Journey To Become A True God Chapter 345

345 You Really Dont Deserve To Be A Doctor
Li Qingzu really believed in Ye Chen, Ye Chen was a person who had helped her many times, that's why Li Qingzu trusted Ye Chen's words so much.

"Then come with me" Li Qingzu invited Ye Chen to go to where her mother was treated.

Li Qingzu stopped a taxi, she and Ye Chen immediately got into the taxi.

"Miss and young master, where do you want to go" The taxi driver immediately asked where Ye Chen and Li Qingzu were going.

"We want to go to the XXX hospital in this city." Li Qingzu immediately told the taxi driver where they were going.

"Okay" the taxi driver immediately spurred this vehicle to the XXX hospital in this city.

The distance from the Red Star building to the XXX hospital in the city is not too far, it's only about a few kilometers.

The taxi driver was driving very fast, he arrived at the gate of the hospital.

After paying all fees to the taxi driver, Ye Chen and Li Qingzu got off the taxi.

The two of them immediately went to the room where Li Qingzu's mother was being treated.

When the two of them arrived at Xu Mui's ward, the Ward was already empty.

Li Qingzu felt quite confused, this morning she remembered that her mother was in this ward.

Not finding the whereabouts of her mother, Li Qingzi asked the nurse who was on guard.

"Nurse, have you seen the patient who previously occupied that ward? ", Li Qingzu asked the nurse who was on guard.

"Miss, the patient you mentioned has been transferred to another ward." The nurse told Li QIngzu that Xu Mui had been transferred.

"Where was my mother transferred?" Asked Li Qingzu to the nurse.

"The patient has been transferred to the nun who is on the bottom floor, you can look for her there" The nurse told Li Qingzu that Xu Mui was in the ward downstairs.

The ward on the lower floor is the worst ward in this hospital, with Xu Mui's current condition, how could the hospital move Xu Mui to such a place.

"How can you transfer my mother to the worst ward in this hospital, my mother's condition has not fully recovered" Li Qingzu tried to protest to the nurse in front of him.

Li Qingzu was furious when she found out about this.

"Sorry miss, I really don't know anything about that, the person who has transferred the patient is a doctor." The nurse tried to explain to Li Qingzu that, the person who had transferred Xu Mui was a doctor.

"Where is the doctor, I want to talk to him." Finally Ye Chen spoke up, Ye Chen immediately asked where the doctor mentioned by this nurse was.

"What is it, you are looking for me? "When Ye Chen asked where the doctor mentioned by the nurse was, a young man came from behind Ye Chen.

This young man was wearing a plain white doctor coat, he looked very arrogant.

This man looked at Li Qingzu with an extremely lecherous gaze.

"Why did you move my mother, isn't my mother's condition not getting better?" Li Qingzu took her anger out on this young doctor.

This young doctor is named Meng Renli, he is the best graduate doctor in this hospital has.

It was for this reason that Meng Renli was so arrogant, in this hospital there was no doctor who dared to make himself angry.

"I transferred the old woman to another ward because you haven't paid the hospital fees, if you want your mother to be treated in a good ward, then you have to finish the administration as soon as possible." Meng Renli told Li Qingzu to pay for the usual administration that had not yet been paid. done.

"I told you that I will pay for it later, I just need time for that." Li Qingzu looked angry, because she had not paid a penny to the hospital, his mother was abandoned by the hospital.

"How long do we want to wait? , here we are running a business, you are still lucky enough because we still make room for your mother, if we are not kind, maybe we will put her outside the hospital corridor. "Meng Renli sneered at Li Qingzu.

Li Qingzu is completely speechless, this doctor is really bad enough, there is only business in his head.

"Actually, you are a doctor or a businessman, how can you ignore someone's safety because of money" Ye Chen didn't really agree with this arrogant young doctor.

As a doctor, the patient's life must come first, Ye Chen knew this was because he was also a doctor, so Ye Chen cursed Meng Renli's actions.

"The patient's life is not my concern, if you don't have money, don't ever come to the hospital." Meng Renli doesn't care about the patient's life, as long as there is money he will treat the patient.

"You are such a shameless man, how can you wear such a holy doctor's clothes, you should just take it off." Li Qingzu cursed Meng Renli, how could a doctor say such words.

"Whatever you say, I don't care, hahaha" Meng Renli burst out laughing.

Li Qingzu did not expect that the hospital would be a place like this, even though Li Qingzu had an aspiration to become a doctor.

Li Qingzu did not expect that the hospital would be filled with bad people like this.

"I can help your mother recover, but there is a condition, you have to sleep with me for 1 month" finally Meng Renli showed his venomous fangs.

From the beginning this man only wanted to get the body and beauty that Li Qingzu had.

"You shameless man, I will never do that with you at any time." Li Qingzu really couldn't stand Meng Renli.

Even Li Qingzu, who was usually a gentle woman, gave off harsh words like this.

"Li Qingzu, don't waste your time talking to this man, let's just go where your mother is, I'll heal your mother, then we can take Aunt Xu Mui away from this place." Ye Chen was already very lazy when he heard his words. from Meng Renli.

Ye Chen felt that this person had never experienced life as a poor person, which was why he could act arrogantly like this.

Li Qingzu nodded, she decided to go together with Ye Chen to the place where her mother was.

"Go there, I want to see how you will come back and beg under my feet, hahaha" Meng Renli burst into laughter again.

Meng Renli felt amused by the words he just heard from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen wanted to heal Xu Mui whose two bones broke quite badly, indeed he thought he could heal someone that easily.

For Meng Renli this was a very funny joke.

Curious about what Ye Chen and Li Qingzu would do, Meng Renli decided to go and see what Ye Chen would do to Xu Mui's two broken legs.

Meng Renli couldn't wait to laugh at a fool like Ye Chen.

Ye Chen and Li Qingzi looked for the whereabouts of the ward Xu Mui was in.

Ye Chen used his spirit sense to find out Xu Mui's whereabouts, after knowing Xu Mui's whereabouts.

Ye Chen immediately took Li Qingzu to where Xu Mui's ward was.

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