Journey To Become A True God Chapter 324

324 Try The Beautiful Goddess Mouth Service
This was the first time for Dongfang Xiu to reach the Peak of happiness, it felt so extraordinary, she had never tried this kind of feeling.

After reaching the peak of expectation, Dongfang Xiu's body was shaking so violently, she still felt very sensitive.

Ye Chen didn't let Dongfang Xiu rest, he lifted Dongfang Xiu's face and started kissing Dongfang Xiu's cherry lips.

Dongfang Xiu already had no energy left to fight back, she could only surrender when Ye Chen kissed her lips.

Her first kiss was snatched away by a man she just met, Dongfang Xiu felt hopeless.

Ye Chen didn't care about Dongfang Xiu's situation, he just wanted to enjoy this beauty in front of him.

Ye Chen started to insert his tongue into Dongfang Xiu's mouth, Dongfang Xiu could only surrender when Ye Chen's tongue invaded her mouth.

Ye Chen snared Dongfang Xiu's tongue, Dongfang Xiu's mouth was very sweet like honey, Ye Chen was really addicted when he kissed this beautiful goddess.

Dongfang Xiu began to sink into the pleasure of the kiss given by Ye Chen, without realizing she was completely immersed in this passionate kiss.

Ye Chen's hand started to play with Dongfang Xiu's bottom, in the secret garden part of Dongfang Xiu, there was absolutely no visible grass growing, it was really clean and very smooth.

Ye Chen could see the mouth of the Honey Cave which was extremely beautiful.

This discovery made Ye Chen even more excited, it turned out that Dongfang Xiu became a woman with the nickname white tiger.

A woman like this if her lust is triggered it will be difficult to satisfy her.

It was unexpected that a goddess like Dongfang Xue would become a white tiger.

Dongfang Xiu felt something was starting to touch the most private part she had, Dongfang Xiu tried to get Ye Chen's hand away from the secret garden she had.

Ye Chen tried to move Dongfang Xiu's hand, he started to absorb the Yinqi that Dongfang Xiu just brought out.

Ye Chen continued to play with Dongfang Xiu's secret garden.

Dongfang Xiu began to lose consciousness, the pure beauty goddess was completely immersed in boundless lust.

Dongfang Xiu had reached the peak many times by Ye Chen's technique.

Ye Chen stopped kissing Dongfang Xiu's cherry lips, Ye Chen started to take off his clothes.

After all the clothes that Ye Chen was wearing were taken off, a huge long meat stick appeared in front of Dongfang Xiu's face.

Dongfang Xiu still had a hint of consciousness. She was shocked when she saw the thing belonging to a man who was sturdy and terrifying.

This was Dongfang Xiu's first time seeing a large thing that belonged to a man.

Dongfang Xiu turned her gaze to the side, she felt uneasy when she saw Ye Chen's big thing.

Ye Chen held Dongfang Xiu's face, Ye Chen slapped Dongfang Xiu's pretty face with his big stick.

"Quickly open your mouth" Ye Chen told Dongfang Xiu to open her mouth, Ye Chen wanted to taste the mouth of a beautiful goddess like Dongfang Xiu.

Dongfang Xiu shook her head, she didn't want to open her mouth.

Ye Chen was annoyed that Dongfang Xiu still refused, he again slapped Dongfang Xiu's beautiful face with his large object.

The smell of Ye Chen's large object made Dongfang Xiu dizzy, without Dongfang Xiu noticing she opened her mouth wide.

This is Ye Chen's chance, Ye Chen immediately put his big thing into Dongfang Xiu's cherry mouth.

Dongfang Xiu's eyes widened when Ye Chen's big and ugly thing entered her mouth, Dongfang Xiu felt like vomiting just from thinking about this.

Dongfang Xiu's mouth was so moist, soft and so comfortable, Ye Chen felt an enormous expectation.

Ye Chen held Dongfang Xiu's head and moved him back and forth.

"That suck, if you dare to hurt my little brother then I won't let you go easily" Ye Chen threatened Dongfang Xiu.

"Jubo. . ., jubo. . ., jubo. . ., jubo. . ., "A sucking sound began to sound, Dongfang Xiu started sucking on Ye Chen's large object.

Somehow after a while Dongfang Xiu didn't feel disgusted like before, she actually felt very pleasant while sucking on Ye Chen's large object.

At first Dongfang Xiu felt disgusted by this thing, but after a while she felt very pleasant sucking on Ye Chen's large object.

Dongfang Xiu actually fell into Ye Chen's palm. "Suck it well, I'll give you a nice gift later." Ye Chen told Dongfang Xiu to continue the oral service she did.

Dongfang Xiu's skills were not as good as his wives, but the feeling inside Dongfang Xiu's mouth was very pleasant.

Dongfang Xiu continued to suck Ye Chen's large object for 15 minutes, after 15 minutes of helping Ye Chen, Dongfang Xiu felt that her jaw was numb.

Ye Chen's large thing was too big for Dongfang Xiu to eat.

Ye Chen felt that he was already on the threshold, he again held onto Dongfang Xiu's head and sped up the movements of Dongfang Xiu's mouth.

"Ughh." Dongfang Xiu felt her throat tighten when Ye Chen's large object went too deep.

" I am out . . .uhhh. . ., Byurr. . ., Byurr. . .Byurr. . .Byurr. . . "Ye Chen poured Yangqi essence into Dongfang Xiu's mouth.

"Umm" Dongfang Xiu's mouth immediately swelled because she was unable to load, the Yangqi essence shot by Ye Chen.

"Swallow it." Ye Chen told Dongfang Xiu to swallow his Essence.

"Glup. . ., Glup. . ., Glup. . ., Glup. . ., "Dongfang Xiu desperately tried to swallow the thick liquid that was in her mouth.

At first Dongfang Xiu felt a little disgusted when she ate Ye Chen's essence, unexpectedly after tasting it, the Yangqi Ye Chen taste was really very delicious.

This was far better than all the food that Dongfang Xiu had tasted at God Realm.

Dongfang Xiu swallowed all of Ye Chen's Essence into her Stomach, Dongfang Xiu felt full after eating Ye Chen's Essence.

Ye Chen looked at the Dongfang Xiu under him, Dongfang Xiu really looked very seductive when she ate his essence, Ye Chen felt like doing Dual Cultivation immediately with the goddess Dongfang Xiu.

Without realizing it, Ye Chen, from Dongfang Xiu's hand appeared a stone, this stone shone with a very bright and dazzling light.

The entire cave was covered in this dazzling light, for a moment Ye Chen couldn't see anything in front of him.

For approximately 10 seconds Ye Chen managed to regain his sight.

When Ye Chen regained his sight, he saw that Dongfang Xiu had disappeared from here.

Ye Chen immediately looked around to find Dongfang Xiu's whereabouts, but he simply couldn't find Dongfang Xiu's whereabouts.

Ye Chen was confused about where Dongfang Xiu had gone.

"Master, that woman used teleportation stones to randomly move places on this planet, you can't possibly find her around here." Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that Dongfang Xiu had teleported to a place that might be very far from here.

"Damn it." Ye Chen gritted his teeth, Dongfang Xiu managed to escape, sooner or later the beautiful goddess would definitely come back to find himself and kill him because of what he did before.

"Master, you don't need to worry, Dongfang Xiu has already tasted your Yangqi, she can't possibly escape from your grip." Chu Yuechan giggled at Ye Chen.

Chu Yeuchan believed that Dongfang Xiu couldn't possibly leave Ye Chen after tasting Ye Chen's taste.

Sooner or later Dongfang Xiu will definitely come back looking for Ye Chen, even a goddess will not be able to escape from the king's heart technique.

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