Journey To Become A True God Chapter 327

327 A Wound On The Face
The Golden Flame Supernova's strength was terrifying, ordinary cultivators who were at the peak stage of the Overlord Realm would definitely get goosebumps just from the radiant aura of the Golden Flame Supernova.

The Golden Flame Supernova headed towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen again looked very relaxed as the Golden Flame Supernova headed his way.

The Golden Flame Supernova hit Ye Chen.

"Booooommmmmmmmmmm. . . . . "The Golden Flame Supernova made an extremely powerful explosion.

The power of the explosion was tens of times stronger than an atomic bomb, the explosion of the Golden Flame Supernova created a very strong earthquake, this earthquake can be felt all over the world.

After the explosion disappeared, a giant hole was formed right where Ye Chen was standing, the diameter of this hole was estimated to be more than 100 Km.

Thousands of kilometers of forest and also the mountains around this hole had already been leveled, the Golden Flame Supernova's explosion almost flattened half of the forest here.

The destructive power of the Golden Flame Supernova was tremendous, with this kind of power it could destroy a country.

Nangong Xiang saw where the huge hole was formed, she did not expect that one day she would be forced to use the full strength she had.

"Cough " Nangong Xiang coughed up blood, it seemed like she was pushing herself too hard to use the Golden Flame Supernova technique.

The result was that Nangong Xiang's body was not strong enough to withstand the strength of the Golden Flame Supernova.

Nangong Xiang fell to the ground, the profound energy that was in Nangong Xiang's body was exhausted, in addition to her body feeling excruciating pain, at this time she felt very weak and helpless.

"Wasn't what you did just now too much." A voice came from behind Nangong Xiang.

Nangong Xiang immediately turned her head towards the back, she was shocked when she saw Ye Chen was still alive after receiving the Golden Flame Supernova's attack.

What's more, Ye Chen looked very healthy, he wasn't hurt at all, this made Nangong Xiang very shocked.

"How can you. . . ", Nangong Xiang could not continue her words, she again vomited a mouthful of blood.

The old wounds on her body seemed to be getting worse from using the Golden Flame Supernova.

Are you okay, do you need help? ", Ye Chen asked the state of the mysterious woman in front of him.

"I don't need you to pity me, just kill me quickly." Nangong Xiang was resigned, she no longer had the strength to fight Ye Chen.

"Kill you? , I have no intention of doing that, I'm even more curious about you ".

Ye Chen drew closer to Nangong Xiang, he was curious about the face behind this mask.

Nangong Xiang did not have the strength to do anything, she could only remain silent and accept what Ye Chen would do to her.

Ye Chen reached out and picked up the mask Nangong Xiang was wearing, she wanted to see what kind of face this woman had.

From the figure that Nangong Xiang possessed, Ye Chen knew that this woman must be beautiful.

After the mask was removed, Ye Chen saw a very beautiful face, this face was completely comparable to the beauty that Dongfang Xiu had.

It was a shame that this beautiful face had a wound that looked quite gruesome, this made the beauty that belonged to Nangong Xiang imperfect.

"You're not disappointed after seeing my broken face." Nangong Xiu said with a sour feeling.

This was the reason Nangong Xiu hid her face, she did not want others to see this terrible wound.

She hated his appearance like this.

"No, I think you're still beautiful" to Ye Chen Nangong Xiang still looks beautiful.

Nangong Xiang's face turned red, she did not expect that a man would praise her for being beautiful, even though at this time her face looked very ugly and creepy.

"You liar man, why don't you just be honest and say that I'm ugly" Nangong Xiang said with a red face.

"I'm not lying, you are beautiful." Ye Chen was so helpless, It was very difficult to convince Nangong Xiang that he was not lying at all.

Ye Chen's words made Nangong Xiang's face turn even redder.

Nangong Xiang immediately looked Ye Chen's eyes, she felt that Ye Chen's words were sincere.

"What makes you think I'm beautiful? ", Nangong Xiang asked Ye Chen.

"Why don't you take a mirror and look for yourself, after that compare with the woman out there who has a face worse than yours." Ye Chen told Nangong Xiang to compare his face with the woman out there.

There are so many women out there who don't have good fortune like Nangong Xiang who is blessed with a beautiful face.

Nangong Xiang started to think about what Ye Chen just said, it was true that there were still many poor women who were sadder than her.

Nangong Xiang should be grateful to still have a face like this.

Nangong Xiang felt touched by the words Ye Chen gave, now she no longer needed to hate herself.

"Thank you very much, thanks to you now I realize that I don't need to hate myself" Nangong Xiang thanked Ye Chen.

After all this time, finally Nangong Xiang could smile again.

"By the way why don't you heal the wound, with the resources you have I believe you must be easy to find the wound remedy." Ye Chen felt strange seeing Nangong Xiang not looking for medicine to get rid of the wound on his face.

"This is no ordinary wound, it was carved by a powerful heirloom artifact, ordinary medicine won't be able to heal it." Nangong Xiang told Ye Chen that this wound was caused by a Celestial Tier artifact.

"I see." Ye Chen nodded to Nangong Xiang, Ye Chen wanted to know who the person who had done this cruelty to Nangong Xiang.

It would be rude if Ye Chen asked Nangong Xiang such a thing.

"Master, don't you still have the heavenly beauty pills you got from leveling up the fairy gate? , why don't you just give that pill to this woman, she might be able to protect you from Dangfang Xiu. "Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to give Nangong Xiang a beauty pill.

from the beginning Chu Yuechan did not feel any ill will from this woman at all, from the beginning Nangong Xiang did not have any animosity towards Ye Chen.

Everything that happened before was just a misunderstanding.

Ye Chen just remembered that he still had the heavenly beauty pill that he got from the fairy gate, Ye Chen wondered if theheavenly beauty pillcould heal the wound on Nangong Xiang's face.

Ye Chen took out a beauty pill from the fairy gate storage.

"Quickly open your mouth" Ye Chen told Nangong Xiang to open her mouth immediately.

" What do you want ? "Nangong Xiang didn't understand what Ye Chen wanted, why did Ye Chen tell her to open her mouth.

"Just do it quickly, this is an order." Ye Chen ordered Nangong Xiang to immediately open her mouth.

Nangong Xiang obediently opened her small mouth, after Nangong Xiang opened her mouth, Ye Chen threw aheavenly beauty pillinto Nangong Xiang's mouth.

Theheavenly beauty pilll went straight into Nangong Xiang's stomach.

Nangong Xiang was completely unprepared when the pill entered her mouth, Nangong Xiang had swallowed a Pill which she had no clue what pill it was.

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