Journey To Become A True God Chapter 325

325 Nangong Xiang
Ye Chen was a little disappointed, even though he intended to do something exciting with Dongfang Xiu, it was unexpected that Dongfang Xiu would run away at such an important moment.

With a sense of disappointment Ye Chen returned to his clothes, Ye Chen's younger brother still raised his spear high, it seemed like he had to find Liu Yue to vent this.

With a bit of disappointment Ye Chen left the cave, he decided to return to the capital where Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu were.

Ye Chen didn't waste any time as he flew back to the capital at full speed.

Even though he failed to get Dongfang Xiu, Ye Chen's harvest wasn't bad, he managed to get a very powerful Heavenly Flame.

As Ye Chen flew towards the capital, he met a woman who wore a mask on her face, this woman had golden hair and golden clothes.

The figure of this woman can be described very perfectly, this woman exudes an extraordinary noble aura, unfortunately this woman's face cannot be seen because she is wearing a mask.

Seeing the mysterious woman hovering in front of him, Ye Chen decided to stop.

He saw the woman in front of him, "Who are you? "Ye Chen asked who this mysterious woman is.

Ye Chen was quite wary of this mysterious woman, Ye Chen couldn't understand the cultivation base that belonged to this mysterious woman in front of him.

There were two possibilities for this woman to hide her cultivation base using special artifacts or that the mysterious woman did indeed have a cultivation base much higher than him.

If indeed this woman had a cultivation base that was higher than Ye Chen's, it was likely that this woman was at the half-step stage to Divine Realm or perhaps had already broken through to the Divine Nascent Realm.

Because of this, Ye Chen was quite wary of this woman in front of him.

"Master, a woman's body was injured, I saw that some of the meridian lines she had were very badly injured and difficult to heal." Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that the mysterious woman in front of him had an injured body.

Ye Chen started to look at the mysterious woman, It is true what Chu Yuechan said, this woman was indeed injured, some of this woman's meridian lines were quite badly injured.

Ye Chen felt that it was difficult to heal the meridians of this woman, most likely a mysterious woman was injured by someone to become like this.

"Yuechan, do you think a woman is strong? , I absolutely can't feel this woman's cultivation base. "Ye Chen wanted to know whether the woman wearing this mask was strong or not.

"Hemmp." Chu Yuechan started to think.

"The strength that this woman has while still at the peak of glory is much stronger than the Dongfang Xiu you just met, even this woman is hundreds or even thousands of times stronger than Dongfang Xiu".

"Because this woman's body was injured, this woman's cultivation base has also dropped quite a lot, now that this woman is at the half-step stage to Divine Realm, it is very likely that this woman will find it difficult to re-enter the Divine Nascent Realm with this state of mind."

Chu Yuechan began to explain the discovery she had found from the mysterious woman who was in front of Ye Chen.

"Huh? , the power of the peak of glory possessed by this woman is much stronger than the current Dongfang Xiu? , how strong is this woman? "Ye Chen didn't expect that in one day he would meet two very strong women.

"I don't know, but for sure this woman is not weak at all, she is a former cultivator who has a cultivation base in the Divine Overlord Realm realm, so surely this woman's strength is not what it seems on the surface " ,Chu Yuechan did not know how much strength this mysterious woman possessed.

what was certain was that this woman was extremely strong, considering that she was a former cultivator who had reached the Divine Overlord Realm stage.

Ye Chen did not expect that this woman used to be a cultivator in the Divine Overlord Realm, that meant that back then this mysterious woman's strength was no weaker than Gu Xuan's, or maybe this woman actually had a much stronger strength than Gu Xuan's.

Ye Chen started to be curious about the masked woman in front of him.

Nangong Xiang saw Ye Chen in front of her eyes, she could smell a familiar fragrance from Ye Chen's body.

"Tell me if you have just met a woman who has snow-white hair." Nangong Xiang asked if Ye Chen had just met a woman who has the characteristic snow-white hair.

Ye Chen was surprised when he heard Nangong Xiang knew that he was just with Dongfang Xiu.

Ye Chen started to think that this mysterious woman in front of him might be one of Dongfang Xiu's enemies.

"I didn't meet the woman you mean earlier." Ye Chen better act ignorant in front of Nangong Xiang, he didn't want to get involved in the trouble between the two of them.

Ye Chen acted strong in front of Nangong Xiang, after all at this time Ye Chen was hiding his strength with Reideran pendant necklace, so the opposing party must not know about his strength, he must not act weak in front of this woman, otherwise it will be dangerous for Ye Chen.

"You're lying to me, right? , I can smell that woman's scent on your body. "Nangong Xiu was quite familiar with the fragrance that Ye Chen had. This was definitely Dongfang Xiu's smell.

Ye Chen started to smell his body, it was true that Dongfang Xiu's very fragrant smell still remained on his body.

It seemed like it was Dongfang Xiu's scent that made Nangong Xiang suspicious of him.

Ye Chen's guess was right, this woman seemed to know about Dongfang Xiu, this mysterious woman must also come from the God Realm just like Dongfang Xiu, otherwise how could this woman know Dongfang Xiu.

Nangong Xiang Looking at Ye Chen, she seemed to hate Ye Chen.

Nangong Xiang had a bad experience with a man who dared to lie to her.

The reason Nangong Xiu turned into this state was because she was tricked by the man she trusted the most.

Because of this, Nangong Xiang really hated men who dared to lie to her.

"Yes, I did meet the woman you mentioned earlier, what's wrong? Ye Chen asked Nangong Xiang.

"Then where is that woman now? ", Nangong Xiang asked Ye Chen where Dongfang Xiu was.

"How do I know, that woman left using a teleportation stone." Ye Chen told Nangong Xiang that Dongfang Xiu left using a teleportation stone.

Nangong Xiang didn't say anything, she flew to Ye Chen's side, Nangong Xiang intended to attack Ye Chen.

when Nangong Xiang wanted to attack him, Ye Chen immediately put on a combat stance, Ye Chen opened the Sage God's Flame Vein.

"Bamm", in the night sky Ye Chen and Nangong Xiang exchanged blows.

In this exchange Ye Chen was forced back hundreds of meters, while Nangong Xiang only retreated a few meters.

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