Journey To Become A True God Chapter 321

321 Heavenly Silver Flame
Ye Chen smiled when he saw the beautiful goddess who looked in pain, he felt that the grudge he had had been avenged.

"Master, I told you you better do this beautiful goddess. Look now she's trying to kill you. "Chu Yuechan scolded Ye Chen for not doing a pretty goddess while still unconscious, now Ye Chen has no chance to approach the Beautiful Goddess.

If only Ye Chen had known that a beautiful goddess had such a personality, he would not have bothered to help her.

Ye Chen started to ignore the beautiful goddess who was in pain, he now focused on the golden chest in his hand.

Ye Chen tried to open this golden chest, unfortunately the gold chest was locked by a seal that was quite complicated, to break this seal Ye Chen had to break this complicated seal.

Ye Chen tried to tamper with the seal on the gold chest, after trying several times, Ye Chen still failed to break the seal that was in this golden chest.

"Hey Yuechan, can you help me to break this seal" finally Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan for help to break the seal that locked the gold chest.

"It's very easy, let me help you." Chu Yuechan started guiding Ye Chen to open the seal in the gold chest.

With the help of Chu Yuechan, the seal on the gold chest immediately disappeared, now Ye Chen only had to open the gold chest and see what was inside this golden chest.

"Clik. . "The gold chest opened, when the gold chest opened, something immediately gushed out from inside the gold chest.

What came out of the gold chest was a hot silver flame, the silver flame began to envelop Ye Chen's body.

Ye Chen felt this fire start to enter his body, the flames began to spread very quickly throughout his body, Ye Chen's profound veins were also entered by the Silver Flame.

When the Silver Flame entered his body, Ye Chen did not feel any pain, Ye Chen felt a very comfortable feeling.

Ye Chen felt that if the Siver Flame had suddenly eaten the ordinary profound flames in his profound vein, this discovery made Ye Chen a little surprised.

The Sivel Flame quickly spread out and ate all the profound flames that Ye Chen had, the Siver Flame began to move towards Ye Chen's Sage God Flame Vein, Silver Flame also wanted to eat the Profound Flames that were within the Sage God's Flames.

When the Siver Flame entered into the Sage God's Flaming Veins, the Sage God's Flame Veins began to take turns eating the Silver Flame, the Silver Flame was sucked up by the Sage God's Flames like a black hole that gave up anything.

The Silver Flame that entered Ye Chen's Profound Vein was sucked by the Sage God's Flame, in an instant all the Silver Flames entered Ye Chen's Sage God vein.

The Silver Flame was easily tamed by the Sage God's Flame veins

"What just happened." Ye Chen didn't know what was happening just now.

From start to finish, Ye Chen did nothing at all, he only saw his Sage God's Flames veins suck the Silver Flame.

"Master, you are amazing, you have successfully fused with heavenly flames." Chu Yuechan congratulated Ye Chen.

"Heavenly fire? , so that Silver Flame earlier was heavenly fire? "Ye Chen was a little surprised when he heard from Chu Yuechan that the flames that had previously entered his body were Heavenly flames.

Ye Chen had very little knowledge of what Heavenly Fire was, Heavenly Flame was the most powerful fire in this world, Heavenly Flame had a power far greater than ordinary flames, even the power of Phoenix's flames could not be compared to Heavenly Flames. .

The Heavenly Flames numbered twelve types, each with its own level of strength, if Ye Chen remembered correctly, the Heavenly Silver Flame should be ranked third on the power list.

It was for this reason that Ye Chen was quite surprised, he did not expect that he could perform a Fusion with the Heavenly Silver Flame.

The beautiful goddess was shocked when Ye Chen succeeded in fusing with Heavenly flames, even though fusing with heavenly flames was not easy, the stakes were lives, even a little mistake in taming one's heavenly flames could be turned into ashes.

This time he saw that someone could easily tame the heavenly flames without any visible pain or pain, this was an extremely rare thing.

The beautiful goddess became interested in this young man in front of her.

Ye Chen started to try to use the Heavenly Silver Flame, a silver colored flame appeared in Ye Chen's hand, the Heavenly Silver Flame in Ye Chen's palm looked tame.

although the tame strength of the Heavenly Silver Flame was much stronger than the ordinary profound flames that Ye Chen had.

Ye Chen wanted to test how great the Heavenly Silver Flame he had, he compared the strength of the Heavenly Silver Flame to his ordinary Profound Flame.

In Ye Chen's right palm currently was the Heavenly Silver Flame, while on his left palm was an ordinary profound flame.

Ye Chen threw these two flames at the cave wall that was here.

Boom. . . . , Boommm. . . . , "An explosion occurred, the cave shook quite strongly.

Even though Ye Chen had tried to withstand the strength he used, it was unexpected that the force of destruction was still so strong.

Ye Chen looked at the wall in front of him, there were two holes formed by Ye Chen's fire explosion, one small and one very large.

The small ones were the result of an explosion of ordinary profound flames, while the large ones were the result of an explosion of the Heavenly Silver Flame.

The difference in strength between ordinary profound flames and heavenly flames was immense, it was fitting that the heavenly flames were very famous with a power stronger than ordinary profound flames, it turned out to be true.

Ye Chen was very happy, he managed to get something really great, the trip this time was not in vain.

There was nothing more Ye Chen could do in this place, he decided to leave here.

"Wait, where are you going?" The beautiful goddess stopped Ye Chen who intended to leave this place.

"Of course I intend to go, what else" Ye Chen intends to leave this place, he already got what he wanted.

"How can I leave after stealing my Heavenly Silver Flame." The beautiful goddess was angry because Ye Chen had stolen her Heavenly Silver Flame.

"I found the chest earlier, so automatically it is mine." Ye Chen shamelessly claimed that the gold chest was his.

Ye Chen wanted to take revenge on the beautiful goddess who previously attacked him quite heavily.

The beautiful goddess gritted her teeth, as she angrily opened the wound on her back, blood started to come out from the wound she had.

The beautiful goddess again felt excruciating pain from the wound on her back.

"You're a doctor, right? Please save me immediately." The beautiful goddess asked Ye Chen to help her, she couldn't stand this pain anymore.

"I don't want to, if I get closer you will definitely attack me like before, I don't want to die silly." Ye Chen refused the beautiful goddess's request, he didn't want to return to end like before, rather than helping the beautiful goddess, Ye Chen better let the beautiful goddess in pain. .

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