Journey To Become A True God Chapter 350

350 Qing Chengs Teasing
Qing Cheng very skillfully started playing with Ye Chen's younger brother who was below, Qing Cheng's hand skill was very great, in a short time Ye Chen's younger brother had already raised his spear up high.

"Wow, Husband, your younger brother downstairs is already as hard as iron, this must be very uncomfortable right, let me help you overcome this inconvenience." Qing Cheng whispered very tantalizing words to Ye Chen.

The words that came out of Qing Cheng were very tempting for Ye Chen, Ye Chen couldn't take it anymore, he started grabbing the two large meatballs that Qing Cheng had.

"Ahh. . . ", Qing Cheng started groaning very coquettishly, Ye Chen's hand made hers very comfortable.

The two of them began to sing to each other, Qing Cheng continued to caress Ye Chen's younger brother who was below, while Ye Chen played with Qing Cheng's two large meatballs.

Ye Chen and Qing Cheng had even forgotten the existence of Cheng Mengyan who was near them, they both immersed into their own world.

When Cheng Mengyan's face had turned red like an apple.

Cheng Mengyan didn't expect that she would see such a mature scene between the sect leader and Ye Chen.

This was the thing she had most never imagined before, even though Cheng Mengyan often teased other people's partners.

Cheng Mengyan was still a pure virgin, she had never even had this kind of relationship with a man.

Ye Chen and Qing Cheng continued to serve each other, the two of them began to sink into the flames of passion.

"Cough. . . ", Cheng Mengyan coughed lightly.

Cheng Mengyan's coughing sound woke Ye Chen and Qing Cheng who were drowning in the flames of passion.

Qing Cheng didn't let Ye Chen go, she looked at Cheng Mengyan.

"Disciple Cheng Mengyan, what's wrong? ", Qing Cheng asked Cheng Mengyan.

"Sect master, if there is nothing else you want, I want to leave first." Cheng Mengyan wanted to leave this place immediately, he couldn't bear to see the sect master making out with Ye Chen.

At first Cheng Mengyan had only come here to show her where Ye Chen lived.

Cheng Mengyan was quite surprised when she saw Qing Cheng came to see her, he didn't expect that the sect master would meet her and ask where Ye Chen lived.

"Yes, you can go" Qing Cheng allowed Cheng Mengyan to go, she wanted to spend time alone with Ye Chen.

"Thank you sect master." Cheng Mengyan saluted Qing Cheng, she then immediately got up and left this room.

" Wait a minute ! ! "When Cheng Mengyan was about to leave this room, Ye Chen stopped her.

Cheng Mengyan immediately stopped. "Ye Chen, what's wrong? ", Cheng Mengyan asked what Ye Chen wanted.

"Do you still remember the promise you made a few days ago" asked Ye Chen to Cheng Mengyan.

Cheng Mengyan nodded "Yes, I still remember, what request do you want from me" Cheng Mengyan asked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen looked at Cheng Mengyan from top to bottom, for some reason today Cheng Mengyan was dressed better than Ye Chen had ever.

Cheng Mengyan immediately lowered her head, seeing Ye Chen's gaze on her, her face turned red like an apple.

In her mind, Cheng Mengyan started wondering what kind of request Ye Chen would ask.

Cheng Mengyan began to imagine that Ye Chen's request was very obscene, was it possible that Ye Chen wanted herself to serve him together with the sect master Qing Cheng.

If that was Ye Chen's wish, how should Cheng Mengyan reject it, she had already promised Ye Chen back then, so Cheng Mengyan had a hard time refusing it.

"It's a very simple thing, I want you to be Zhao Yanyan's servant for 2 years" Ye Chen said his request to Cheng Mengyan.

"Huh? ,Is that all? "Cheng Mengyan asked, Cheng Mengyan was quite surprised, Ye Chen's request that Ye Chen wanted was beyond her expectations.

"Is it what I want, do you think that the wish I want is to warm my sleep" Ye Chen teased Cheng Mengyan a little.

Cheng Mengyan's face became even more red, as steam was coming out of her cheeks.

Cheng Mengyan tried to blame the perverted thoughts she had, how could she think of such things, Cheng Mengyan was really very embarrassed.

Cheng Mengyan had to leave this room, she didn't have the face to look at Ye Chen. "Fine, I agree." Cheng Mengyan agreed unconditionally.

Cheng Mengyan turned her attention in another direction, she was still embarrassed to look directly at Ye Chen.

After agreeing to the request that Ye Chen had made, Cheng Mengyan immediately left this room.

Ye Chen and Qing Cheng saw Cheng Mengyan leave who looked like a frightened rabbit.

"It seems that something is strange about Cheng Mengyan today." Ye Chen felt that Cheng Mengyan was a little strange, it was unusual for Cheng Mengyan to behave like this.

Today Cheng Mengyan looks shy, this is not like the usual Cheng Mengyan.

"Husband, are you interested in Mengyan ?, if you are interested I can give her to you", Qing Cheng offered Cheng Mengyan to Ye Chen.

Qing Cheng would do whatever it took to make Ye Chen happy, she did this to show her love for Ye Chen.

"That's not necessary, after all, one of my wives didn't allow me to be with Cheng Mengyan." Ye Chen told Qing Cheng that he wasn't allowed to be with Cheng Mengyan.

" So what ? "Asked Qing Cheng to Ye Chen.

"The story is quite long, I'll tell you about it later, right now what I want is you." Ye Chen smiled at Qing Cheng.

Ye Chen excitedly started to take off the white Cheongsam that Qing Cheng was wearing.

Qing Cheng saw how aggressive Ye Chen was at the moment, it seemed like her choice to wear the plain white Cheongsam was just right.

Qing Cheng is seen to be a pure mature woman.

Qing Cheng knew that Ye Chen really liked things like this, because of this Qing Cheng chose to wear plain white Cheongsam clothes that were not too sexy.

Qing Cheng wanted to please Ye Chen with something like this, the Cheongsam outfit that Qing Cheng was wearing initially was not too sexy.

But because Qing Cheng's body shape was like a Succubus, the Cheongsam looked innocent and turned very sexy.

This was also a kind of incentive that was quite fun for Ye Chen.

"Husband, take it slow, I will not run away from you, tonight I will be your woman" Qing Cheng said very coquettishly.

The expression Qing Cheng was currently showing made Ye Chen even more excited.

Ye Chen could no longer stand the temptation of the succubus in front of him, Ye Chen pounced on Qing Cheng to the floor, the two of them began to do Dual Cultivation in the Family room.

Qing Cheng's groaning sound echoed within the family room.


At this moment Cheng Mengyan was relieved to be able to get out of such a place, if Cheng Mengyan had remained in the room earlier, perhaps she would have died of unbearable embarrassment.

"Hey Mengyan, why are you coming out, is inside okay? "Zhao Yanyan suddenly came next to Cheng Mengyan.

Cheng Mengyan was quite surprised when she saw Zhao Yanyan's arrival, Cheng Mengyan felt strange, she couldn't feel Zhao Yanyan's arrival at all.

With Zhao Yanyan's current level of cultivation, it wasn't difficult for Zhao Yanyan to hide her presence from Cheng Mengyan.

"Yanyan, me. . . ",Cheng Mengyan tried to explain to Zhao Yanyan.

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