Journey To Become A True God Chapter 322

322 Dongfang Xiu
The beautiful goddess could no longer stand the pain she felt. "I beg you to help me treat the wound that I have." This time the beautiful goddess begged Ye Chen with sparkling eyes.

Ye Chen looked directly at the beautiful goddess's crystal clear eyes, he felt that the beautiful goddess's eyes were trying to control Ye Chen's soul.

Ye Chen immediately realized, he was trying to fight the enchantment technique that the beautiful goddess was using on him.

The beautiful goddess was quite surprised when Ye Chen easily rejected the mind enchantment technique she was using, a weak human like Ye Chen could not possibly be able to fight against the enchantment technique she had, it was absolutely impossible.

"Hehehe, so you want to control me with an enchantment technique, just dream" Ye Chen sneered at the beautiful goddess who was trying to control himself.

It seems that the pretty goddess doesn't have any genuine intentions for him, it's better for Ye Chen to stay away from women like this.

Ye Chen went towards the mouth of the cave.

"Wait, don't go." The beautiful goddess tried to hold Ye Chen away, unfortunately right now she didn't have the strength left to hold Ye Chen at all.

"Please save me, I will do whatever you want" The beautiful goddess couldn't take it anymore, she was forced to beg Ye Chen to heal herself.

Hearing this, Ye Chen stopped going "whatever I want? , what can you give me? "Ye Chen wants to know what a beautiful goddess can give him.

"Whatever you want, as long as you can heal me I will give you all your wishes" The beautiful goddess changed her strategy so that Ye Chen wanted to heal herself.

Ye Chen was a little happy when he heard this "Really, then I want you to be my woman, are you willing to" Ye Chen immediately asked something unexpected.

With the temperament of the beautiful goddess, Ye Chen knew that the beautiful goddess would refuse his request.

"Okay, I'm willing." The beautiful goddess nodded to Ye Chen.

"Huh? "Ye Chen was shocked after hearing the answer from the beautiful goddess, he didn't expect that this woman would give such an answer.

The beautiful goddess gritted her teeth, she tried to endure as she spoke With Ye Chen, this shameless man dared to ask something shameless like this.

as long as she is healed, the beautiful goddess intends to poke out Ye Chen's eyes, Ye Chen has seen her body, she won't let Ye Chen loose so easily.

"Why are you still there, even though I promised, please treat me" The voice of the beautiful goddess became so soft, it made Ye Chen's bones feel like melting.

The voice of the beautiful goddess was too extraordinarily soft, Ye Chen's bones felt tiring just from listening to her voice.

Ye Chen was seduced by the beautiful Goddess, who was a normal man who had no interest in a woman as beautiful as this.

"Okay" Ye Chen promised the beautiful goddess, Ye Chen immediately went towards the beautiful goddess.

The beautiful goddess turned around, she didn't want Ye Chen to see her naked body.

Ye Chen was quite disappointed, he could only see the back of the beautiful goddess who was injured.

It doesn't matter, soon Ye Chen will have this beautiful goddess in his arms.

Ye Chen took out a bottle from the fairy gate storage room, this bottle contained a potion that could heal wounds quickly.

This was much better than the Powder that Ye Chen had previously used.

Ye Chen started to pour the potion that was in the bottle over the wound that the beautiful goddess had.

The beautiful goddess felt a cool feeling when this potion was poured behind her back, this feeling was very comfortable.

"Oh, yes, what's your name? , I don't know your name yet. "Ye Chen asked the name of the beautiful goddess.

"My name is Dongfang Xiu, then who are you yourself? "To make Ye Chen believe in herself more, Dongfang Xiu asked Ye Chen's name.

"My name is Ye Chen, you can call me Ye Chen." Ye Chen looked very happy when talking to Dongfang Xiu.

This beautiful goddess was not as bad as Ye Chen thought, she looked very gentle and kind to himself.

After pouring the potion over Dongfang Xiu's wound, Ye Chen began to sprinkle a powder, this powder would remove the scar left from Dongfang Xiu's wound.

It would be a pity if this wound left a trace, it would stain Dongfang Xiu's beautiful body.

After that Ye Chen wrapped the wound with a bandage, he carefully treated DongFang Xiu's wound.

While treating Dongfang Xiu's wounds, occasionally Ye Chen touched Dongfang Xiu's perfect body, Dongfang Xiu's body was very pleasant to touch, Ye Chen felt quite addicted.

In his heart at this time, Ye Chen was very happy, Dongfang Xiu did not fight back when Ye Chen touched her body, it looks like this woman really sincerely wants to be Ye Chen's woman.

What Chu Yuechan said was true, this woman had very pure Yinqi, just by touching her, Ye Chen got a very abundant Yinqi.

Dongfang Xiau tried to restrain herself, she didn't expect that one day, she would let a man see and touch her naked body.

This was an unforgivable humiliation, a holy goddess who had never been tarnished by anything, today stained by a poor man like Ye Chen, how could Dongfang Xiu not be angry with this.

In God Realm strength is everything, there wealth doesn't really matter, as long as you have great strength, you can get whatever you want.

Finally everything was finished, Dongfang Xiu's wound had been treated by Ye Chen, now it was only just waiting for the wound to completely disappear.

Dongfang Xiu very quickly took out a change of clothes from her storage ring, she very quickly covered herself in the plain white ancient dress.

Ye Chen looked at Dongfang Xiu who had finished changing clothes, this woman was really very beautiful, she really deserved to be called a goddess.

Dongfang Xiu looked at Ye Chen with crystal clear eyes, she quickly went in front of Ye Chen.

After being treated by Ye Chen's wound, Dongfang Xiu is now a little easy to move, now she can do whatever she wants.

First of all, Dongfang Xiu must take revenge on the poor thief who dared to abuse him.

Not only insulting herself, Ye Chen also took his Heavenly Flame, Dongfang Xiu wouldn't let Ye Chen go alive.

Dongfang Xiu started extending a snow-white smooth hand towards Ye Chen's neck, she immediately grabbed Ye Chen's neck and lifted him into the air.

Ye Chen was very surprised when he saw the change from Dongfang Xiu, Ye Chen thought Dongfang Xiu intended to hug him, unexpectedly that DongFang Xiu would choke his neck.

Dongfang Xiu stared at Ye Chen with a murderous gaze, if only this gaze could injure someone, then Ye Chen would have had a very sad end.

"What are you doing, hurry up and put me down, didn't you promise beforehand" Ye Chen told Dongfang Xiu to let go of himself.

Dongfang Xiu didn't want to let Ye Chen go at all, she further strengthened her grip on Ye Chen's neck.

Dongfang Xiu's snow-white hand grip was so strong, Ye Chen was starting to have difficulty breathing.

"You poor thief, you have dared to stain this young woman's body, now I will kill you." Dongfang Xiu really intended to kill Ye Chen.

Ye Chen did not expect that Dongfang Xiu would break her promise, this is the reply Ye Chen received after he saved Dongfang Xiu.

If only Ye Chen had known that Dongfang Xiu was dishonest from the start, Ye Chen had better let this beautiful goddess die.

Everything was too late, Dongfang Xiu had already regained her strength a little, this was enough to kill Ye Chen a thousand times.

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