Journey To Become A True God Chapter 347

347 How Dare You Steal My Patien
A while later Ye Chen finished healing the nerves in Xu Mui's feet.

"Auntie, now try to get down from the downstairs." Ye Chen told Xu Mui to get out of bed.

Xu Mui tried to get up, she started to stomp her feet on the floor.

At first Xu Mui was afraid when she stepped her foot on the floor, she thought it would be very painful.

But after she stepped onto the floor, Xu Mui didn't feel any pain at all.

Xu Mui felt like she was back to normal, there wasn't the slightest discomfort in her legs.

"Mother, are you cured? "Li Qingzu can't believe that her mother is cured and able to walk again.

Xu Mui nodded "yes I already feel that I'm back to good health." Xu Mui is now recovering, her broken leg has completely healed completely.

Li Qingzu looked very happy when she saw her mother recovered, to express her pleasure, Li QIngzu unconsciously hugged Ye Chen's body.

Li Qingzu was very grateful to Ye Chen, if there was no Ye Chen, maybe her mother would really not recover.

This was probably Li Qingzu's female instincts, women's instincts always led them towards people who could make them comfortable.

Xu Mui saw how her daughter looked really close to Ye Chen, it seemed that her daughter had started to mature.

Xu Mui thought that if Ye Chen was a good man, Li Qingzu might not regret being with Ye Chen.

At first Xu Mui forbade Li Qingzu from dating for fear of influencing Li Qingzu's study, because of this Xu Mui forbade Li Qingzu to be close to a man during school time.

Xu Mui decided not to interfere in her daughter's affairs anymore, let Li Qingzu find her own happiness.

Li Qingzu hugged Ye Chen for a little longer, after a while Li Qingzu came to her senses.

She immediately pushed Ye Chen away, Li Qingzu's face turned bright red.

"Ye Chen, thank you for saving my mother, I owe you a lot." With her face red like an apple, Li Qingzu thanked Ye Chen.

"You don't need to think about it, I'm sincere in helping Aunt Xu Mui." Ye Chen did this voluntarily.

Ye Chen looked where Meng Renli was.

Currently Meng Renli looked stupid and surprised, Meng Renli was very surprised when he saw Xu Mui able to walk normally.

This is simply beyond the understanding that exists in Science.

Ye Chen was very happy to see Meng Renli looking stupid and surprised. "You see how great a traditional doctor is." Ye Chen prided himself.

Meng Renli's face was dark, Meng Renli didn't know what to say in this kind of situation.

What Ye Chen was doing was beyond the range of knowledge Meng Renli had.

"Li Qingzu, Aunt Xu Mui, let's get out of this hospital, we don't have to stay in a place like this for long." Ye Chen invited Li Qingzu and Xu Mui to leave this ward.

Li Qingzu and Xu Mui nodded, the two of them followed Ye Chen out of this hospital.

"Sir. Wait a moment, can you save my mother, she is currently very ill." Someone came and stopped Ye Chen.

This person wanted Ye Chen to heal his mother who was very sick.

This person even knelt down and begged Ye Chen, he looked very sincere asking Ye Chen for help.

The people who were treated in this ward were poor, they did not have the capital to pay for the normal hospital.

It was because of this that everyone here was abandoned by the hospital.

"Get up" Ye Chen told this person to wake up.

The person who was previously on his knees immediately got up, he looked at Ye Chen hopefully.

"Where is your mother, let me take a look." Ye Chen didn't mind helping those people in distress who were here.

"Sir, my mother is here, come with me." This man pointed to the place where his mother was.

Ye Chen followed the man who asked himself for help, the man who asked for help led Ye Chen to a corner.

Here lay a very thin middle aged woman.

Ye Chen began to observe the middle-aged woman's body, it turned out that the middle-aged woman had a blood vessel clot.

If this continues, in a few days this middle-aged woman will definitely die.

Ye Chen took out his needle, he started treating this middle aged woman.

It didn't take Ye Chen long to heal the clotting veins of the middle aged woman.

After Ye Chen healed her, the middle aged woman immediately came to her senses.

The man who asked for help was happy that his mother was able to recover again, he was very grateful to Ye Chen.

"Sir, our family doesn't have much money, so I can only give you this." This man gave Ye Chen a 100 dollar bill.

Only this money he has in his body.

"No need, I don't charge for it." Ye Chen stopped what this person wanted to do.

"Thank you, thank you." Young man, thank Ye Chen.

After seeing this miracle, the people who were here started asking Ye Chen for help in healing their siblings, relatives or family.

Ye Chen didn't reject these people, he helped heal everyone in this ward.

"Ye Chen let me help you" Li Qingzu offered to help Ye Chen, from the beginning Li Qingzu had dreams of becoming a doctor or nurse.

So Li Qingzu quite liked to do this thing willingly.

"How dare you steal a patient from me, quickly get away from this place" when Ye Chen was doing medication for the people who were here.

Suddenly Meng Renli screamed and kicked Ye Chen out of this hospital.

Meng Renli really disliked seeing Ye Chen heal these people.

These people still had uses for Meng Renli, they still owed quite a lot of money to the hospital, if these people left then the hospital would suffer a considerable loss.

The people who heard Meng Renli's words were very angry, their families had been abandoned by this hospital.

Now that a good person like Ye Chen could heal them, Meng Renli was brave enough to drive Ye Chen out of this place.

"Why don't you just leave this place, you are not needed here"

"That's right, bastard get out of here"

"If you dare to chase away our helper, we will beat you." One by one the people started insulting and berating Meng Renli.

"You useless poor people, how dare you speak to me like that, who do you think you are? ", Meng Renli became even more angry, he insulted everyone in this ward.

Everyone who was here was getting more and more annoyed, they couldn't stand the humiliation that the doctor at the hospital was doing.

"Let's just beat up this guy, I'm already so sick of seeing this guy's arrogance" one of the people who was here voiced his voice to hit Meng Renli.

Everyone who was here immediately rushed towards Meng Renli, these people punched, kicked and stomped on Meng Renli's body.

"Stop it quickly, you poor people dare to beat me, I will make you all pay for this," in such a situation Meng Renli still had time to curse those who beat him.

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