Journey To Become A True God Chapter 343

343 Time To Finishing Ax Gang
Luo Bing didn't live here, he went to find the person who had set the fire to this building.

Ye Chen flew towards a building, this building was the Red Star building of the Red Wolf Gang headquarters.

Ye Chen used his spirit sense to search for Ai Lang's existence.

Ye Chen finally found Ai Lang's whereabouts, currently Ai Lang was in a large room with several women comforting him.

Ye Chen immediately went to the room where Ai Lang was.

"Bang! ! "Ye Chen entered the room where Ai Lang was.

Ai Lang was having fun with the women around him, he hugged the women who were beside him.

When Ye Chen entered Ai Lang immediately looked towards the entrance.

After knowing that this was Ye Chen, Ai Lang immediately let go of the women in his arms.

Ai Lang immediately went in front of Ye Chen to greet him.

"Hello Ancestor, what do you need to look for me, do you need something from me?" Ai Lang immediately asked Ye Chen's needs to find him.

The tone that Ai Lang used for Ye Chen was very respectful, after obtaining a body strengthening technique from Ye Chen, Ai Lang has now become almost invincible.

the people in the underworld began to fear him.

It was for this reason that Ai Lang respected Ye Chen even more, Ai Lang wanted to make Ye Chen happy with himself as much as possible.

"I need your help for something, I want you to go to destroy the Ax Gang then bring their big boss to me alive." Ye Chen told Ai Lang to bring the big boss of the Ax Gang to himself.

Ai Lang was surprised by the request Ye Chen wanted, he didn't think that Ye Chen wanted him to destroy the Ax Gang.

The request from Ye Chen was quite difficult, Ai Lang didn't have 100% confidence to destroy the Ax Gang.

The Ax Gang wasn't weak, his strength was comparable to that of the Red Wolf Gang he had.

" What is wrong ? , can't you do it? "Seeing Ai Lang's hesitation, Ye Chen asked him again.

"Ancestor, to be honest I don't have 100% confidence to fight the Ax Gang, the Ax Gang's strength is comparable to my Red Wolf Gang, so it will be quite difficult for me to destroy them." Ai Lang told Ye Chen that the Ax Gang was strong enough, Ai Lang was not have the confidence to destroy the Ax Gang.

"You don't need to worry, I have something for you." Ye Chen took out a bottle filled with liquid from the fairy gate storage room.

He gave the bottle filled with this liquid to Ai Lang.

"Ancestor, what is this." After receiving the bottle filled with liquid from Ye Chen, Ai Lang asked what is the function of this bottle.

"This is a medicine to strengthen a person, whoever takes this medicine will gain 10x the strength he has within 5 hours." Ye Chen told Ai Lang the effect of the liquid filled bottle he was currently holding.

"One bottle that you hold can be dissolved into 1000x glasses of drink, you can give it to all your subordinates, I'm sure after they drink this, they will not be defeated." Ye Chen also told Ai Lang that one bottle in his hand can be used. dissolve into 1000x drinking glasses.

Ai Lang was quite surprised when he heard the effect of the liquid in this bottle, Ai Lang did not expect that there was something this great.

With the liquid in this bottle, Ai Lang began to have the confidence to defeat the Ax Gang.

If the Ax Gang is destroyed, then his Red Wolf Gang will become the most powerful Gang in this city, Ai Lang is very happy, he has decided to follow Ye Chen forever.

This liquid is indeed great enough for ordinary humans like the men that Ai Lang has.

but for cultivators the liquid in this bottle was not very useful, the increase in strength gained from consuming this liquid would be very small.

Because of this, Ye Chen was not worried when he gave the bottle of liquid to Ai Lang.

"What are you waiting for, hurry up and do your job." Ye Chen told Ai Lang to immediately go destroy the Ax Gang.

"Good ancestor, I understand." Ai Lang understands, he immediately went to call all the men he had.

Ai Lang would let his men drink the liquid that Ye Chen gave him, after which he would attack the Ax Gang Headquarters.

Ye Chen saw Ai Lang's departure, if Ai Lang lost after getting help from him, then Ai Lang would be completely useless for Ye Chen.

"Hey handsome isn't it hot in here, do you wanna play with us? "The sexy ladies who previously played with Ai Lang started inviting Ye Chen to do fun things with them.

They were very interested when they saw the arrival of Ye Chen who was very handsome, especially seeing that Ai Lang had great respect for Ye Chen, these Sexy women were increasingly interested in being close to Ye Chen.

"Sorry I didn't have time to do that, see you next time" Ye Chen left this place immediately, he didn't like the way sexy women saw him, these women looked like hungry tigers and wanted to eat Ye Chen. .

Ye Chen left the room, Sexy women were quite disappointed when they saw Ye Chen's departure.

Looks like the battle will be a little long, so Ye Chen intends to return to the village to see what his wives are up to.

Ye Chen went down to the bottom of the Red Star building.

On the way down, Ye Chen saw a lot of rich people and office workers who came here.

The Red Star building is a very big and magnificent place, lots of rich people who come here to karaoke, get drunk, and there are some people who come here to do fun things together with the partners they have.

Under the Red Star building, it turns out that there are several Sexy women who are looking for a rich man to go on a date inside the Red Star building.

"Hey handsome, do you want to date with me, you only need to pay 500 dollars." A sexy woman came to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen looked at the Sexy woman who was approaching him, from the first glance Ye Chen could tell that this woman was not good at all.

These sexy women are not shy at all, on a sunny afternoon like this, they are brave enough to offer themselves to rich people who intend to enter the Red Star building.

The clothes worn by sexy women are very minimal and very tight, Ye Chen can see very clearly the body parts of Sexy women.

The ladies down here, were more open than Ai Lang had played before.

This sight was familiar to Ye Chen, after all Ye Chen had come here with Xia Qingyu, so he was already familiar with a scene like this.

In the past, when Ye Chen came here with Xia Qingyu for the first time, he was not stopped by the sexy women under the building, possibly because of the very beautiful Xia Qingyu beside Ye Chen.

So the sexy women didn't dare to get close to Ye Chen, they were afraid to compete with the beautiful Xia Qingyu.

"Sorry I'm not interested, move aside" Ye Chen is not at all interested in the Sexy woman in front of him, Ye Chen prefers to do it with his own wife or woman.

"You poor man." Seeing Ye Chen rejecting himself, Sexy woman insulted Ye Chen with poor words.

The sexy women here are extremely rude and shameless, they don't even hesitate to insult those who reject them.

Ye Chen did not put the woman's words into his heart at all, only a fool would respond to the words that came out a shameless woman like earlier.

Ye Chen decided to continue the journey back to the villa, he would leave the matter of restoring the company building to Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu.

When Ye Chen was about to leave the front of the Red Star building, from behind there was someone who tugged at the hem of his shirt.

"Young master, would you like to buy my virginity for 200,000 dollars" a woman again offered herself to Ye Chen.

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