Journey To Become A True God Chapter 35

35 Zhao Yanyans Reques

The person who shouted at Ye Chen had a ferocious face, this man was Sen Tu who was a tyrant in this class, everyone in this class was afraid of him.

Sen Tu Immediately walked towards Ye Chen then Sen Tu lifted the collar of Ye Chen's shirt and pulled him away from his seat "How dare you occupy my seat, do you not know who I am? "

"I don't know you and I don't want to know either" Ye Chen said indifferently.

Sen Tu Who heard this Anger ignited in the whole class almost all students are afraid of him and now there are new students who are not afraid of him "it seems I have to give lessons so you know your place".

Students who have come to see this and they want to watch what will happen to this poor handsome man who dares to provoke Sen Tu.

Sen Tu prepared to hit on his face, Ye Chen smiled wickedly, Ye Chen caught the hand from Sen Tu.

"Tuluang kraakkkk from the finger of Sen Tu made a clear voice.

"Release Pain" Sentu screamed in pain and tried to wriggle to get his fist out of Ye Chen, it's a shame that the Capit doesn't want to let go.

"I do not like violence, but if you are still looking for trouble with me again then I will not hesitate in the future" Ye Chen warned Sen Tu, After that Ye Chen Ye Chen threw Sen Tu back and hit a wall

Sen Tu tried to get up from the floor and saw that his hand was trembling in pain. His hand was really red-colored and his body hurt after hitting Diding, but he didn't dare to protest towards Ye Chen.

But later Sen Tu will make a few brothers who are in the gang to make him disabled, Sen Tu immediately leave the class so he doesn't lose more face.

"Ye Chen, you are OK" Zhao Yanya immediately approached Ye Chen and asked about his situation.

"I'm fine, just Small Ants trying to find a problem with me," said Ye Chen, insulting Sen Tu.

"Ye Chen, though Sentu is not too strong, but behind him there are some evil gangs, that's why people who are in school prefer to avoid him, I'm afraid he will look for trouble again to you," said Zhao Yanyan, a little worried about Ye Chen.

"Take it easy Yanyan sanyang I can definitely handle it, because I'm strong, just trust me" Ye Chen said confidently.
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Yanyan always believes in what Ye Chen said so Ye Chen and also Zhao Yanyan returned to their seats, Zhao Yanyan went back to studying a book.

"Yanyan, why do you memorize English this morning? "Ye Chen asked.

"Today there will be a sudden test today, Rouxi's older sister told me," Zhao Yanyan said.

Ye Chen "oh it turned out that way"

"You Must Also Fight If your grades are good then I will give you a Special Gift" Yanyan tries to Motivate Yanyan.

"What is that special gift? "Ye Chen was quite curious about what gifts Zhao Yanyan would give to him.

"Hehehe" Zhao Yanyan Laughing and Saying "It's a secret, If your score is good in today's test, then I will give it, But if the result is bad, then the prize will be canceled".

"I'll look forward to it later" After saying then Ye Chen slept on his desk.

"Hey, why are you sleeping, aizz," even though Zhao Yanyan hoped Ye Chen would be even more excited.

Zhao Yanyan didn't know that Ye Chen had memorized all the subjects in the school because Ye Chen's ability to answer must be 100% accurate.

Zhao Yanyan was helpless to see this then went back to learning, I don't know how long Ye Chen slept until Zhao Yanyan woke him up.

"Hey, king, Sleep, Rouxi sister's lesson will soon begin. Quickly wake up," Zhao Yanyan tried to wake Ye Chen.

"Hah, what time is Yanyan now? "Ye Chen asked while rubbing his eyes, Ye Chen really felt comfortable sleeping near Zhao Yanyan.

"It's 11:00 already," said Zhao Yanyan helplessly.

"Hah I've slept more than 3 hours" Ye Chen actually wanted to sleep for only a few tens of minutes but didn't expect that I would sleep for more than 3 hours.

"Yes and you have missed 2 other subjects belonging to his teacher" Zhao Yanyan looked away and started ignoring Ye Chen.

"Yanyan did I make a mistake?, I'm sorry" Ye Chen knew that Zhao Yanyan was angry.

Zhao Yanyan then face to face with Ye Chen "Ye Chen considers this as my request, in the future surely my grandfather will put me in the best university in the country, what will I do if you cannot enter there, I do not want to be separated from you" .

Ye Chen who heard this was touched by the words of Zhao Yanyan, even though they were just dating but, the two of their ties were inseparable.

Ye Chen then took Zhao Yanyan's hand "Yanyan I Promised that I will definitely get good grades from now on".

Zhao Yanyan's eyelids softly After hearing this, Zhao Yanyan was happy because Ye Chen could understand what Zhao Yanyan wanted.

, Zhang Liao's empty chair today, that's why Zhang Liao didn't bother Ye Chen.

Ye Chen felt that there were many women in the class who often glanced at him
The moment Ye Chen touched Zhao Yanyan's hand It entered Sen Tu's eyes which made Sen Tu hate Ye Chen even more.

Everyone in the class knows that Sen Tu is the Chaser of Zhao Yanyan, even Sen Tu is not fresh to hit the man who is close to Zhao Yanyan.

But unfortunately Sen Tu was not against Ye Chen, Therefore Sen Tu intended to make Ye Chen disappear as far as possible from this city.

Sen Tu did not know that his decision to provoke Ye Chen was the biggest mistake he had ever made in this life.

Eventually Teacher Lin Rouxi entered the classroom, Lin Rouxi then stood in front of the class and announced something, today a sudden test will be held, I will give you 10 minutes to study so prepare yourself.

After saying that Lin Rouxi then sat in the classroom, then Lin Rouxi's gaze landed next to Zhao Yanyan, a very handsome man.

This man was even better looking than the Drama series that Lin Rouxi had ever seen, but Lin Rouxi Never Knew There were Students Like This in his class, because Curious Lin Rouxi asked.

"The man at the back table Who are you?" Lin Rouxi pointed at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen "Teacher Lin what are you saying, we last met last night and Teacher Lin has forgotten me"

"You're Ye Chen? But how can you change? Quite a lot, even the teacher barely recognizes you right now." Lin Rouxi was shocked. Seeing Ye Chen's changes so much.

Lin Rouxi remembered the incident last night and her face turned red again.

"Of course I'm Ye Chen" Ye Chen didn't want to explain more because it would be troublesome for him.

All students in the class were also stunned to see this yesterday. All of them did remember Ye Chen transfer student to this class but, the students did not expect that Ye Chen turned into a handsome man like this only overnight.

The students in the class began to guess that Ye Chen had surgery on his face.

Zhao Yanyan laughed seeing this, The only one who knew Ye Chen's real face was only Zhao Yanyan. Therefore, if Ye Chen didn't give out his name maybe no one would know that this handsome man was Ye Chen.

Seeing the commotion in the classroom Lin Rouxi patted the table with the book "All Students Quiet And Come Back Learning" Lin Rouxi warned the Disciples who were making a scene.