Journey To Become A True God Chapter 319

319 Beautiful Wounded Goddess
Xia Qingyu's face turned red as an apple, he did not expect that Liu Yue would say such vulgar things, Xia Qingyu was not a child, he naturally knew what Liu Yue meant.

Xia Qingyu herself did not expect that Liu Yue and Zhao Yanyan had done something like that with Ye Chen, she felt that she was left far behind from the two of them.

Xia Qingyu started to think, whether she would stay with Ye Chen or leave Ye Chen, after careful consideration, Xia Qingyu really couldn't leave Ye Chen, she felt that she already loved Ye Chen.

If she stayed with Ye Chen, then she had to be ready to accept another Ye Chen woman, Xia Qingyu tried to throw away the selfishness she had, she had already made a decision to become Ye Chen's woman.

Xia Qingyu will try to accept Ye Chen's other woman.

"So what decision do you make, whether you will join us or not" Liu Yue asked whether Xia Qingyu would become one of Ye Chen's wives or not.

"I really love Ye Chen" Xia Qingyu said what was in her heart, she had decided to become Ye Chen's woman.

"Great, from now on you can call me sister Yue." Liu Yue wanted Xia Qingyu to call herself sister.

"Sister Yue" Xia Qingyu called Liu Yue.

Liu Yue nodded at Xia Qingyu.

"Sister Yue, can you explain a little about Ye Chen to me, I want to know fully about Ye Chen" Xia Qingyu wanted to know all the secrets that Ye Chen had.

Xia Qingyu wanted to also want to know about Ye Chen's other women.

"Then let's go back to the hotel, I'll tell you everything" Liu Yue invited Xia Qingyu back to the hotel, she would tell everything to Xia Qingyu.

Xia Qingyu was already one of Ye Chen's wives, so it was okay to tell Xia Qingyu everything.

Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu left the Feng Family Mansion, they immediately returned to the five-star hotel where they were staying tonight.

Ye Chen flew at high speed towards where the blue light fell, the distance that the blue light fell was quite far, Ye Chen needed about 10 minutes to arrive at the place where the blue light fell.

When Ye Chen got close, he saw that the area around here was already destroyed, lots of trees and herbs scattered all over the place.

In the distance Ye Chen saw a super large crater, around this crater was covered by snow.

Ye Chen was quite confused about this, how could it be covered by snow around the crater, if it was an extraterrestrial object then surely the crater would be covered by something hot due to friction when it hit the earth.

Out of curiosity Ye Chen decided to get closer to the super large crater.

As Ye Chen got a little closer he saw something right in the middle of the super large crater hole.

When Ye Chen was really very close, he saw that it was not an object from outer space, Ye Chen saw that this was a woman.

Seeing this, Ye Chen even became interested, Ye Chen got closer to see who the woman was lying in the middle of the giant crater.

When Ye Chen arrived in the middle of a super large crater, he saw a very beautiful woman like a goddess sleeping in the middle of this crater, a woman who has a beautiful face that cannot be described, long hair and snow-white color is very beautiful, The body that this woman has is very good and very perfect, there is not the slightest flaw in this beautiful woman's body.

"So beautiful, she's like a goddess who descends from the sky." Just from one glance, Ye Chen was immediately attracted to the beautiful woman in front of him.

The attractiveness of this woman is extraordinary.

"Master, you better be careful, this woman's one finger is enough to kill you." Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to be careful with this beautiful woman.

This woman's cultivation base was extremely high, with just one finger this woman could kill Ye Chen.

With such a high cultivation base, it was likely that this woman came from the God Realm.

Ye Chen immediately retreated, he started to be wary of the goddess sleeping in front of him, Ye Chen believed the warning given by Chu Yuechan.

Ye Chen didn't know the origin of this woman, if this woman was evil then Ye Chen would be killed by her.

"Master, why are you even retreating? , you better dual cultivate with the beautiful goddess in front of you. If you do Dual Cultivation with that beautiful goddess, then your strength will definitely increase very rapidly. "Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to dual cultivate with a beautiful goddess.

"You want to make me die, if she wakes up, she can kill me with one tap." Ye Chen didn't want to find trouble with a woman this strong.

"It's up to you, I'm just telling you that right before your eyes there is a golden opportunity that you might never meet in this life." Chu Yuechan didn't want Ye Chen to miss a golden opportunity like this.

If Ye Chen did dual cultivation with a beautiful goddess, Ye Chen would definitely be able to break through to the Divine Realm level very easily, the Yinqi of this woman is very pure, Ye Chen will definitely get tremendous benefits if he dual cultivates with this beautiful goddess.

Ye Chen started to think that if he did dual cultivation with this beautiful goddess, Ye Chen would definitely be very satisfied.

Ye Chen shook his head, he cleared such evil thoughts, it is not good to take a chance on a woman who is helpless.

Ye Chen tried to slowly get closer, he wanted to confirm what happened to this beautiful goddess.

Up close, Ye Chen could smell a very fragrant aroma, a fragrant aroma was emitted by the sleeping body of a beautiful goddess.

Ye Chen held one of the hands of the beautiful goddess, when Ye Chen touched the wrist of the beautiful goddess, he felt that the skin of the beautiful goddess was very soft, this was too extraordinary, this goddess must have taken care of her body very well, otherwise how could she have very soft skin.

Ye Chen again tried to clear the evil thoughts he had, he tried to be even more calm.

Ye Chen began to check the state of the beautiful goddess, Ye Chen found that the beautiful goddess was seriously injured.

Ye Chen slightly lifted the neck of the beautiful goddess, one more hand supported the beautiful goddess's upper back.

Ye Chen felt a thick liquid as he tried to support the beautiful goddess's back, Ye Chen immediately saw what was happening to the beautiful goddess's back.

It turns out that on the back of the beautiful goddess there is a slash wound that is deep enough, This wound is quite terrible, if it is not immediately helped, maybe the beautiful goddess will die from blood loss.

Ye Chen immediately stopped the blood flowing out of the wound on the back of the beautiful goddess.

Now Ye Chen will clean the blood impurities that are still left in the wounds suffered by the beautiful goddess.

"Master, there are a lot of people who are heading here, the cultivation that the people who are headed here have is quite high, you should immediately take that woman away from here, otherwise you will be stuck with these people". Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to leave this place immediately.

Ye Chen nodded, he prepared to leave this place together with the beautiful goddess in his hands.

"Wait, bring that little gold chest too, inside there is something very precious." Chu Yuechan stopped Ye Chen, she wanted Ye Chen to take a small gold chest not far from the beautiful goddess's body.

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