Journey To Become A True God Chapter 333

333 Again Shaming Liu Lee
"Qingyu, I have to go somewhere." Ye Chen told Xia Qingyu that he was going somewhere.

"It's up to you." Xia Qingyu didn't really care about Ye Chen's business, what Xia Qingyu wanted now was to immediately return to the hotel room and sleep on a soft mattress.

Xia Qingyu entered the Five-Star Hotel.

After Xia Qingyu disappeared from Ye Chen's sight, Ye Chen immediately went to meet Feng Xue.

Ye Chen had to go back and forth to the Feng Group headquarters.

When Ye Chen arrived in front of the Feng Group building he saw Feng Xue was already at the entrance of the Feng Group building.

Feng Xue's appearance looked very closed, Feng Xue used black glasses and a beach hat to hide her appearance.

Becoming a famous female star is not easy, wherever Feng Xue wants to go she has to wear clothes like this.

Otherwise Feng Xue would be hassled by her fans, Feng Xue didn't like that kind of situation.

Next to the current Feng Xue, stood a man in a white coat and carrying a garland.

This man was of course the Liu Lee that Ye Chen had previously kicked out of Feng Luo's Birthday Party.

"Junior sister Xue, do you want to go with me?" Liu Lee knelt while handing over the garland in his hand, he invited Feng Xue to go along with him.

"I don't want to, I already have an appointment with someone." Feng Xue refused Liu Lee's invitation.

"Who do you want to go with? ", Liu Lee looked displeased when he found out that Feng Xue was going out with someone.

"Feng Xue" Ye Chen got out of the car and went over to Feng Xue.

Liu Lee immediately turned his head to the side, he saw Ye Chen walking over here.

Liu Lee looked very angry when he saw Ye Chen here, because this person last night he was kicked out of the Feng Family party.

"Ye Chen" Feng Xue went to Ye Chen's side, she wrapped her hand around Ye Chen's arm.

What Ye Chen and Feng Xue were doing looked like lovers.

Liu Lee's anger grew even bigger, when he saw Feng Xue being very intimate with Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, let's go." Feng Xue asked Ye Chen to leave this place, she didn't want to see Liu Lee's annoying face for too long.

"Let's go." Ye Chen took this opportunity to hug Feng Xue's waist, he carried Feng Xue away to the car.

Feng Xue felt embarrassed as Ye Chen hugged her waist.

"Wait." Liu Lee stopped in front of Ye Chen and Feng Xue, he stopped Ye Chen and Feng Xue from leaving this place.

"Liu Lee, why did you stop us." Feng Xue was dissatisfied when Liu Lee stopped her self and Ye Chen.

"Junior sister Xue, how can you go with an ordinary man like him." Liu Lee really didn't like it when Feng Xue went out with Ye Chen.

In terms of wealth and background, Liu Lee felt that he was winning far from Ye Chen.

"What right do you have to forbid me, whomever I go is up to me." Feng Xue didn't like outsiders to interfere with her personal life.

"You better just go, Feng Xue won't want to go with a guy like you." Ye Chen used Liu Lee's words to mock Liu Lee.

"You bastard, how dare you mock me, I'll teach you a lesson so you understand where you are." Liu Lee prepared to attack Ye Chen.

Liu Lee was just a weak person, Ye Chen only needed to use a little of his strength to deal with Liu Lee.

"Pah. . . " When Liu Lee approached him, Ye Chen slapped Liu Lee's face very hard, a slap sound that sounded very crunchy.

Liu Lee fell to the ground after receiving a slap from Ye Chen, Liu Lee grabbed his face which was currently swollen from the slap he received from Ye Chen.

"You. . ., you. . ., how dare you slap me. "Liu Lee pointed at Ye Chen.

"Do you think I'll just stay silent when you attack me? "Ye Chen scoffed at Liu Lee's stupidity, Ye Chen kicked Liu Lee's body on the ground.

Liu Lee flew several meters and rolled on the ground, Liu Lee tried to get up from the ground, Liu Lee's current appearance was very dirty.

"Just wait, I will repay you for this humiliation." Liu Lee tried to escape from this place.

Ye Chen wanted to chase Liu Lee, after being hit by Ye Chen, that person still dared to threaten him.

"Ye Chen, please, don't waste your time taking care of Liu Lee." Feng Xue stopped Ye Chen, she didn't want Ye Chen to make a bigger problem.

Being stopped by Feng Xue, Ye Chen did not continue to chase Liu Lee, Ye Chen snapped his finger.

A silver colored flame began to burn the jacket that Liu Lee was wearing.

Under the morning sun the Heavenly Silver Flame was not that obvious.

Liu Lee was very surprised to find himself naked, he tried to cover the important parts with his hands.

"Hahahahahah" the people on the street started laughing at Liu Lee, some people even took pictures of Liu Lee naked.

Liu Lee was very embarrassed, he tried to go to his car, when Liu Lee ran to his car, Liu Lee tripped several times.

People laughed even more when they saw the ridiculousness that Liu Lee was doing.

Liu Lee was so embarrassed that he immediately got into the car and drove away from here.

Ye Chen was very happy when he saw Liu Lee being humiliated in public.

"Ye Chen, was it your doing just now? ", Feng Xue asked if the incident just now was Ye Chen's doing.

Feng Xue already felt strange when she saw Liu Lee's clothes turning into pieces.

Feng Xue felt that it must be Ye Chen's doing.

"I don't know." Ye Chen tried to avoid Feng Xue's question.

Feng Xue didn't give up, she kept asking Ye Chen about Liu Lee's clothes getting destroyed.

"Let's go" so that Feng Xue wouldn't keep asking about what happened to Liu Lee, Ye Chen decided to take Feng Xue away.

Ye Chen and Feng Xue got into the car.

"Where do you want to go" Ye Chen asked where Feng Xue wanted to go.

"Let's go to the underwater aquarium, I really want to see the beauty of the underwater aquarium over there." Feng Xue invited Ye Chen to go to the underwater aquarium, she had always wanted to go there.

"Okay." Ye Chen nodded, he took Feng Xue away to the underwater aquarium.

In a car that was quite luxurious, Liu Lee looked really very angry, today he was having the worst day he had ever had.

Liu Lee suspected that the cause of his clothes being destroyed was Ye Chen, Ye Chen must be the one who destroyed his clothes.

Liu Lee didn't expect that Ye Chen was a cultivator.

"I have no other choice, I have to ask great cultivators I know for help." Liu Lee was forced to ask for help from strong cultivators he knew.

Liu Lee tried to contact strong cultivators he knew to deal with Ye Chen.

Liu Lee didn't care how much price he had to pay to deal with Ye Chen

as long as he could make Ye Chen miserable, Liu Lee would pay any price.

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