Journey To Become A True God Chapter 344

344 Li Qingzu Sold Herself
Ye Chen is so helpless, why do women today prefer to sell the purity of their bodies for money, it seems that money has ruled this world.

"Sorry I'm not interested in that, you can just find someone else. . . ". Ye Chen's words stopped, when Ye Chen turned his head back and told the woman who was holding his shirt, he was very surprised.

This woman was no stranger to Ye Chen.

This is Li Qingzu who is one of the four school flowers at Hexing School.

Li Qingzu was quite surprised when she saw that the boy she was currently holding was Ye Chen.

Li Qingzu immediately removed her finger from Ye Chen's shirt, she tried to escape from this place.

Li Qingzu felt that she had no face to look at Ye Chen.

"Li Qingzu, wait a moment." Ye Chen grabbed Li Qingzu's wrist, he held Li Qingzu's arm so he didn't run away.

"Ye Chen please let me go" Li Qingzu tried to rebel against Ye Chen, Li Qingzu was very embarrassed, she felt like she wanted to die.

Li Qingzu didn't expect that she would meet Ye Chen in a place like this, let alone she openly offered herself to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen didn't let Li Qingzu go, he wanted to know what Li Qingzu's previous words meant.

"Li Qingzu, what did you say earlier, you want to sell your virginity? "Ye Chen wanted to know if Li Qingzu really wanted to sell herself, he didn't expect that Li Qingzu would become a woman like this.

Li Qingzu was so embarrassed that she was trying really hard to get away from Ye Chen.

Li Qingzu was too weak for Ye Chen, the resistance that Li Qingzu put on was just useless.

"Li Qingzu, stop fighting." Ye Chen told Li Qingzu to stop rebelling.

Li Qingzu suddenly started to cry, tears began to pour out of her eyes.

"Ye Chen, me. . . . " while crying Li Qingzu tried to explain what she was doing.

"Calm down, explain to me what really happened." Ye Chen stroked Li Qingzu's back, he tried to calm Li Qingzu.

he wanted to hear what happened to Li Qingzu, why did Li Qingzu want to sell himself for that kind of money.

After a few minutes, Li Qingzu finally calmed down.

"Now explain to me what happened, why did you suddenly sell your body." Seeing that Li Qingzu had calmed down, Ye Chen immediately asked Li Qingzu.

"It's because I need a lot of money for my mother's usual operation." Li Qingzu told Ye Chen why she sold herself, she really needed money for her mother's operation.

"Indeed what happened to your mother, did something bad happen to her" Ye Chen immediately asked what happened to Xu Mui's aunt.

"Yesterday my mother had an accident, currently both of her legs are broken and must be treated intensively in the hospital, the doctor told me that if the surgery is not done immediately my mother could become permanently disabled." Li Qingzu told Ye Chen what had happened to her mother.

Yesterday when Xu Mui came home from where he was working, she was suddenly hit by a car from behind,the person who had hit Xu Mui immediately fled to save him.

Fortunately, at that time someone found Xu Mui's whereabouts, that person immediately took Xu Mui away to the nearest hospital to be given help.

After being taken to the hospital, the hospital immediately contacted Li Qingzu.

Li Qingzu, who heard this, immediately left her part-time job, she immediately rushed to the hospital where her mother was being treated.

When Li Qingzu arrived at the hospital, the doctor told her that Xu Mui's two legs were broken quite badly, if surgery was not done immediately, Xu Mui could become disabled for life.

Li Qingzu was very sad when she found out about this, she then asked the ordinary doctor to perform surgery on her mother's leg.

The doctor then told Li Qingzu the cost of the operation. The doctor estimated that the surgery cost around 200,000 dollars.

after Li Qingzu found out about the cost of surgery, she was immediately shocked, she did not expect that the price of doing an operation could be that high.

Where Li Qingzu could find that kind of money in such a short time, even the value of Li Qingzu's house could not be compared to the cost of a fracture surgery.

Li Qingzu was completely helpless, she was trying to rack her brains, whatever happened Li Qingzu had to earn 200,000 dollars.

Li Qingzu did not want her mother to become permanently paralyzed, the only family that Li Qingzu had was her mother, because of this Li Qingzu loved Xu Mui so much.

Finally, Li Qingzu was told by a woman the fastest way to get very much money, that way of course selling herself.

Rich people would definitely buy Li Qingzu at a fairly high price, considering that Li Qingzu was very beautiful and still very young.

The rich will pay a very high price.

Li Qingzu was ordered to come here and offer herself to rich people who came and went from this place.

Li Qingzu was an innocent pure woman, she didn't know what to do at all, to Li Qingzu the middle-aged men here were so terrifying, Li Qingzu felt scared when she tried to talk to one of the rich middle-aged men.

It was then that Li Qingzu saw the figure of a young man who was the same age as her from behind, Li Qingzu finally ventured and offered herself to the young man in front of her.

It was unexpected that the young man in front of her was Ye Chen.

"So you need money for surgery for your mother's broken leg? ", Asked Ye Chen to Li Qingzu.

Li Qingzu nodded, at this time Li Qingzu lowered her head, she felt very embarrassed when she looked at Ye Chen's face.

"Sorry to make you see such a shameless thing" Li Qingzu apologized to Ye Chen, she turned around and tried to escape from this place.

Seeing Li Qingzu want to run away from Ye Chen, Ye Chen stopped Li Qingzu again, Ye Chen reached out and held Li Qingzu's small waist.

Li Qingzu entered Ye Chen's arms, Li Qingzu was in Ye Chen's arms her face became even redder.

"Why do you want to run away from me again? ", Ye Chen asked Li Qingzu.

"I'm ashamed, now you must think of me as a bad woman." Li Qingzu was ashamed, Ye Chen must have thought of herself as a bad woman.

Ye Chen smiled "I won't think of you as a bad woman, what you did was very good, you only want your mother to recover, but the way you did it was wrong" Ye Chen didn't hate Li Qingzu, what Li Qingzu did was very good. , she just wanted her mother to recover like normal people.

Li Qingzu was a little relieved when she found out that Ye Chen didn't think of her as a bad woman.

"If you don't have to worry, let me help you." Ye Chen decided to help treat Li Qingzi's mother.

"Ye Chen, do you really have that much money?". Li Qingzu couldn't believe that Ye Chen had that kind of money, whether Ye Chen's family was that rich.

200,000 dollars is a very large amount, in this life Maybe Li Qingzu is very difficult to get that kind of money.

"You don't need to worry about money, now just show me where your mother is currently being treated." Ye Chen wanted Li Qingzu to show you the place where her mother was being cared for.

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