Journey To Become A True God Chapter 34

34 Saintesss Body

After recovering the deep energy, Ye Chen then cultivated at the fairy's gate, after 1 full day Ye Chen finally opened his eyes.

Ye Chen looked around and found no trace of Chu Yuechan around him. Most likely, Chu Yuechan had not returned.

Ye Chen finally called "Yuechan where are you? "A few moments later Chu Yuechan finally appeared in front of Ye Chen.

When Chu Yuechan appeared before Ye Chen, Ye Chen almost had a nosebleed because, the dress Yang Chu Yuechan was wearing was now dripping wet and Ye Chen could see the underwear that Chu Yuechan was wearing.

"What are you doing? Dry your clothes quickly," Ye Chen said, turning his face away.

Chu Yuechan was taking a shower And suddenly Ye Chen called to him so Chu Yuechan immediately rushed over and forgot to dry himself.

Chu Yuechan waved his hand and A wind enveloped him, and in just a few seconds Chu Yuechan's hair and clothes were already dry.

"So why do you call me?" Chu Yuechan asked.

Ye Chen "how to get out of this place? "

"Geez you call me just to ask questions like that, all you need to do is use your mind to get out of this fairy gate," Chu Yuechan answered.

"It's that easy" then Ye Chen closed his eyes and used his mind.

When Ye Chen opened his eyes again Ye Chen was already in the hotel bedroom like before.

"How did you understand the way to Get Out of here, the way to enter the Fairy Gate is the same as you only need to use your mind alone" Chu Yuechan spoke inside Ye Chen's mind.

Ye Chen "You Can also speak in my mind Also ter? ".

Chu Yuechan "Not only can I speak in my mind but I can also see what the Master sees".

"Oh, I see." Ye Chen touched his chest and did not find the fairy gate artifact Yang Ye Chen put on his chest before "Yuechan Where is the fairy Gate artifact? "Ye Chen asked.

"That artifact is now joined with your body, flow your deep energy and look at the back of your hand, a picture of a fairy gate will surely appear" Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to try it.

Ye Chen then tried what Yang was instructed by Chu Yuechan, and sure enough when Ye Chen ran his energy in the back of his hand A tattoo of a Fairy appeared.

Ye Chen saw that the clock was 7 o'clock in the morning and the class would start in half an hour, Ye Chen got up from the bed then washed his face and immediately changed clothes, when Ye Chen was about to wear his leather mask, asked by Chu Yuechan.

"Ye Chen, why are you wearing a mask to cover your face," Chu Yuechan asked.

Ye Chen then explained what happened when Ye Chen first came here and did not wear this leather mask until he was chased by a woman.

Chu Yuechan who heard this laughed, "Ye Chen is not because your face is more precisely because of the King's heart technique that you have, which can make a woman aroused just by looking at your face alone, it is a special charm technique possessed by the king's heart technique, and only people who have strong minds are not affected by the Enchanting Technique of the king's heart. "

Chu YueChan then told him how to deactivate That charm technique.

Ye Chen wanted to try it so Ye Chen didn't wear a mask when going to school.

While on the Road there were indeed many women who saw Ye Chen but they didn't do anything crazy. Just watched Ye Chen.

On the way to Chu Chuechan School, he almost always asked questions about what attracted his attention because Chu Yuechan had never seen anything like that before, so Ye Chen had to explain it continuously while on the way to school.
for visiting.

On the way to appoint a woman who has quite a lot of yin and told Ye Chen to immediately take her to bed to do dual cultivation.

Ye Chen only shook his head, and tried not to hear the ravings of Chu Yuechan.

Finally, after a few minutes riding the Ye Chen Bus finally arrived at the school gate, When arriving at the school gate many students

The woman who saw Ye Chen, Ye Chen wasn't too used to being the center of attention.

"Hey hey, is he a transfer student? I've never seen him before," said one female student.

"I also do not know but he is very handsome even my idol artist is less handsome with him," said one of the women with starry eyes.

"Do you think he has a girlfriend or not? If not yet I want to be his girlfriend "

Many women talked about Ye Chen behind Ye Chen

When Ye Chen arrived in class there were only a few students who had arrived, Ye Chen looked at the whole class and found Zhao Yanyan who was focused on reading the book.

Ye Chen wanted to surprise Him, Ye Chen settled down and arrived behind Zhao Yanyan and covered Zhao Yanyan's eyes with both hands.

Ye Chen disguised the voice "Guess Who"

"Ah, who are you? Quickly release me." Zhao Yanyan Doesn't Know whose voice this is Zhao Yanyan Panic ".

Ye Chen finally used his original voice "let's guess if not then I won't let it go".

Hearing the voice this time Zhao Yanyan knew that this was Ye Chen "Ah Ye Chen quickly release the naughty net".

Ye Chen finally let go of his hand and sat next to Zhao Yanyan, when Zhao Yanyan looked behind Zhao Yanyan to see Ye Chen showing his real face.

"Ye Chen, why don't you wear a mask like yesterday?" Zhao Yanyan asked.

"I'm not too fond of wearing it so I just let it go". Ye Chen said.

"Didn't you say there would be a problem if you took off your skin mask? "Ask Zhao Yanyan again.

Ye Chen "I can overcome the problem so I don't need to worry anymore".

"I see, but why do I feel something's different from you huh? "

"It might just be your feeling Yanyan" Ye Chen said, maybe because Ye Chen didn't activate the Enchantment of the King's Heart Technique.

"What master is your woman? Chu Yuechan asked in Ye Chen's mind.

"Yes, she is my girlfriend" Ye Chen answered proudly.

"This woman has the body of Khusu Saintess who can make her a great cultivator in the future," said Chu Yuechan.

"Saintess's body, what else?" Ye Chen asked.

"Saintess's body is a Special body that is less frequent than the owner of the Pure Body (Yin), if the body is bangkin then the path of the mind of the owner will be far more advanced than other cultivators, even the speed of the practice can be 5 times faster than the owner of the body (Yin) Pure, "Chu Yuechan explained as simple as possible so Ye Chen could find out.

Ye Chen had no idea that Zhao Yanyan had such a Special Body

Chu Yue Chen "Ye Chen, you're really lucky to be able to find a woman who has a special body in a remote place like this, if this woman can awaken her body specifically, surely a woman can increase her strength very quickly.

"Then how to awaken Yanyan's Special Body Quickly?" Ye Chen asked.

"It's easy you just need to do Dual Cultivation with him, With Your Ancient Yangqi It should be easy enough to awaken his Saintess Body" Chu Yuechan answered, speaking in his mind.

Ye Chen did not depart that it turned out that the method was quite easy, but the problem was how to persuade Zhao Yanyan to do Dual Cultivation with him.

"Is there no other way? "Ye Chen asked.

"Other ways can only wait for the Saintess's body to rise up on its own but the time needed also cannot be known, but why are you hesitating about dual cultivation? , you are a man, you should be the one who took the Initiative ".Chu Yuechan tried to advise Ye Chen.

"Hey, who are you to dare to occupy my chair?" A harsh voice shouted at Ye Chen.