Journey To Become A True God Chapter 329

329 Eternal Sun Star Realm
Nangong Xiang shook her head "I've been married to a king who ruled the eternal sun star realm, in God Realm I was often called the empress of the sun." Nangong Xiang told Ye Chen who she was.

While listening to this, Ye Chen immediately stopped on the spot.

He looked at Nangong Xiang with an incredulous look. "You, you are one of the four beautiful women in the Western God Realm? "Ye Chen still doesn't believe that the woman in his arms is one of the four beautiful women in the Western God Realm.

Nangong Xiang nodded "I am one of the four most beautiful women in God Realm." Nangong Xiang did not evade, she admitted that she was one of the four beauties in the Western God Realm.

"But why are you here? , shouldn't you be in the eternal sun star realm. "Ye Chen wanted to know how could Nangong Xiang be on Earth, she should be in the eternal sun star realm.

"The story is a little long, do you want to hear it? "Nangong Xiang doesn't mind sharing her story with Ye Chen.

"Of course, why not." Ye Chen didn't mind hearing Nangong Xiang's story at all.

"It started thousands of years ago, I came from the Star Holy Flame Star Realm, the Holy Flame Star Realm is a top ranked star that ranks 7th."

"At that time I was still a young princess in the royal family, at that time I rarely appeared in public, so not many people knew that I was a beautiful woman." Nangong Xiang told Ye Chen that in the past she was just a beautiful young woman who not as famous as it is today.

"My family is the ruler of the Holy Flame Star Realm, at that time my family experienced a very severe crisis, we were even on the verge of being crushed and could potentially be demoted to Mid-rank Star."

"When we were in a desperate situation, a man came to our place, the man suddenly helped us out of the crisis we were experiencing, the man helped without expecting anything in return."

Is that guy the Eternal Sun Star Realm Lord King? " Ye Chen asked Nangong Xiang.

Nangong Xiang nodded "Yes, that man is Sun Star Realm Eternal Ruler King, his name is Sun Quan, he is one of the three most powerful people in Western God Realm".

Nangong Xiang told Ye Chen that the Eternal Sun Star Realm Ruler King was a very strong person.

"After my father found out that that man was the Eternal Sun Star Realm Lord King, then he decided to marry me to that man, it was a blessing to be able to marry one of the rulers of the domain in the western region. ".

"At that time I couldn't refuse it, I could only obey my father's orders." Nangong Xiang began to tell Ye Chen.

"Then what happened next" Ye Chen wanted to know what happened next.

"Of course I married Sun Quan, after that I was adopted as the main empress, at that time Sun Quan was very kind to me, he gave me all the things I wanted, even I was given a lot of resources."

"Using the resources that Sun Quan gave me, within a few thousand years I could reach the pinnacle of cultivation."

"Has that man not done something to you for thousands of years?" Ye Chen was very curious about this.

Nangong Xiang shook her head "after we got married, he and I have never shared the same bed, even touching it can only be counted a few times, at first I was concerned about this, but because of the kindness given by Su Quang, gradually I got used to it. with that "Nangong Xiang and Sun Quan have never had a normal male-female relationship.

Ye Chen began to think that the ruler of the Eternal Sun Star Realm was a eunuch, how could he not touch a goddess as beautiful as Nangong Xiang.

"Because of Sun Quan's sincerity and kindness, I started to really believe in him, until one day Sun Quan asked me something."

"Then what does he want from you", Ye Chen was getting more intimate with the next story.

"Sun Quan wanted me to take him to my family treasure room, at that time I was not at all suspicious, I took Sun Quan away to my family's treasure room."

"In my family there are only a few people who are allowed to enter the treasure room, I am the one who has the special right to enter the treasure room".

"After I brought Sun Quan inside, Sun Quan suddenly launched a sneak attack on me, I was completely unprepared for this surprise attack, I was seriously injured by the attack carried out by Sun Quan".

Nangong Xiang told Ye Chen that Sun Qung had made a sneak attack on her.

"Why did he attack you, didn't you say Sun Quan was very good to you", Ye Chen wanted to know the reason Sun Quan attacked Nangong Xian.

Nangong Xiang sighed "that's when I knew the rottenness that Sun Quan has, from the beginning Sun Quan only wanted to steal the precious treasure that belonged to my family"

"What precious price is that?" Ye Chen asked about the precious treasure that the Nangong Xiang family had.

"It is the Horn of Heavenly Unicorn beings, it is an extremely rare treasure in God Realm, only my family is the only one who owns this treasure." Nangong Xiang told Ye Chen that the thing Sun Quan wanted was a Unicorn horn.

"What does that guy want to do with the Unicorn Horn that your family has.", Ye Chen had never learned about Unicorn Horn, so he didn't know what the use of Unicorn Horn was.

"The Unicorn Horn is one of the ingredients that can be used to make the Pill of Immortality, the Pill of Immortality is a pill that can make you live forever" Nangong Xiang explained to Ye Chen the function of the Immortal Life Pill.

"So Sun Quan attacked you just to steal the Unicorn Horn in your family's treasure room? ", Asked Ye Chen to Nangong Xiang.

"Yes, from the start he was after that thing, everything was planned by Sun Quan, from the crisis that my family was experiencing to my marriage, everything was planned by Sun Quan".

Since the beginning of her family crisis caused by Sun Quan, she and her family had been tricked by Sun Quan.

"After Sun Quan got what he wanted, he immediately threw me away, he crippled the cultivation base that I had, it didn't stop there that he was also the one who had carved wounds on my face, after doing this, he threw me away using a teleportation stone. realized I was already in this place. "Nangong Xiang finished telling her story.

"So that's the reason you can be on this planet, I didn't expect that a great king like Sun Quan would do such a heinous thing." Ye Chen didn't think that Sun Quan, a domain king, would do something like that.

"Sun Quan is a very ambitious person, he wants to become the strongest person in the Western God Realm, he will do whatever it takes to make his wish come true, even if it costs a lot of the lives of billions of people." Nangon Xiang already knew how ambition Sun Quan had.

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