Journey To Become A True God Chapter 334

334 Feng Xues Heart Relapsed
When Liu Lee was contacting his acquaintance, right around his car appeared several beautiful butterflies that had wings like snow.

Seeing this strange scene, Liu Lee became a little confused, after the appearance of the beautiful butterfly, the temperature inside Liu Lee's car suddenly decreased very drastically.

Liu Lee felt a chill that ran to his bones, Liu Lee started to shiver with cold, he didn't know what was going on here.

Suddenly Liu Lee's gaze turned white, Liu Lee's body froze and turned into an ice statue.

Not only was Liu Lee frozen, the car that Liu Lee was driving also turned into an ice statue.

"Clank", Liu Lee and his car broke into shards of ice crystals.

in the process Liu Lee didn't feel anything at all, he was killed instantly.

Above the clouds in the sky at this time was a beautiful woman who was looking at Liu Lee who had turned into an ice crystal shard.

This beautiful woman looked very calm, no ripples could be seen when she killed Liu Lee.

This beautiful woman who killed Liu Lee, after killing Liu Lee, this beautiful woman went to follow the car that Ye Chen was riding.

No one knows what this beautiful woman is thinking.

Ye Chen took Feng Xue to the biggest underwater aquarium in the country.

Here it is said that there are thousands of rare species of sea creatures that live in super large aquariums.

"Let's go in." Feng Xue looked very happy when she arrived at the underwater aquarium.

First they both have to buy a ticket to go down, after buying a ticket they both go straight down.

Before going into the underwater aquarium, Ye Chen looked up at the sky.

somehow, since earlier Ye Chen felt that he was being watched by someone, Ye Chen tried to find the whereabouts of the person who was watching him, unfortunately he didn't feel the sign of someone above the sky at all.

Ye Chen felt very strange, even though he felt that someone was watching him earlier.

"Maybe it's just my imagination." Ye Chen decided to enter the underwater aquarium.

After Ye Chen entered the underwater aquarium, he saw a very beautiful scene, thousands of sea creatures swam around Ye Chen and Feng Xue.

The underwater aquarium was incredibly large, Ye Chen and Feng Xue felt that they were under the ocean.

"Seeing the fish's movements are so beautiful." Feng Xue pointed at several fish dancing in the water.

Ye Chen also saw this beautiful scene, he was enjoying all the beauty that was in here.

Feng Xue hugged Ye Chen's arm she felt comfortable while hugging Ye Chen's arm.

Feng Xue didn't know that what she was doing right now was too stimulating for Ye Chen, Feng Xue's two soft objects were tightly pressed against Ye Chen's body.

Ye Chen tried to endure the stimulation of the two gentle objects belonging to Feng Xue.

As the two of them walked, Feng Xue's soft object continued to rub against Ye Chen's body.

This female star must have done this to himself on purpose.

Ye Chen decided to tease Feng Xue a little, Ye Chen started massaging Feng Xue's body.

As Ye Chen's hand touched Feng Xue's body, Feng Xue felt an electric current flow through her body.

Feng Xue's body suddenly felt pleasure from the small massage Ye Chen's hand was giving.

The place was a little dim, so not many people saw what Ye Chen was doing to Feng Xue.

"Ahh. . . " Feng Xue groaned softly as Ye Chen's hand moved over her body.

This feeling was so extraordinary, Feng Xue felt that her body had become weak and could no longer walk.

"Are you okay?" Ye Chen asked with a slight evil smile on his face.

"I'm fine, just feeling a little tired from walking too long." Feng Xue looked for an excuse not to be embarrassed in front of Ye Chen.

Feng Xue couldn't possibly tell that she was like this because of a small massage that Ye Chen did.

" Let's find a place to rest "Ye Chen led Feng Xue to a seat that was provided along the tunnel path.

Ye Chen let Feng Xue rest on the seat, after resting for a moment, Feng Xue finally felt a little recovered.

"Hey Ye Chen, I want to show you a dance, do you want to see it" Currently Feng Xue wants to dance in this place.

"Yes, of course." Ye Chen didn't mind seeing Feng Xue dance.

Feng Xue got up from the seat, she had removed her glasses and hat, Feng Xue was standing several meters in front of Ye Chen.

Feng Xue started to show the dance she had.

The dance performed by Feng Xue was very beautiful, the underwater aquarium baground made the dance performed by Feng Xue even more stunning to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen enjoyed the dance that Feng Xue presented.

Feng Xue finally finished her dance.

Ye Chen immediately clapped his hands to Feng Xue

Feng Xue suddenly felt her vision blurred, she lost her balance and was about to fall onto the floor

Ye Chen saw that Feng Xue was about to fall, he immediately went to help Feng Xue.

Ye Chen hugged Feng Xue's Waist so as not to fall to the floor.

Feng Xue fainted in Ye Chen's embrace, Feng Xue's face looked pale, Seeing this Ye Chen checked Feng Xue's state.

It looks like Feng Xue's Weak Heart has relapsed, this woman is over-pushing herself.

Ye Chen deeply regretted this, even though he had already told Su Yuya to tell Feng Xue to quit the entertainment world.

It seemed that Feng Xue didn't listen to Su Yuya's warning.

Ye Chen had to give Feng Xue an artificial breath, Ye Chen started kissing Feng Xue's cherry lips and gave her an artificial breath.

One hand Ye Chen massaged Feng Xue's very soft left chest, Ye Chen returned to using his profound energy to heal Feng Xue's heart.

"Cough." After 3 minutes of wild breathing, Feng Xue finally regained consciousness.

"Ye Chen, what happened to me? "Feng Xue still feels dizzy and can't think clearly.

"You fainted just now after doing the dance." Ye Chen told Feng Xue what happened earlier.

"Yes, I remember now." Feng Xue began to remember what happened before.

As she danced for Ye Chen, she felt her heart hurt and it was hard to breathe, at that time Feng Xue lost consciousness.

"Ye Chen, did you give me another artificial breath?" Feng Xue's face started to turn red, when Feng Xue fainted, Feng Xue dreamed of Ye Chen kissing her for a moment.

"Of course, otherwise you might die." Ye Chen did give an artificial breath and healed Feng Xue's heart a little.

Hearing Ye Chen admit it, Feng Xue's face turned even redder.

That means that Ye Chen kissed herself back, she did not expect to be kissed twice by Ye Chen.

Feng Xue lowered her head, she was embarrassed to look directly at Ye Chen.

"Feng Xue why don't you just quit the entertainment world, with your current condition you will only make your situation worse." Ye Chen warned Feng Xue to just quit the entertainment world.

With Feng Xue's current condition it is better for her to quit the entertainment world.

"I can't, if I quit the entertainment world then I'll disappoint my grandfather." Feng Xue shook her head, she didn't still insist on not quitting the entertainment world.

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