Journey To Become A True God Chapter 335

335 Lets Find A Hotel
"Life is something precious, you have to take good care of your life, if you die it will make your grandfather sad." Ye Chen again advised Feng Xue to attach importance to his own life.

It doesn't matter if Feng Xue disappoints her grandfather, a family can definitely understand what Feng Xue is going through right now.

After listening to Ye Chen's words, Feng Xue started thinking again.

"Does your grandfather know that your heart is weak? "Ye Chen wants to know if Feng Luo knows that Feng Xue's heart is weak, if he knows this Feng Luo should stop Feng Xue from being in the entertainment world.

The entertainment world has a very busy schedule, it will only make Feng Xue's situation even worse.

Feng Xue shook her head "I hid this thing from my grandfather, I don't want him to worry about my situation." From the start, Feng Xue hid this from Feng Luo.

She didn't want Feng Luo to worry about her predicament.

Ye Chen sighed "You have to talk to your grandfather. I'm sure he will understand your current situation." Ye Chen told Feng Xue to be more honest with her grandfather.

"Ye Chen, you seem to really understand my current state, do you have a way to heal me" Feng Xue felt that Ye Chen knew very well about the condition of her body.

After receiving Ye Chen's artificial breath, Feng Xue felt that he was even better than before.

"I may have a way to heal you, but for that it will take a little longer to fully heal." Ye Chen did have a way to heal Feng Xue.

" Is it true ? "On hearing this Feng Xue looks very happy.

Ye Chen nodded at Feng Xue.

"Then let's try the method you have." Feng Xue wanted to immediately try Ye Chen's method.

"Then let's find a quiet place to do it." First Ye Chen and Feng Xue had to find a quiet place to take medication.

"Let's find a hotel." Feng Xue advised Ye Chen to go to a hotel, there wouldn't be anyone who dared to disturb him and Ye Chen.

Ye Chen did not expect that Feng Xue would immediately invite himself to go to the hotel.

if Feng Xue's fans found out that the goddess in their heart wanted to open a room with a man, what would they think right now.

"Let's go." Feng Xue dragged Ye Chen to leave the underwater aquarium and look for a hotel.

Feng Xue put her sunglasses and beach hat back on.

Ye Chen and Feng Xue were looking for a hotel to do treatment.

they were looking for a hotel that was nearby, it didn't take long for Ye Chen and Feng Xue to find a hotel that had complete facilities.

"One of the nicest rooms please." Feng Xue immediately ordered the best room in this place.

The receptionist immediately gave Feng Xue a room key. "Have a nice day." The receptionist gave a greeting to Feng Xue and Ye Chen.

The receptionist thought Feng Xue and Ye Chen were lovers.

Seeing the receptionist thought she and Ye Chen were lovers, Feng Xue's face turned red.

Feng Xue immediately pulled Ye Chen upstairs where they were renting a room.

Ye Chen and Feng Xue entered the room they had rented.

"So what are we going to do next?" Feng Xue asked what Ye Chen would do next.

"Quickly take off the top shirt you are wearing right now." Ye Chen told Feng Xue to take off the top.

Feng Xue immediately covered her body. "Ye Chen, you are a big pervert, what are you thinking?" Feng Xue did not expect that Ye Chen would be so brave and told her to take off her clothes.

Ye Chen was helpless, it seemed that Feng Xue had misunderstood what he meant.

"I want to do medication for you, to do it you have to take off your upper shirt." Ye Chen made it clear what he was going to do.

Feng Xue now understood what Ye Chen meant, she had misunderstood Ye Chen earlier.

how could Feng Xue take off her clothes in front of Ye Chen, it was so embarrassing.

"Should I do that? Feng Xue asked Ye Chen again.

"Do you want to recover or not? , otherwise you don't have to do it "said Ye Chen to Feng Xue.

Feng Xue bit her cherry lips, Feng Xue wanted so badly to heal her weak heart, she wanted to fully do what she wanted without having to worry about the weak heart she had.

Feng Xue braced herself, "Ye Chen please turn around, I will take off my top shirt" Feng Xue told Ye Chen to turn around.

Ye Chen turned around and turned his back on Feng Xue

Feng Xue started to take off the top shirt she was wearing.

Now on her upper body there was only a bra that covered Feng Xue's two mountain peaks.

"I'm done, now you can turn around." Feng Xue had finished taking off her clothes, now she told Ye Chen to turn around.

Ye Chen immediately turned around, as he turned around he saw Feng Xue covering her upper body with her hands.

The half naked Feng Xue was really sexy and hot.

If this was seen by a reporter, it would be a huge scandal.

"What are you waiting for, let's get started." Feng Xue is already so embarrassed. The look from Ye Chen made her even more embarrassed.

"Okay, now lie down on the bed." Ye Chen started to take out a set of needles from the fairy gate storage room.

First, Ye Chen had to open up Feng Xue's circulation path to make it even smoother.

"Ye Chen, what do you want to do with that needle." Feng Xue was horrified when she saw the needle in Ye Chen's hand.

From a young age Feng Xue was very afraid of needles.

"Of course to heal you, now quickly get rid of your hands, I will immediately start the treatment." Ye Chen told Feng Xue to remove the hand that Feng Xue was currently using to cover her own body.

" Not. Not. , it will definitely be very painful, I changed my mind I don't want to do any treatment. "Feng Xue was very afraid of the large needle that Ye Chen was holding.

"We've come this far, I won't let you back down." Ye Chen stabbed Feng Xue's nerve point.

This would render Feng Xue unable to move for a while.

As Ye Chen's needle stabbed into her nerve point, Feng Xue's body lost strength and couldn't move.

Ye Chen started to get rid of Feng Xue's hand, after Feng Xue's hand was removed, Ye Chen saw a sexy red bra that Feng Xue was wearing.

Ye Chen didn't expect that Feng Xue's taste was quite high either.

"Ye Chen, what have you done to my body, quickly let me go." Feng Xue told Ye Chen to immediately let go of herself.

"Don't worry, leave everything to me." Ye Chen told Feng Xue to shut up and observe what he was going to do.

Ye Chen took out a needle and started to stab right next to Feng Xue's chest.

Feng Xue looked horrified as Ye Chen's needle stabbed into her left chest , being too scared, Feng Xue collapsed on the spot.

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