Journey To Become A True God Chapter 337

337 Go To The Yun Family Manor
"Remember carefully, you shouldn't be too tired, otherwise what I'm doing right now will be in vain." Ye Chen told Feng Xue not to be too tired.

"Okay, I understand." Feng Xue nodded to Ye Chen, Feng Xue would try to reduce activities in the entertainment world for a while.

"Good, then let's go." Ye Chen invited Feng Xue to leave this hotel.

Ye Chen and Feng Xue left the hotel, Ye Chen did not continue sightseeing together with Feng Xue.

Ye Chen escorted Feng Xue back to the Feng family's Mansion to rest.

After arriving at the gate of the Feng family's Mansion, Feng Xue got out of the car.

"Thank you for today." Feng Xue gave Ye Chen a cheek kiss.

After kissing Ye Chen, Feng Xue entered the Mansion.

Ye Chen rubbed the cheek that Feng Xue just kissed, he just smiled at the departure of Feng Xue.

Since there was nothing else for Ye Chen to do, Ye Chen decided to return to the hotel.

"Bippp" when Ye Chen wanted to go back to the hotel, his cellphone rang.

An unknown contact called himself, Ye Chen immediately picked up the call from this unknown contact.

" Hello who is this ? ", Ye Chen immediately asked who the person had contacted him.

"Ye Chen, I am Ling Yin." The person on the other side of the phone was Ling Yin.

"Oh, it turned out to be you, then what happened did you call me?" Ye Chen wanted to know why Ling Yin contacted him.

"Ye Chen, I have found out who the person intends to kill you is." Ling Yin has already found out who is the person who wants to kill Ye Chen.

" who is that ? "Ye Chen immediately asked who the person wanted to kill himself was.

"His name is Yun Pojun, he is the head of the Yun family which is one of the four major families in the capital, this person charges a very high murder rate to take your head." Ling Yin told Ye Chen that the person who wanted to kill Ye Chen is Yun Pojun.

"Yun Pojun." Ye Chen muttered, it looks like the Yun family is eager to take revenge for Yun Hao's death.

"Ye Chen you have to be careful, maybe there will be a lot of assassins who come to kill you" Ling Yin told Ye Chen to be careful of the murderers who come to him.

"You don't need to worry, I will solve this alone, you just give the coordinates of the residence belonging to the Yun family to me." Ye Chen is not someone who will wait for the enemy to come to him, he prefers to attack the enemy first.

"You have to be careful, surely the Yun family has prepared something for you." Ling Yin told Ye Chen to be careful when dealing with the Yun family.

Ling Yin sends the location of the residence belonging to the Yun family.

Ye Chen accepted the location where the Yun family lived.

"When are you coming back?" Ye Chen asked when Ling Yin would come back here.

"Maybe I won't be able to be with you anytime soon, I found a little information about the whereabouts of the Phantom Blade, I will go to find out the truth of this information." Ling Yin won't be able to meet Ye Chen anytime soon, she will find out the whereabouts of the blade Phantom.

"Take care of yourself, if you need anything just contact me" Ye Chen told Ling Yin to be careful while looking for the whereabouts of the Phantom Blade.

"I know, honey I have to go, see you later" Ling Yin hung up on the phone.

After the call closed, Ye Chen got out of the car, he put the car into the fairy gate storage room.

It was quite inconvenient to go by car, Ye Chen preferred to fly because it was faster.

After entering the car into the fairy gate storage room, Ye Chen flew towards the Yun family residence.

Ye Chen only took a few minutes to arrive at the Yun family manor.

"So this is where the Yun family is." From above the sky Ye Chen saw the enormous manor.

The Yun Family Manor was immense, it was several times bigger than the mansion owned by the Feng family.

Ye Chen descended in front of the Yun Family Manor.

"Wiu. . ., Wiu. . . . ., wiu. . ., Wiu. . . . . "When Ye Chen came down, the warning siren sounded very loud.

Dozens of guards that were owned by the Yun family came out, they were carrying an Ak47 weapon.

Dozens of people were aiming at Ye Chen's body.

"Quickly raise your hand." One of the dozens of people told Ye Chen to raise his hand and surrender.

It seemed this person was the leader of the guard squadron of the Yun family.

It seems that Ling Yin's guess was correct, the Yun family was already eagerly awaiting Ye Chen's arrival.

Ye Chen didn't really care about the dozens of Ak 47 weapons that were pointed at him.

"Tell me where is the leader of the Yun Clan." Ye Chen asked where Yun Pojun was at this time.

"Don't you listen to my orders, hurry up and raise your hands, otherwise we will kill you" the leader of the Guards shouted at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen didn't listen to the order from the guard squad leader, he started to step forward.

"Shoot" Seeing that Ye Chen was about to fight back, the leader of the guards ordered the people behind him to shoot Ye Chen.

"Dooorrrr. . . . .., Dooorrrr. . . . .., Dooorrrr. . . . .., Dooorrrr. . . . .., Dooorrrr. . . . .., "Hundreds of bullets directly rained down on Ye Chen's body.

Ye Chen made a shield from Heavenly flames to protect his body.

The bullet that hit Ye Chen's fire barrier, was immediately turned to ashes by Ye Chen's Heavenly Flame.

In an instant the bullets in the magazine ran out, strangely after receiving hundreds of bullets Ye Chen could still move forward.

Ye Chen's body also looked good, no blood stains came out of Ye Chen's body.

Seeing this weirdness, the guards started to get scared, Ye Chen really isn't normal.

"Quickly load your bullets and shoot that person again" the leader of the guard immediately ordered the people to reload and shoot Ye Chen again.

"Bamm" Ye Chen hit the guard squad leader who was in front of him.

The leader of the guard was flown tens of meters by Ye Chen, he hit a wall, the leader of the guard vomited a lot of blood, he lost consciousness and fainted.

It is not known whether this leader of the guards is alive or dead.

Seeing this the guards became even more afraid, they immediately threw away the weapons they were carrying.

"We give up, please don't hurt us." The Yun family guards admitted their defeat.

These people were only the ones employed by the Yun family, they would not sacrifice their lives to defend the Yun family.

"Tell me where Yun Pojun is." Ye Chen asked where Yun Pojun was.

"He is currently in the underground bunker at the very back of this manor." The guard told him where Yun Pojun was.

After knowing where Yun Pojun was, Ye Chen immediately went to the backyard of the Yun family manor.

Using his spirit sense, Ye Chen tried to find the underground bunker in the backyard.

Ye Chen finally found a bunker right under his feet, this bunker was about 10 meters underground.

Inside the bunker that Ye Chen found, there were a total of dozens of people currently in it, it seemed that this was Yun Pojun and some members of the Yun Family.

From Ye Chen's hand appeared the Heavenly Fire Ball, Ye Chen threw down his heavenly flames.

"Booommmm" a very strong burst occurred, under Ye Chen appeared a large and quite deep hole.

Right inside this hole, Ye Chen could see Yun Pojun and several other people who were inside the bunker.

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