Ji Zen is very curious about the master who taught Ye Chen to be able to play such a great zither.

"I learned the zither from someone I met before." Ye Chen didn't tell Ji Zen where he learned the skill of playing the zither like this, let it be his secret.

Ji Zen was a little disappointed because Ye Chen didn't want to tell himself the person who taught Ye Chen how to play the zither, even though Ji Zen really wanted to meet the master who taught Ye Chen.

"Your name is Ye Chen, right? ", Feng Luo finally spoke up.

"Yes, my name is Ye Chen." Ye Chen told Feng Luo his name.

"Are you interested in becoming a star? , with your current music skills, you will definitely get lots of fans out there very quickly. "Feng Luo offered Ye Chen to become a star.

Feng Luo saw that Ye Chen had everything, Ye Chen had a very handsome face, that capital alone was enough for Ye Chen to become a big star.

"Sorry, but I have absolutely no interest in becoming a star, I prefer to live my current life." Ye Chen politely rejected the offer made by Feng Luo.

Feng Luo was disappointed that Ye Chen refused this very appealing offer, even though if this were someone else then they would definitely accept Feng Luo's offer right away.

"If in the future you change your mind, you can come to me, I will always welcome you." Feng Luo still opened the door wide for Ye Chen to become a star.

"I'll think about it." Ye Chen smiled at Feng Luo.

"Why are you still here, didn't you say you would leave if the game I did was good." Ye Chen collected the promise that Liu Lee had made.

Liu Lee's face immediately darkened, Ye Chen collected the promise he had said before.

Liu Lee is a little reluctant to leave here.

"Liu Lee, you have to leave here." Ji Zen told Liu Lee to leave here, it's better to tell Liu Lee to go to save the reputation that Liu Lee has.

Liu Lee left the main hall with an unsightly face, some people took pity on Liu Lee.

Liu Lee gritted his teeth. "Just watch you later I will definitely take revenge on you." Liu Lee vowed to take revenge on Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was happy to see Liu Lee leave, he gave a proper lesson to people who had dared to insult him.

"Feng Xue, I will return to my place." Ye Chen tried to let go of Feng Xue who was still tightly clinging to his arm.

Feng Xue felt a little itchy as she let go of Ye Chen's arm, she felt that it was quite comfortable to hug Ye Chen's legan.

After Ye Chen managed to break free from Feng Xue, he returned to Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu's side.

When Ye Chen returned to Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu's side, he was stopped by the horde of young women and female stars.

All of these women swarmed around Ye Chen like ants finding sweet food.

"Ye Chen, do you have time tonight, how about if you go to my place, we can have fun at my place".

"Ye Chen, your skill was extraordinary, can you play it one more time for me, later I will give you a special gift.

"Ye Chen, how about we go to a nice place, I'll sing a really beautiful song for you"

One by one the beautiful women who were here invited Ye Chen to go, they became interested in Ye Chen, after listening to Ye Chen's zither game, they immediately fell in love with Ye Chen.

Among these women there were those who kissed Ye Chen's cheek, some women even dared to touch Ye Chen's big brother.

The woman who touched Ye Chen's big brother was shocked, she could feel that Ye Chen's thing was very large and magnificent, this was a favorite food for a woman like herself.

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