Journey To Become A True God Chapter 346

346 Healed Xu Muis Broken Leg
Xu Mui's ward was in the deepest part and difficult to access, the ward Xu Mui was in was terrible.

The bed is very worn out, what's more here is very lacking in air ventilation, this is not at all worth living in.

This place is not only Xu Mui alone, there are dozens of people who are being treated here, this is what makes this place very crowded.

Ye Chen didn't expect that a large hospital like this would have such an unfit room.

"Mother" Li Qingzu immediately ran over to Xu Mui's side.

"Qingzu, what are you doing here, shouldn't you be working part time?" Xu Mui just woke up, she still felt pain in her legs.

Li Qingzu hugged Xu Mui "Mother I have asked aunt Chen for a few days off, so I am not working and can take care of you" Li Qingzu told her mother that she had asked Chen Qui for leave.

Li Qingzu didn't want to tell her mother that she just went to the Red Star building to get money, if Xu Mui found out, surely Xu Mui would be very angry with Li Qingzu.

"Little girl, mother is fine, you don't need to worry, you better spend your time studying." Xu Mui told Li Qingzu to just study.

Xu Mui didn't want to influence Li Qingzu's exam scores because of her condition.

Li Qingzu shook her head "No, I will take care of mother, I can delay my studies for a while." Li Qingzu is more worried about her mother, for now she doesn't really care about the value of her studies.

Xu Mui was quite touched, she didn't expect that she would have such a filial daughter like Li Qingzu.

Xu Mui just realized that behind Li Qingzu was Ye Chen. "Ye Chen, did you come too? Xu Mui gave Ye Chen a smile.

"Hello Aunt Xu Mui." Ye Chen gave Xu Mui the wrong.

"Ye Chen, can you really cure my mother? ", Li Qingzu immediately asked whether Ye Chen could cure her mother or not.

"Let me see your mother's condition." Ye Chen drew closer to Xu Mui's side, she wanted to see Xu Mui's situation.

"Aunt Xu Mui, sorry to let me check your condition first." Ye Chen asked Xu Mui to see her condition.

"Go ahead" Xu Mui let Ye Chen see the situation.

Ye Chen started to check on Xu Mui's situation, after checking all of Xu Mui's body, Ye Chen began to conclude that Xu Mui had indeed suffered a very severe fracture.

There were even parts of the leg bones that were shattered, it might be repaired by surgery, but there might be an after-effects, so it's useless to do the surgery.

" How ? "Asked Li Qingzu, Li QIngzu really hopes that Ye Chen can save her mother.

"Your mother has a bad fracture, there is a part of the leg that has been crushed, I don't think the operation will fully heal your mother's leg." Ye Chen told Li Qingzu what he found.

" Is it true ? "Li Qingzu is quite disappointed.

"What are you talking about huh? , are you underestimating our ability to operate to that patient "when Ye Chen was explaining Xu Mui's situation to Li Qingzu.

Meng Renli suddenly came and interrupted Ye Chen, Meng Renli didn't like it because someone dared to underestimate the operation ability he had.

Ye Chen and Li Qingzu glanced at Meng Renli, the two of them were already very sick of seeing someone like this.

"I said your abilities won't be able to heal Aunt Xu Mui, is that not clear to you?" Ye Chen told Meng Renli that the hospital's abilities wouldn't be able to heal Xu Mui like before.

"Who do you think you are? You are not even a doctor, but you are very brave to underestimate me." Meng Renli looked angry, this was the first time anyone dared to underestimate the medical skills he had.

"I am a doctor of traditional medicine who is much greater than you." Ye Chen told himself that he was a traditional doctor.

"Then why don't you try to heal that old woman, I want to see how great traditional medicine you are proud of." Meng Renli sneered at Ye Chen, for Meng Renli traditional medicine was worse than modern medicine.

"Let me show you the prowess of a traditional doctor." Ye Chen will show that traditional medicine is not inferior to modern medicine.

"Ye Chen, do you have the confidence to be able to make my mother go back to normal as before" Li Qingzu again asked Ye Chen.

"It's very easy, leave everything to me" Ye Chen told Li Qingzu to leave everything to himself.

Li Qingzu was eager to see how Ye Chen healed her mother

Ye Chen drew closer to Xu Mui, he took out a bottle filled with bone growth pills to Xu Mui.

"Auntie, eat this first, then do the treatment for you." Ye Chen told Xu Mui to take the bone-massaging pill that was in the bottle.

Xu Mui received the bone growth pill from Ye Chen, she took out the pill from the bottle.

When the bone growth pill came out of the bottle, a very pure medicinal aroma came out, this scent made the person who smelled it feel a comfortable feeling.

Xu Mui immediately put this pill into her mouth, she began to swallow the bone-growth pill into her stomach.

When the Bone Growth Pill entered Xu Mui's body, the Pill's effect started to work, the bones that Xu Mui had started to regenerate.

The bones that were previously broken and shattered were starting to come back, the effect of the pill that Ye Chen had created was too great.

After eating Ye Chen's bone growth pill, Xu Mui felt that her legs had become too sore, she could even feel her legs return.

After the bones in Xu Mui's leg were healed, it was time for Ye Chen to heal the nerves in Xu Mui's feet.

When Ye Chen examined Xu Mui, he saw that some of Xu Mui's nerves were blocked and narrowed, because of this Ye Chen had to heal the nerves in Xu Mui's feet.

Ye Chen took out several needles and started to stick them into Xu Mui's leg nerves.

Ye Chen began to open and clean Xu Mui's nerves using his profound energy.

Xu Mui was currently closing her eyes, she felt a warm feeling emanating from Ye Chen's needle.

Li Qingzu continued to observe what Ye Chen was doing to her mother.

Li Qingzu saw that her mother's face was getting better, it was likely that Ye Chen's Method had succeeded in curing her mother.

On the other hand, Meng Renli was looking at Ye Chen with disdain, only a fool could heal a broken bone with a needle.

This is the stupidest thing that Meng Renli has ever seen in this life "Are you stupid or an idiot, you want to heal someone who has a broken leg using a gold needle, you should just be a clown." Meng Renli laughed at Ye Chen.

In this ward, only Meng Renli himself laughed, the other person was just him and watched what Ye Chen was doing.

Everyone who was sick in the ward saw how Ye Chen treated Xu Mui, they wanted to see if this young man could or not cure Xu Mui.

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