Journey To Become A True God Chapter 320

320 Take Care Of The Beautiful Goddess
Ye Chen looked at the gold chest that was nearby, for some reason he felt a strange feeling inside this gold chest.

Ye Chen didn't think about it anymore, he took the gold chest and carried the beautiful goddess away from this place.

Ye Chen used the pendant necklace to hide himself, this way Ye Chen would not be detected by people who were coming here.

Ye Chen brought the beautiful goddess who was injured to a safe place far from here.

Ye Chen headed towards the west, there was a dense forest that was rarely visited by anyone.

There was a very safe place to hide.

Some time after Ye Chen's departure, there came a few people with extremely high cultivation bases, the weakest one had an Overlord Realm third level cultivation base.

Lord Guardian also came to this place, he stroked his long white beard. "What exactly happened here, why is this place so chaotic" Lord Guardian did not know what had just happened in this place.

From what he saw, there was no trace of a battle in this place, obviously this super giant crater was formed because something from the sky hit the ground, but what kind of thing could hit the ground like this.

If it was a fallen meteor then surely the super large crater was still emitting something hot from the impact of the meteor.

But what he saw was that the crater did not give off anything hot, what was around the super giant crater was snow.

This is a very strange thing, it actually becomes a puzzle for Lord Guardian.

Lord Guardian tried to find a clue in this place, when he was looking for a clue, came a masked woman with golden hair and wearing golden clothes.

Lord Guardian's eyes widened when he saw the arrival of the masked woman, Lord Guardian seemed to tremble when this masked woman came.

The masked woman looked at the super giant crater in front of her eyes.

This woman is seen watching the crater very seriously.

"Goddess Nangong, what made you come here" Lord Guardian looked terrified while trying to talk to this woman named goddess Nangong.

The name of the masked woman with golden hair was Nangong Xiang, she was the woman most feared by all the major factions in the world, which was why Lord Guardian looked afraid when he saw this woman come to this place.

"What happened in this place before, tell me everything." Nangong Xiang asked Lord Guardian.

"I don't know either, when I came here everything was like this." With a slightly trembling voice, Lord Guardian answered Goddess Nangong Xiang's question.

After hearing Lord Guardian Nangong Xiang's answer instead of leaving this place, no one knew what this masked woman was thinking.

Lord Guardian was relieved to see Nangong Xiang's departure. "Why is that woman here, she scared me to death" Lord Guardian was very scared when Nangong Xiang came here.

it was quite strange to see an old man like Lord Guadian frightened when he saw a woman who still looked young.

Lord Guadian knew very well how terrifying Nangong Xiang was, Nangong Xiang had defeated one of the great factions alone, because of this, Nangong Xiang was feared by all the big factions, no big faction wanted to offend Nangong Xiang.

Nangong Xiang was not part of any faction, Nangong Xiang was independent he was not tied to any faction.

After Nangong Xiang's departure, Lord Guardian returned to find out what was happening in this place, he also had to cover this incident from the public, if this was leaked it would create a stir.

Ye Chen took the beautiful goddess flying in his arms to a safer place, Ye Chen tried to find a suitable place to treat this beautiful goddess.

After searching many places, Ye Chen finally found a cave that looked worthy of living in, inside this cave that looked quite beautiful, there was a beautiful light coming out of the crystals in the ceiling of this cave.

Ye Chen leaned the beautiful goddess on the cave wall, now Ye Chen must treat this beautiful goddess.

Ye Chen started to take off the clothes this beautiful goddess was wearing, this would make it easier for Ye Chen to treat a beautiful goddess.

The clothes worn by beautiful goddesses are very difficult to take off, Ye Chen needs a little time to remove the clothes belonging to beautiful goddesses.

After Ye Chen's efforts, Ye Chen was finally able to take off all the clothes that the beautiful goddess was wearing.

The beautiful goddess does not wear an underwear like the one on earth, after the main clothes are removed there is no cloth covering the body of the beautiful goddess.

Ye Chen's breath started a little faster when he saw the perfect body that was possessed by the beautiful goddess.

This woman's body was so perfect, Ye Chen was barely strong anymore to hold back the lust he had.

In Ye Chen's mind, Chu Yuechan continued to whisper extremely vulgar words to Ye Chen, he wanted Ye Chen to do the beautiful goddess that was in front of him.

Ye Chen tried to endure Chu Yuechan's temptation, Ye Chen started to clear the evil thoughts he had.

He started tending to the wounds the beautiful goddess had suffered.

Ye Chen started to clean the remaining blood impurities on the beautiful goddess's back, after finishing cleaning the wound from the blood, Ye Chen prepared to sprinkle the powder he had to heal the beautiful goddess.

This powder will feel painful when it touches an open wound, the effect of this powder is quite great, this powder can accelerate the healing of external wounds.

As Ye Chen sprinkled the powder on the wound, the beautiful goddess's eyelashes trembled slightly, the beautiful goddess started to regain a little consciousness and opened her eyelids.

When she was awake, the beautiful goddess felt that her lower body was a little windy, when she looked down she saw that the clothes on her body had disappeared.

The beautiful goddess of course was surprised to find this, she felt something strange on the back of her back, when she turned around she saw a man kneeling and sprinkling something on her back.

Suddenly the goddess of beauty was alert, she hit Ye Chen who was treating behind her back.

"Bamm. . . "Ye Chen was completely unprepared for the attack from the beautiful goddess, he felt his chest was hit by a hammer that was very heavy.

Ye Chen was flown and hit the stone wall, the stone wall immediately had a hole due to the force of the impact.

Ye Chen vomited blood, he felt that his internal organs were spinning, this pain was extremely intense.

Ye Chen did not expect that the beautiful goddess would wake up and attack him.

Ye Chenn looked at the woman who had attacked him, the beautiful goddess covered her body with her hands, this woman looked at Ye Chen with a very heavy murderous look.

"You pervert criminal, how dare you stain my body" The beautiful goddess looked angry at Ye Chen.

"Who are you saying a pervert criminal, even though I have good intentions to help you, you look at the wound on your back, I'm treating it." Ye Chen got up from the ground a little unbalanced, he still felt excruciating pain where the beautiful goddess hit him. .

The beautiful goddess looks back, it is true that currently on her back there is a wound that is quite deep.

After seeing this wound, the beautiful goddess immediately felt excruciating pain, "umm" she started groaning in pain.

Befores he didn't feel any pain, but when she saw her injured body, she started to feel pain.

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