Journey To Become A True God Chapter 32

32 Darkness Is The Power Of The Taboo

Chu Yuechan "oh yes Little master oh no I mean Ye Chen I did not think that you are the heir of the legendary god sage".

"How do you know about that?" Ye Chen was a little panicked after hearing him, except for himself and Gu Xuan. There should be no one else who knew about this secret.

Chu Yuechan "Hahaha Ye Chen you think it's really funny, don't panic like that, we are now connected and I can find out everything that is possessed by my lord, even the details about all the power of the techniques that all the Masters have are saved."

" What !! "Ye Chen didn't expect Chu Yuechan to be that great.

"Yuechan do you know the god of sage too? "Ye Chen asked.

Chu Yue Chan "I do know very little about Sage God, Sage God is one of the Five Great Gods in the past and controls the 7 Elements, fire, water, wind, earth, lightning, Light, Dimension".

"What are you saying? Shouldn't the 8 elements of fire, water, wind, earth, lightning, Light, darkness, Dimensions" Ye Chen interjected.

Chu Yuechan "what are you saying Ye Chen, where might the Sage Gods be highly respected by so many gods and goddesses in the past have the power of darkness".

Ye Chen "but the Sage God Himself who told me and the Sage God had a total of eight additional veins, each vein representing each element".

Chu Yuechan then immediately reached out his hand and grabbed Ye Chen's wrist, Chu Yuechan immediately drew his mental mind to look at Ye Chen's own vein, but Chu Yuechan could only feel 52 Vein doors.

The special vein belonging to the god of sage can only be hidden by Ye Chen at will so that others will not know about it, except with the permission of Ye Chen. No one can know it.

Chu Yuechan knew that Ye Chen hid it "Ye Chen don't be stingy. Let me see it" Chu Yuechan asked spoiledly.

Ye Chen was helpless and showed it, Chu Yuechan did indeed see that there were eight additional veins but one of the eight veins was red like fire.

Chu Yuechan knew that this vein represented the element of fire, and Ye Chen could now control all types of fire in this world.

"How can a Sage deity have the power of darkness, and why is it not mentioned in the notes at all?" Chu Yuechan began to think.

"So what if the god of sage has the power of darkness, is that wrong?" Ye Chen asked.

"What problem do you know that in the realm of the Gods the power of darkness is a taboo, if you have the power of darkness you will be labeled as a Devil and will be hunted by all those in the Deva realm" Chu Yuechan explained to Ye Chen.

"But why?" Ye Chen really did not know Gu Xuan never told him before.

Chu Yuechan "You know that when the era of the True Gods still existed, Satan and also the gods were hostile to each other, they killed each other, which caused many casualties. On both sides, the war that began hundreds of billions of years ago until now is still happening between the two parties between Satan and also the gods. "

Chu Yuechan "Therefore every Satan cultivator who enters the deva realm will be killed immediately and hunted, and vice versa if the Deity cultivators enter Satan's territory will also be killed immediately".

"Ye Chen, if you get the power of darkness in the future, make sure to never use it, otherwise the consequences will be very serious." Chu Yuechan warned Ye Chen.

Ye Chen "If it's like this, I just need to not use the dark crystal when I find it and the problem will be finished easily."

Chu YueChan "It's best if you keep using the Dark Crystal left by the sage god if you find it, because if not then the inheritance of the Sage god you have is likely to be incomplete which also affects your strength in the future".

Ye Chen was even quite confused by the current situation, if Ye Chen found the Crystal of darkness, had the power of darkness and could be chased by all people in the deva realm, but if not then it would affect Ye Chen's strength in the future.

"Oh forget it anyway I also have not found the dark crystal left by the God of Sage," said Ye Chen.

Chu Yuechan "I'm right Now you don't have the power of darkness so you don't need to worry for now".

Then Chu Yuechan changed the topic of the conversation "So Ye Chen, how many women do you have right now?" Chu Yuechan asked curiously.

Ye Chen "I only have one woman and we are still new dating today".

"Hahaha, you only have one woman, with your abilities you should be able to get many women easily, right?" Chu Yuechan teased.

Ye Chen "I am not the one who will date the woman I just met".

"Really" Chu Yuechan blinked her eyes mischievously then Chu Yue Chan whispered in Ye Chen's ear "Then master what if I taught you some movements in bed do you want? Chu Yuechan's temptation voice was very sweet which made Ye Chen's Whole Body soft.

It must be acknowledged that Chu Yuechan is indeed a very beautiful woman, who has the power to destroy a nation.
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And women like this teased Ye Chen, how could Ye Chen withstand temptation, but Ye Chen was trying to survive.

"What master do you want a minority position or from behind or am I riding you" Chu Yuechan Bolder In teasing Ye Chen.

Ye Chen sipped his water Ye Chen looked to the side
Chu Yuechan did it on purpose, Chu Yuechan was pleased to tease Ye Chen.

Chu Yuechan then whispered again "I know that young people are people who are enthusiastic so don't take it anymore".

Ye Chen could not stand anymore With this beautiful Fairy Temptation, and tried to hug Chu Yuechan, but unfortunately Ye Chen only hugged the air.

As Ye Chen tried to hug him, Chu Yuechan immediately retreated and avoided him.

Ye Chen felt angry because he didn't get what he wanted so Ye Ye rushed and tried to catch him, but unfortunately Chu Yuechan easily escaped from Ye Chen, Chu Yuechan's movements were truly faster than Ye Chen's.

"What's wrong, master Ye Chen? If you can't catch me, then you can't take me to your bed," Chu Yuechan giggled.

"Hey, am I not your master, so I command you to come here right away" Ye Chen used his position to command Chu Yuechan.

"Sorry, master, you are still weak and cannot command me, if you are stronger than me then you can give orders like that, but at this time you cannot command me" Chu Yuechan laughed again.

"Just look at this young master can catch you so I will punish you in bed" Ye Chen then tried to catch Chu Yuechan again.