Journey To Become A True God Chapter 317

317 Explained The Truth To Xia Qingyu
Xia Qingyu couldn't take it anymore, she went to Ye Chen. "You all move aside, she is mine." Xia Qingyu chased away all the women who surrounded Ye Chen.

Young ladies and female stars only glimpsed Xia Qingyu, they immediately ignored Xia Qingyu, they came back to fight over Ye Chen.

Xia Qingyu was very upset.She pulled Ye Chen back to her side.

Xia Qingyu looked like a tigress protecting her favorite thing, she wouldn't let her favorite thing be stolen by others.

"Sorry ladies, I have to refuse your invitation, I already have an appointment with my girlfriend" Ye Chen tried to reject the young woman and the female star who was by his side.

All the women were a little disappointed when Ye Chen refused their invitation, these women did not give up, they were all quite persistent, the women gave their personal contacts to Ye Chen, these women wanted Ye Chen to contact them when they were not busy.

Ye Chen received a deck of cards from all the women who were near him, after they gave Ye Chen personal contact, these women finally wanted to go too, some women gave Ye Chen a coquettish wink or a long distance kiss.

Xia Qingyu was very dissatisfied with seeing these women, they shamelessly tried to seduce a man who already had a partner.

"Come here." Xia Qingyu pulled Ye Chen to the corner where Liu Yue was.

The birthday party continued, everyone started to enjoy the event that the Feng family had prepared.

The people here are entertained by male and female stars who are present in this place, they contribute several songs to sing.

"Ye Chen, your skills in playing musical instruments are getting better, I hope you can teach me a little" a beautiful Milf came to Ye Chen.

This beautiful Milf smiled at Ye Chen, beautiful Milf wearing a purple colored outfit that looks very striking and quite sexy, this woman is of course Su Yuya.

It turned out that Su Yuya was also attending Feng Luo's birthday event.

"Su Yuya, so you also came here" Ye Chen was not too surprised when he saw Su Yuya here, he already knew the relationship between Feng Xue and Su Yuya, the relationship between these two women was very good, of course Feng Xue would definitely invite Su Yuya to her grandfather's party.

"Xue who forced me to come here, she kept calling me to come to attend this birthday party." Su Yuya looked helpless, she was forced by Feng Xue to come here.

"I understand how you feel" Ye Chen understood what Su Yuya was feeling, just now he was also forced by Feng Xue to play a musical instrument, even though Ye Chen didn't want to show his zither skill, but because of Feng Xue's insistence Ye Chen was forced to do it.

"Ye Chen, where is Zhao Yanyan right now? Why did you even go out with these two beauties? "Su Yuya was quite curious why Ye Chen wasn't with Zhao Yanyan, Ye Chen was with Xia Qingyu and also Liu Yue.

Su Yuya was already familiar with these two women, one was Xia Ningzi's older sister and the other was Liu Yue's very famous business queen.

Su Yuya did not expect that Ye Chen knew two beautiful women like Xia Qingyu and Liu Yue.

" Zhao Yanyan? , Miss Su, who is Zhao Yanyan " Xia Qingyu wondered who the woman Su Yuya was referring to.

"Zhao Yanyan is Ye Chen's girlfriend." Su Yuya answered Xia Qingyu honestly, she told Xia Qingyu who Zhao Yanyan was.

Xia Qingyu Shocked when she heard that this woman named Zhao Yanyan was Ye Chen's girlfriend, how could Ye Chen have a girlfriend other than her.

Xia Qingyu did not expect that Ye Chen had another woman behind her all this time.

Xia Qingyu suddenly started to shed tears, her heart felt very hurt when she learned this, regardless of the surroundings Xia Qingyu ran away from the main hall.

"Qingyu wait, for a moment I can explain it to you" Ye Chen tried to catch up to Xia Qingyu who was running away.

Su Yuya saw Xia Qingyu leaving who was crying, it seemed she had said something wrong "did I say something wrong? "Asked Su Yuya to Liu Yue.

"No, you are not wrong at all, you are telling the truth." Liu Yue did not blame Su Yuya, what Su Yuya said was indeed a reality, Zhao Yanyan was Ye Chen's woman, it couldn't be changed.

Liu Yue saw Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu's departure, she shook her head, it seemed that Xia Qingyu already knew everything, Liu Yue hoped that Xia Qingyu could accept this.

"Husband, I hope you can convince Qingyu." Liu Yue could only hope that Ye Chen succeeded in changing Xia Qingyu's heart.

Ye Chen chased Xia Qingyu to a garden in front of the Feng family, Xia Qingyu cried near the fountain in this garden.

Ye Chen approached Xia Qingyu, he wanted to explain to Xia Qingyu.

"Qingyu" Ye Chen called Xia Qingyu.

"Don't go, see me again" in a voice that was so cold and full of anger, Xia Qingyu chased Ye Chen away.

Ye Chen did not leave, instead he approached Xia Qingyu, Xia Qingyu saw Ye Chen's arrival, she tried to move backward, unfortunately behind Xia Qingyu was a fountain, she had nowhere to run.

Ye Chen gripped Xia Qingyu's shoulder, he stared straight into Xia Qingyu's crystal clear eyes.

Xia Qingyu turned her gaze to the side, she didn't want to look at Ye Chen's eyes, at this time she felt that she couldn't look at Ye Chen.

"Qingyu, look at my eyes right now" Ye Chen told Xia Qingyu to look at his eyes.

Xia Qingyu finally wanted to look Ye Chen's eyes directly, she saw Ye Chen's eyes were looking at her gently, Xia Qingyu could feel the feeling of love from Ye Chen.

"What do you want to talk to me about, say" Xia Qingyu is currently very disappointed, she is disappointed because Ye Chen was just playing with her.

"I just want to say that I love you very much." Ye Chen wanted to tell Xia Qingyu that he loved her very much.

"Then what about that girl named Zhao Yanyan, don't you love her" asked Xia Qingyu to Ye Chen.

"I also love Yanyan" Ye Chen admitted that he loved Zhao Yanyan, Zhao Yanyan was Ye Chen's first woman, she was the woman who understood Ye Chen the most.

"Bahh, you finally admit it, go you pervert I don't want to meet you" Xia Qingyu tried to get away from Ye Chen, she was very angry with Ye Chen.

"It's true that I'm a pervert, but I sincerely love you." Ye Chen had to admit that now he's become a little more perverted.

Maybe it was because he practiced the king's heart technique, so his way of thinking also started to change.

Xia Qingyu stopped rebelling, she looked back at Ye Chen's eyes, "tell me which woman and I will you choose? "Xia Qingyu wanted to know who Ye Chen would choose, whether Ye Chen would choose herself or Zhao Yanyan, Xia Qingyu wanted to know the answer from Ye Chen.

"I choose you two, you two are women I love, I will not let you and Zhao Yanyan leave me." Ye Chen wanted Xia Qingyu to be his woman.

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