Journey To Become A True God Chapter 348

348 Big Boss Ax Gang Captured
The people who were hitting Meng Renli became even more angry at the words that were coming out of Meng Renli, they hit Meng Renli even harder.

" Not ! ! !, don't hit my handsome face. "Finally Meng Renli asked for mercy to the people who were in this place.

Unfortunately the people who beat Meng Renli didn't want to stop, they kept hitting Meng Renli really hard.

In this place there was no one willing to help Meng Renli, they instead joined forces to beat Meng Renli.

They began to vent the anger they had been holding back for so long.

Meng Renli kept screaming for mercy, Meng Renli's face was already badly battered, It is likely that this wound won't be able to heal unless he has plastic surgery.

Because this ward was far from where the doctors and nurses were located, no outsider heard a cry for help from Meng Renli, Meng Renli was being beaten up by the people inside this ward.

While Meng Renli was beaten up, Ye Chen had already finished treating all the patients who were here, now everyone has fully recovered.

People started to thank Ye Chen, they were very grateful for the help given by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen paid no attention to Meng Renli, who was battered, he deserved this for being too mean to the poor patients in this ward.

After finishing treating all the patients who were here, Ye Chen, Li Qingzu and Xu Mui left the hospital.

When they left the hospital, it was already dark, it turned out that Ye Chen had spent quite a long time healing those people.

"Ye Chen, auntie is very grateful because you have helped me" Xu Mui finally had the opportunity to thank Ye Chen.

"You're welcome." Ye Chen smiled at Xu Mui.

"Ye Chen, if you don't mind how about tonight, you have dinner at our place." Xu Mui wanted to thank Ye Chen for helping her.

"Auntie, I still have business to do, so I can't go. Maybe another time." Ye Chen subtly refused Xu Mui's invitation.

Ye Chen still had a problem he needed to solve.

"Too bad, then maybe another time." Xu Mui didn't really mind this, there was still another time to invite Ye Chen to dinner.

Li Qingzu was a little disappointed when Ye Chen refused her mother's invitation to dinner, actually Li Qingzu hoped that she could have dinner with Ye Chen.

"Then I'll go first, see you later." Ye Chen decided to go, he returned to the Red Star building to see Ai Lang's work.

Ye Chen separated from Li Qingzu and Xu Mui, Li Qingzu continued to look towards Ye Chen's departure.

Xu Mui paid attention to Li Qingzu, it seemed that her daughter had a little taste for Ye Chen.

"Qingzu, do you like Ye Chen?", Asked Xu Mui.

"No-no, I don't like Ye Chen, he's just my friend." Li Qingzu shook her head, trying to dodge Xu Mui's question.

Li Qingzu didn't want Xu Mui to know what she was thinking about Ye Chen, if Xu Mui found out, Xu Mui would definitely forbid herself to be close to Ye Chen.

"Do you think your mother doesn't know what you are thinking right now, I've been taking care of you since you were a child, you can't hide this from your mother? "Xu Mui knows that Li Qingzu is trying to avoid this.

"Mother, Ye Chen and I are just ordinary friends." Li Qingzu again tried to dodge her mother's question. Li Qingzu's face was so red, she looked embarrassed.

"It's up to you let's go home" seeing Li Qingzu was very embarrassed, Xu Mui decided not to continue the conversation.

Xu Mui stopped a public transportation, she and Li Qingzu returned to the house they owned.

Meanwhile it's where the Ax Gang's headquarters is.

In this place there had just been a great battle. After a long battle, the Red Wolf Gang led by Ai Lang managed to destroy the Ax Gang headquarters.

The fighting was so chaotic, all the civilians stayed as far away as possible from the scene of the battle between the Red Wolf Gang and the Ax Gang.

Even hundreds of police were deployed to secure the area around the Ax Gang Headquarters.

The police do not interfere in the matter of fighting between the Gangs, they are only keeping the civilians around here from getting caught up in the battles of these two Great Gangs.

After the Ax Gang headquarters was destroyed and their great leader captured, the Ax Gang members surrendered, they voluntarily gave up and didn't want to continue the fight anymore.

"Take the big boss of the Ax Gang to the Red Star building where the ancestors are." Ai Lang ordered his men to take the big boss of the Ax Gang to the Red Star building where Ye Chen was.

"Good Boss" Ai Lang's men swiftly brought the Big Boss Ax Gang into the car.

After that they immediately returned to the Red Star building.

In front of the entrance to the Red Star building, Ye Chen was quite bored waiting for Ai Lang's arrival.

Ye Chen thought that Ai Lang had succeeded in defeating the Ax Gang quickly, unexpectedly that Ai Lang would need quite a long time as well.

After a while finally a car came right in front of Ye Chen.

The car door opened and Ai Lang got out of the car.

"Ancestor." Ai Lang saluted Ye Chen.

"How, did you succeed? "Ye Chen asked Ai Lang whether he succeeded or not.

"Ancestor, I can't possibly disappoint you."

"Bring that person here." Ai Lang ordered his men to bring the big boss of the Ax Gang to Ye Chen.

Ai Lang's men took someone out of the car, the person who got out of the car was the big boss of the Ax Gang.

Currently, the big boss of the ax gang is tied with a rope, on the face of the ax boss, there are several bumps of punch marks, the clothes worn by the ax boss are also torn and lots of blood stains are left.

It seemed that when Ai Lang was about to catch him, the big boss of the ax gang tried to fight back, finally he was turned into this state by Ai Lang.

Ai Lang's men brought the big boss of the Ax Gang in front of Ye Chen.

they told the big boss of the ax gang to kneel in front of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen looked at the big boss of the Ax Gang, it turned out that this person had caused chaos in his company and Liu Yue's.

"I only have one question for you, who is the person who told you to burn Xiannu company and Liu Yue's company?" Ye Chen immediately asked the main point.

Ye Chen knew that this person could not possibly burn his company without being ordered by someone else, so there must be someone behind this person.

Ye Chen was eager to know who the person had dared to order this person to burn his company.

Big Boss Ax Gang did not answer Ye Chen, he was still silent and did not say.

"Pahh" a crisp slap sounded.

"what are you waiting for quickly answer the question from the ancestor" Ai Lang was the one who had slapped the big boss of the Ax Gang.

he told the big boss of the Ax Gang to answer Ye Chen's question.

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