Journey To Become A True God Chapter 341

341 Conversation Between Two Beautiful Goddesses
"Qingyu, didn't I say before that Ye Chen and I were cultivators, this is one of the abilities we have as cultivators." Liu Yue again explained to Xia Qingyu that she and Ye Chen were cultivators.

"So you two can fly? ", Asked Xia Qingyu quite astonishedly.

Liu Yue and Ye Chen nodded simultaneously.

Xia Qingyu did not expect that Ye Chen and Liu Yue could fly above the sky, Xia Qingyu felt a little jealous of Ye Chen and Liu Yue who could fly freely in the sky.

Xia Qingyu had to find some time for Ye Chen to teach herself how to fly.

"Let's go." Ye Chen invited Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu back to their city.

Liu Yue drew closer to Ye Chen, she was hugged by Ye Chen again.

Ye Chen brought the two beauties in his arms towards the city where they live.

Currently in the hotel room, Nangong Xiang saw the departure of Ye Chen, Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu.

"How long will you hide like that, I never thought that a cold goddess like you would stalk someone." Nangong Xiang was seen talking to someone.

Even though there were no people around this space.

After the words from Nangong Xiang came out, a gust came in from the window, in front of Nangong Xiang appeared a woman in plain white ancient clothes and had white hair, this woman used a veil to cover her face.

This woman was of course Dongfang Xiu, Dongfang Xiu stared straight at Nangong Xiang.

Nangong Xiang also stared straight at Dongfang Xiu, the two beautiful goddesses staring at each other.

It had been a long time since the two of them had seen each other, perhaps thousands of years since their last meeting.

Neither Nangong Xiang nor Dongfang Xiu started the conversation, the two were still staring at each other.

"What is an empress like you doing in a place like this, especially if you make out with a man other than your husband, If King Sun Quan knows for sure he will be very angry" finally Dongfang Xiu started a conversation with Nangong Xiang.

Dongfang Xiu's tone sounded cold and heartless, Dongfang Xiu also looked more mature and dignified, this was completely different from the Dongfang Xiu whom Ye Chen met yesterday.

Dongfang Xiu, whom Ye Chen met yesterday, looks like a young lady who is very arrogant, while the current one looks more mature and dignified.

"Don't say that disgusting man in front of me, that man is not my husband now." Nangong Xiang didn't like when Dongfang Xiu mentioned Sun Quan, that man was completely unworthy of Nangong Xiang.

"It's quite rare to see a Sun Empress angry like this." This was Dongfang Xiu's first time seeing Nangong Xiang angry.

An empress like Nangong Xia rarely got angry, an empress should always look graceful and dignified, they shouldn't show their emotions in public, otherwise it would embarrass the king's name.

"Hemppp." Nangong Xiang snorted coldly.

"Why are you secretly following Ye Chen, actually what do you want from Ye Chen" Nangong Xiang asked Dongfang Xiu, Nangong Xiang wanted to know why a cold hearted goddess like Dongfang Xiu was secretly following Ye Chen.

"It's because the man named Ye Chen dared to steal the heavenly flames I had, because of this I followed him secretly." Dongfang Xiu very easily answered Nangong Xiang's question.

" that is it ? , didn't you come to take revenge on Ye Chen for harassing you. "Nangong Xiang still remembered what Ye Chen said last night.

Nangong Xiang herself heard that Ye Chen had abused a cold-hearted goddess like Dongfang Xiu, with the temper that Dongfang Xiu had, Dongfang Xiu would definitely come to take revenge on Ye Chen.

When Nangong Xiang said this, there were slight ripples that appeared in Dongfang Xiu's crystal clear eyes, Nangong Xiang only saw a moment, Dongfang Xiu's eyes immediately returned to calm, she again turned into a cold, dignified goddess.

" Why ? , are you afraid to admit it? "Nangong Xiang tried to lure Dongfang Xiu into admitting this.

Suddenly the room temperature around here turned cold, the things in this room started to freeze.

Around Dongfang Xiu, several snow colored butterflies appeared, Dongfang Xiu used her own power to freeze this place.

Dongfang Xiu didn't seem to like what Nangong Xiang had said, trying to provoke her.

Nangong Xiang looked at the snow butterflies around her, it seemed that Dongfang Xiu wanted to fight with her.

"Don't be so rude like that, I have no interest in fighting with you." Nangong Xiang did not want to fight Dongfang Xiu, the current she was definitely no match for Dongfang Xiu.

Nangong Xiang only wanted to talk to the Snow Butterfly Goddess in front of her a little.

Dongfang Xiu became calmer, she began to withdraw the strength he had.

"Don't ever mention that in front of me, otherwise I won't let you go." Dongfang Xiu gave Nangong Xiang a strong warning.

"One more thing, I hope you don't tell anyone about my existence." Dongfang Xiu again warned Nangong Xiang not to tell someone about her whereabouts.

After warning Nangong Xiang, Dongfang Xiu turned around, it seemed that Dongfang Xiu intended to leave this room.

"Wait a minute" Nangong Xiang suddenly stopped leaving Donfang Xiu.

Dongfang Xiu stopped. She looked back and looked at Nangong Xiang "what's wrong? Asked Dongfang Xiu to Nangong Xiang.

"I also have one condition for you, I hope you don't tell my whereabouts to anyone, especially people from God Realm." Nangong Xiang didn't want her existence to be known by people from God Realm.

Especially by Sun Quan, she didn't want a man like Sun Quan to know of her existence, Nangong Xiang wanted to live peacefully here,

Nangong Xiang had no interest in taking revenge against the Eternal Sun Star Realm, Nangong Xiang knew that she would not be able to fight against the Eternal Sun Star Realm.

The Eternal Sun Star Realm is a very powerful star, it is impossible for Nangong Xiang to fight against a star as strong as the Eternal Sun Star Realm.

Nangong Xiang would prefer to live in a remote place like this, at least here no one would disturb her.

There was also Ye Chen and her favorite female disciple Nangong Xiang would not be lonely.

Dongfang Xiu nodded lightly, after which she left this hotel room, now only Nangong Xiang remained in this room.

Nangong Xiang looked at the direction where Dongfang Xiu was going, the direction that Donfang Xiu was going to was the same direction as Ye Chen was going.

"Interesting." Nangong Xiang smiled in a very charming manner.

She didn't expect that a cold-hearted goddess like Dongfang Xiu would be attracted to Ye Chen to that extent.

If this was the Dongfang Xiu that she usually knew, this cold-hearted woman would immediately hunt down the person who dared to abuse her.

from what Nangong Xiang was currently seeing, Dongfang Xiu had quite a bit of interest in Ye Chen.

Nangong Xiang was eager to know what kind of medicine Ye Chen gave Dongfang Xiu, so that Dongfang Xiu became like this.

"Looks like I'm not the only one who fell because of the seduction of that little man, even a cold-hearted goddess like Dongfang Xiu can easily be changed by him." Nangong Xiang must praise the greatness possessed by Ye Chen.

According to Nangong Xiang, Ye Chen was very powerful, he was indeed a natural enemy of a beautiful goddess, even Dongfang Xiu did not escape his evil claws.

Nangong Xiang returned cross-legged on the bed, she tried to recover.

After Nangong Xiang's body recovered, Nangong Xiang intended to go after Ye Chen.

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