Journey To Become A True God Chapter 352

352 Frozen Ice Sect News
Ye Chen couldn't stand the seductive words that came out of Qing Cheng's mouth.

Ye Chen held Qing Cheng's head and stuck his object deep into Qing Cheng's throat.

Ye Chen's large object could be easily swallowed by Qing Cheng, Qing Cheng didn't look at all in pain when she put Ye Chen's large object into her mouth.

Ye Chen started moving Qing Cheng's head back and forth, every time Ye Chen put his thing deep into Qing Cheng's throat, Qing Cheng would slightly moan.

"Slurppp. . "Qing Cheng started to suck and roll her tongue on the shaft of Ye Chen's large object.

Qing Cheng's technique made Ye Chen's huge object swell to an extreme level.

Qing Cheng felt that Ye Chen's was getting bigger and twitching, her mouth was full of Ye Chen's large object.

Qing Cheng knew that soon Ye Chen would come out soon, so Qing Cheng was more enthusiastic when serving Ye Chen's large object.

Ye Chen couldn't take it anymore, she took a lot of Essence into Qing Cheng's small mouth.

In an instant, Qing Cheng's mouth was filled with Ye Chen's Yangqi essence.

"Glup. . . , Glup. . . , Glup. . . , "Qing ", Cheng started to drink Yangqi essence from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen took out a lot of Yangqi Essence, for 1 full minute he took all of his essence into Qing Cheng's mouth, Qing Chen's stomach was almost full because she swallowed Ye Chen's Yangqi Essence.

"Thank you for breakfast." With a smiling face, Qing Cheng thanked him for the delicious food Ye Chen gave her.

Qing Cheng was completely addicted to Ye Chen's Yangqi taste, Qing Cheng didn't even let a single drop go to waste.

Ye Chen's Yangqi is too delicious, every woman who feels this will definitely be very addicted.

Ye Chen got up from the sofa and held Qing Cheng's body. "You little Succubus, you are too seductive." Qing Cheng is too seductive for him, this woman knows how to make a man excited.

Qing Cheng smiled shyly, she was quite happy with the praise given by Ye Chen.

Without saying much, Ye Chen took Qing Cheng to the bathroom, he slipped into the bathroom without anyone knowing.

Ye Chen wanted to try doing that in the bathroom.

Ye Chen lowered Qing Cheng to the floor, when Qing Cheng's feet touched the floor, she felt her two feet feel soft.

As Qing Cheng stood on the floor, Qing Cheng's body wobbled a little, it seemed like last night's exercise made her lower half hurt.

Ye Chen caught Qing Cheng's body again "are you okay" Ye Chen asked Qing Cheng.

"Yes I'm fine, just a little pain at the bottom" Qing Cheng told Ye Chen that her lower part hurts.

Ye Chen's thing was too big, every woman who tried it would definitely turn out to be like the current Qing Cheng.

Ye Chen knew that last night he was too aggressive, so Qing Cheng was in a state like this "It's okay, let's wash it together" The fire in Ye Chen's heart began to recede, he knew that Qing Cheng was no longer able to continue dual cultivation with himself.

Ye Chen and Qing Cheng washed each other's bodies, the two of them didn't dare to tease each other like before, they just washed each other's bodies.

After they finished washing, the two of them entered the large bath, both of them soaking in the warm water.

Ye Chen and Qing Cheng faced each other "Oh yeah, where is Lanyin, why don't you invite her over".

Ye Chen asked where Mu Lanyin was at the moment, why didn't Qing Cheng bring her here.

Even if Mu Lanyin was here, the effect of doing Dual Cultivation would be much more effective than doing it alone.

"Actually I wanted to invite her here, unfortunately right now the Frozen Ice Sect is closing itself to outsiders, no one is allowed to leave that place." Qing Cheng told Ye Chen that currently the Frozen Ice Sect was closing itself down.

"What happened, why did the Frozen Ice Sect shut down? "Ye Chen wants to know the reason why the Frozen Ice Sect closed their sect.

"I don't know about this either." Qing Cheng didn't know the cause of the Frozen Ice Sect shutting down at all.

She only knew that the Frozen Ice Sect closed itself to outsiders, even that many aray formations were activated to prevent outsiders from forcibly entering the Frozen Ice Sect.

"I see." Ye Chen was worried about Mu Lanyin's situation.

No matter how Mu Lanyin is Ye Chen's woman, he must not let Mu Lanyin be in trouble.

"Wife, can you take me to the place where the Frozen Ice Sect is, I want to know what happened to Mu Lanyin's sect." Ye Chen wanted to go to find out what happened to the Frozen Ice Sect.

"Of course, I'll be happy to take you there." Qing Cheng will gladly escort Ye Chen to the secret headquarters of the Frozen Ice Sect.

"Good." Ye Chen nodded at Qing Cheng.

Qing Cheng who was soaking in warm water suddenly stood up, she slightly approached Ye Chen.

"Boing. . ., Boing. "As Qing Cheng moved closer, Qing Cheng's two Double Peaks shook violently, it looked so amazing.

"Husband, I feel a little better already, how about we continue with the previous thing." Qing Cheng wanted to continue what was previously delayed.

Hearing Qing Cheng's words, Ye Chen was excited again.

Without waiting much time, Ye Chen immediately grabbed Qing Cheng's two double peaks, Ye Chen immediately put one of Qing Cheng's flower bud peaks into his mouth.

Ye Chen started to suck on Qing Cheng's very aggressively, Ye Chen looked like a very thirsty baby.

"Ahhh. . " Qing Cheng only groaned softly when Ye Chen sucked her flower bud, this feeling was truly extraordinary.

Qing Cheng's double peak was so big and so soft, Ye Chen felt that he could sink into it.

Ye Chen wasn't satisfied with just sucking on it, he started teasing Qing Cheng's pink flower bud peak by biting it.

"Husband don't bite it, it hurts." Qing Cheng started moaning softly when Ye Chen bit her.

There was a feeling of pain mixed with deliciousness when Ye Chen did this.

One Ye Chen's hand started to go down, Ye Chen's fingers began to explore Qing Cheng's secret garden.

When Ye Chen explored, he found that Qing Cheng's Cave mouth was still swollen quite badly, it seemed like Qing Cheng's was still sick because last night Ye Chen was quite harsh with Ye Chen.

Seeing Ye Chen who suddenly stopped, Qing Cheng immediately asked "Husband, why did you stop ? ".

"We better stop this, I'm afraid that if we continue your body will hurt" Ye Chen told Qing Cheng to stop this, Ye Chen was afraid to injure Qing Cheng's body.

Qing Cheng was deeply moved when she heard Ye Chen worried about her.

Now Qing Cheng knew that Ye Chen not only loved Qing Cheng's body, it turned out that Ye Chen also loved Qing Cheng.

"Husband, you are very kind, I love you even more" Qing Cheng liked Ye Chen more, she did not want to be separated from Ye Chen.

The two of them continued washing, they didn't continue to do the previous thing.

They just teased each other a little.

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