Journey To Become A True God Chapter 331

331 Sleepless Night For Xia Qingyu And Nangong Xiang
Ye Chen is so helpless, Even though tonight he wants to sleep with the three beauties.

Suddenly Ye Chen's mind flashed a cunning plan, the plan that Ye Chen had was to sneak onto the third beauty bed.

The moment when the beauty had already slept, Ye Chen intended to sneak into the third beauty bed and sleep together with the three beauties.

Ye Chen felt that it would be more fun to do.

First Ye Chen went to the sofa, he pretended to look like he wanted to sleep on the sofa.

Xia Qingyu looked back, she was surprised to see Ye Chen was so obedient, it was unusual for Ye Chen to act obediently like this.

Xia Qingyu felt that something was strange, she felt that Ye Chen intended to do something unkind.

Ye Chen started arranging the sofa into a bed, the sofa here is very good, it can be adjusted into a medium sized bed, at least it can accommodate about 3 ~ 4 medium-sized adults.

Ye Chen started sleeping and waited for the right time, before executing his plan, he had to wait for Xia Qingyu to sleep first.

Ye Chen couldn't wait to become a thief who climbed onto the third beauty bed.

After turning off the light, Xia Qingyu Liu Yue and Nangong Xiang got on the bed, they started to close their eyes and fell asleep.

15 minutes later Xia Qingyu and Nangong Xiang seemed to have fallen asleep, this was the perfect time for Ye Chen to slip onto the bed of three beauties.

When Ye Chen was about to get up, his body was crushed by a woman.

"Husband, do you want to do that? "Liu Yue was riding on top of Ye Chen's body, she asked Ye Chen if he wanted to do something fun with herself.

Ye Chen did not expect that Liu Yue would even be the one who would sneak into the sofa where he slept.

Ye Chen was quite happy when he saw Liu Yue knew the desire he wanted. "Yue, you are my most understanding wife." Ye Chen hugged Liu Yue's body and kissed her lips.

The two of them started kissing passionately, after kissing Ye Chen repeatedly, Liu Yue's kissing technique was already very experienced.

She now knew how to make Ye Chen happy.

Ye Chen and Liu Yue kissed for about 10 minutes, after 10 minutes Liu Yue stopped kissing Ye Chen, Liu Yue was out of breath because of the pleasure she got from kissing Ye Chen.

At the bottom of her body Liu Yue felt that she was very wet, the kiss she did with Ye Chen just now made Liu Yue very excited.

Liu Yue started helping Ye Chen to pull the pants down, Liu Yue purposely didn't take off all the clothes Ye Chen was wearing just in case.

Liu Yue started to roll her ball gown down, Liu Yue's two large rabbits were displayed right before Ye Chen's eyes

Seeing this, Ye Chen quickly squeezed Liu Yue's two soft objects.

"Ahh. . ., "Liu Yue started groaning softly as Ye Chen squeezed her big rabbit.

The voice that Liu Yue made was quite small, she didn't want to let Xia Qingyu and Nangong Xiang hear her voice.

Liu Yue also got into action, she started to hold Ye Chen's Little Brother in her hand.

"Husband, it looks a little sticky here, did you just do something with Sister Xiang? "When Liu Yue carried Ye Chen's younger brother, she felt that this big one was a little sticky.

Liu Yue wasn't a virgin in this matter, she naturally knew what made this thing sticky.

"I haven't done anything with Nangong Xiang, before I met a beautiful goddess who was not inferior to Nangong Xiang, I forced her to serve me with her mouth." Ye Chen told Liu Yue that previously he forced a beautiful goddess like Dongfang Xiu to serve him.

"It's not like your usual self." Liu Yue was very familiar with Ye Chen, Ye Chen couldn't possibly force a woman to do something like that.

"That's because that beautiful goddess wanted to kill me, even though I was kind and helped her, but she wanted to kill me instead." Ye Chen was a little dissatisfied when he remembered Dongfang Xiu.

"It's like that." Liu Yue now understood why Ye Chen forced a woman to help him.

"Then let's start doing Dual Cultivation." Liu Yue could no longer stand the itchy feeling on her body.

She wanted to immediately enter Ye Chen's large object into her Honey Cave which was very uncomfortable.

Liu Yue climbed back on top of Ye Chen's body, she started to hold Ye Chen's big object and began to aim it at her honey hole.

Liu Yue didn't take off her dress on purpose, she wanted to try to make a relationship by wearing clothes like this.

Liu Yue shifted her underwear to the side, after which she began to lean down.

Liu Yue's bottom was already very wet, so there was no need to warm up anymore.

Ye Chen's large object began to be swallowed up by Liu Yue's Honey Cave.

"Ahhhh. . . . . ", Liu Yue tried to hold back her voice, unfortunately Liu Yue's voice still leaked out.

Ye Chen's object was very large, this made Liu Yue very unable to endure the pleasure that Ye Chen's large thing gave her.

Liu Yue couldn't take it anymore she wanted more pleasure than this big thing, Liu Yue started to move her hips.

Liu Yue moved her hips very seductively again, she began to rotate her hips clockwise.

This movement is so extreme, if the woman who does this is unprofessional, it can hurt Ye Chen's younger brother.

"Emmm" Ye Chen started to enjoy the taste in Liu Yue's honey cave, the movements that Liu Yue made were really great, Ye Chen really liked this.

"Husband, yours is amazing, it fills me, I really like it." Liu Yue was no longer holding back her voice, she was completely immersed in the pleasure that Ye Chen's big thing gave her.

"Yue, you are really great too, your little honey cave is holding me very tightly, I feel like I will be squeezed by it." Ye Chen also felt a very comfortable feeling from Liu Yue's honey cave.

The two of them no longer held back, they both let go of their passion, they had forgotten Xia Qingyu and Nangong Xiang who were not far from where the two of them were, Ye Chen and Liu Yue felt that here was their own world.

Xia Qingyu was awake at this time, she listened to Liu Yue's soft moan, Xia Qingyu did not expect that Liu Yue would do something so bold like this.

Xia Qingyu saw that Liu Yue was actually making love to Ye Chen right a few meters in front of her.

Xia Qingyu saw that Liu Yue was currently doing up and down movements in Ye Chen's body, Xia Qingyu was not stupid, she certainly knew what the two were doing.

Obstructed by the back of the sofa, Xia Qingyu could not see Ye Chen's large object, she could only see Liu Yue and the moan Liu Yue let out.

Without realizing it, Xia Qingyu felt that her body felt hot and very uncomfortable, she felt something began to seep out of her secret garden.

only hearing Liu Yue groan, Xia Qingyu felt extremely excited.

"You big pervert" in her heart Xia Qingyu cursed Ye Chen.

Xia Qingyu tried to cover her ears so that Liu Yue's voice could no longer be heard, unfortunately Liu Yue's moan was still heard by Xia Qingyu.

Next to Xia Qingyu, Nangong Xiang was also still awake, Nangong Xiang listened to what Ye Chen and Liu Yue were talking about, she was quite embarrassed when she heard the fulgar words spoken by Liu Yue and Ye Chen.

Moreover, she heard something very extraordinary, she heard that Ye Chen did something to Dongfang Xiu.

Nangong Xiang knew very well what kind of character Dongfang Xiu had, that cold-hearted goddess would definitely drive out any man who tried to get close to her.

Nangong Xiang did not expect that Ye Chen would force a cold-hearted goddess like Dongfang Xiu to slay Ye Chen with her mouth, that was something that Nangong Xiang would never have thought of.

Nangong Xiang also felt uncomfortable when she saw Ye Chen and Liu Yue having Dual Cultivation , she felt that her body was starting to heat up and her lower half was getting a little wet.

This night was destined to be a sleepless night for Xia Qingyu and Nangong Xiang.

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