Journey To Become A True God Chapter 351

351 Passion In The Morning
Zhao Yanyan was still waiting for Cheng Mengyan's answer, she wanted to know what Ye Chen and the beautiful and sexy women were doing in the family room.

Cheng Mengyan was quite confused about how to explain it to Zhao Yanyan.

There was no way Cheng Mengyan would tell Zhao Yanyan that Qing Cheng and Ye Chen were currently doing fun things in the living room.

At this time Cheng Mengyan still didn't know that the sect master had told Zhao Yanyan that she was Ye Chen's woman as well.

Currently Cheng Mengyan thought that Zhao Yanyan knew nothing about the relationship between Ye Chen and Qing Cheng.

"Inside the two of them are discussing something very important, that's why I came out to let the two of them discuss important matters." Cheng Mengyan tried to find a way to keep Zhao Yanyan away from the living room.

" Is it true ? , then let me see it. "Zhao Yanyan stretched out her hand, she wanted to open the entrance to the living room.

"No." Cheng Mengyan immediately tried to stop Zhao Yanyan who was trying to enter the living room.

"Why did you stop me? ", Asked Zhao Yanyan to Cheng Mengyan.

Cheng Mengyan was currently looking very confused, she was having a hard time finding a way to stop Zhao Yanyan from entering the living room.

In her heart, Zhao Yanyan was currently very happy, Zhao Yanyan was very happy when she saw Cheng Mengyan who looked confused and panicked.

Zhao Yanyan already knew what Ye Chen and Qing Cheng were doing inside.

From the start Zhao Yanyan only acted clueless in front of Cheng Mengyan, Zhao Yanyan only wanted to make Cheng Mengyan panic and be confused.

Finally, after all this time, Zhao Yanyan was able to make Cheng Mengyan panic and confused like this.

" that . . ., it's because right now the two of them can't be bothered by anything else, so don't go in there. "Cheng Mengyan pulled Zhao Yanyan away from the entrance to the living room.

"It's weird, it's not like Ye Chen would do this." Zhao Yanyan pretended to be suspicious.

Cheng Mengyan's heart was beating very fast, she was currently looking very panicked and terrified while talking to Zhao Yanyan.

Cheng Mengyan had to find a way to distract Zhao Yanyan from the Living Room.

"Yanyan, that. . . , are you still angry with me because of what happened when we were little? "Cheng Mengyan tried to change the conversation with Zhao Yanyan.

It just so happened that she also wanted to improve her relationship with Zhao Yanyan.

"Angry for what? ", Asked Zhao Yanyan to Cheng Mengyan.

"Angry, because I always steal the things you like from you" Cheng Mengyan immediately focused on the main point of the problem.

"Yes, I'm still a little angry when I remember that." Zhao Yanyan was a little angry when she remembered that.

Cheng Mengyan wore a slightly disappointed expression, it seemed like it was difficult for her to repair her relationship with Zhao Yanyan.

"For me what happened in the past is not counted, in the past you were a cultivator while I was still a human." The competition from the two that happened in the past was unfair to Zhao Yanyan.

In the past, Zhao Yanyan was still an ordinary human, how could she beat Cheng Mengyan, who had been trained as a cultivator from childhood.

It was completely unfair, because this was what Zhao Yanyan wanted to rematch Cheng Mengyan.

"Yanyan, you already know that I am a cultivator? ", Cheng Mengyan was a little surprised when she found out about this.

She didn't expect that Zhao Yanyan already knew she was a cultivator.

"Of course I already know, now that I have also become a cultivator, let's fight and prove who is the best among us." Zhao Yanyan wanted to fight and prove who was the better between the two.

Zhao Yanyan dragged Cheng Mengyan away to the courtyard of the Villa, where there wouldn't be anyone disturbing the second fight.

What Zhao Yanyan was doing right now was clearly bullying Cheng Mengyan.

In terms of Zhao Yanyan's strength far above Cheng Mengyan, Zhao Yanyan only needed to use one finger of hers to deal with Cheng Mengyan.

Zhao Yanyan very clearly wanted to avenge the past she had against Cheng Mengyan.

Cheng Mengyan had a bad feeling when Zhao Yanyan wanted to fight her.

Somehow the current Zhao Yanyan made Cheng Mengyan be very wary.

Zhao Yanyan and Cheng Mengyan reached the backyard of the villa.

Zhao Yanyan forced Cheng Mengyan to fight herself.

the two of them started their battle.

In the middle of the dark night, there were two beautiful women who were fighting quite beautifully.







the next morning

Ye Chen was currently sleeping very comfortably, the battle he had with Qing Cheng last night was quite intense.

Ye Chen tried several new poses with Qing Cheng, Qing Cheng enthusiastically did a new pose with Ye Chen, something like this that Ye Chen had never tried.

the two of them left traces of their love on the floor, the sofa, the table, the chairs, and the entire living room.

The two of them did a dual cultivation session for almost 10 hours.

After Qing Cheng begged for mercy, Ye Chen finally let her go.

Qing Cheng did not expect that Ye Chen would be this strong, she was exhausted by Ye Chen's large object.

Qing Chen didn't complain at all, the pleasure she got was far greater than the fatigue she felt.

When Ye Chen was sleeping, he felt his lower part starting to become a little moist and warm, there was a feeling of being immersed in the soft stuff on his lower body.

"Jubo. . . ., Jubo. . . ., Slurrppp. . . ., Slurrppp. . . ., "Ye Chen heard a familiar voice, he immediately opened his eyes and saw what was going on.

When Ye Chen looked down, he saw a sight that was quite stirring, at this time Qing Cheng was pinching Ye Chen's large object using the two large meatballs she had.

Qing Cheng also put the rest into her mouth, she ate Ye Chen's big thing like the most delicious food in this world.

While sucking up Ye Chen's large object, Qing Cheng also massaged Ye Chen's large object by using the two giant peaks she belonged to.

Things like this can only be done by women who have large double tops and men who have long objects.

Seeing Ye Chen had woken up, Qing Cheng vomited Ye Chen's big thing, she smiled gently at Ye Chen.

"husband,Good morning ." Qing Cheng wished Ye Chen good morning.

Qing Cheng did not pull her two large double peaks away from Ye Chen's large object, Qing Cheng's huge double peak still clasped Ye Chen's large double peak.

"Good morning too." Ye Chen said good morning to Qing Cheng.

Qing Cheng returned to continue serving Ye Chen's objects, she again put Ye Chen's objects into her mouth and returned to massaging Ye Chen's large objects with her two mountain peaks.

Ye Chen's large object was stuck in the gap between Qing Cheng's mountain peaks.

Qing Cheng very skillfully began to lick, suck, and occasionally spit out Ye Chen's large object, the pose that Qing Cheng did was very erotic.

"Husband, don't just take it out. Let me taste your delicious essence." Qing Cheng stroked Ye Chen's object using her milky smooth cheeks.

Qing Cheng deeply adored Ye Chen's large object like the most valuable thing in this world.

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