Journey To Become A True God Chapter 353

353 Seventh Sword Sects Ancestor
We turn to another place.

Currently somewhere, on a very high and steep cliff, there is a magnificent ancient building

This was the secret place where the Seventh Sword Sect was, only a few people knew the existence of this place.

In the place where the Seventh Sword Sect was, currently enveloped in an enormous array, it could hide the Seventh Sword Sect's existence from outsiders.

Because of Aray, outsiders would not know the existence of the Seventh Sword Sect.

Currently, the Seventh Sword Sect is being held a large banquet to welcome the arrival of a very important person.

Whereas the Seventh Sword Sect had just mourned because all four elders of their sect died in the ancient heritage place.

It was because of this that the Seventh Sword Sect experienced a slight decrease in fighting strength due to the deaths of the four great elders of the sect.

the plan they had originally prepared so thoroughly failed, the Seventh Sword Sect had to re-plan their plan to rule over all the sects in the mortal world.

right now They need help from someone strong enough to do this.

It so happened that the important guest they were welcoming was able to help the Seventh Sword Sect rule over all the sects in the mortal world.

It was for this reason that the Seventh Sword Sect held a massive banquet to welcome the important guests who were coming.

Hundreds of disciples and several elders from the Seventh Sword Sect lined up neatly in front of the entrance to the Seventh Sword Sect.

They all wanted to know who was the person who would come to their sect.

Even the sect leader Jian Yan was waiting for an important guest right in front of the sect's entrance.

This proved how important the guests who would come to the Seventh Sword Sect were.

A few meters behind Jian Yan, there were currently two old men cross-legged in the air, currently the two old men were closing their eyes, they both looked like people who were cultivating.

These two people were the ancestors of the Seventh Sword Sect, both of them were the eyes of the leader of the Seventh Sword Sect before Jian Yan.

The names of these two sect ancestors were Jian Ding and Jian Lubo, these two people had already reached the Emperor Realm stage

Jian Ding was currently at the Fourth Emperor Realm stage

Whereas Jian Lubo was slightly inferior to Jian Ding, he was currently at the Emperor Realm third stage.

These two people were both strong, they both had cultivated the Heavenly Sky Sword cultivation technique to the pinnacle level, even the mastery of the two old ancestors was far greater than that of the current Jian Yan.

The Sect Ancestors were very rarely seen by the disciples in the Seventh Sword Sect.

The sect ancestors would only come out if something bad happened to the sect or there was an event of great importance.

Because of this, the Seventh Sword Sect's ancestors were rarely seen by the disciples in the Seventh Sword Sect.

To make the Two sect ancestors come out to welcome this important guest, this proved that this guest was very important to the Seventh Sword Sect.

While all the Seventh Sword Sect disciples were guessing the identity of this important guest, above the previously bright sky suddenly turned dark.

"Rumbled. . . , rumbled. . . , rumbled. . . ", Lightning started to rumble with a very loud sound.

The roar of thunder terrified the disciples and elders of the Seventh Sword Sect.

The disciples and elders who were here were trembling with fear, Their bodies responded to this fear naturally.

It was not only the Disciples and Elders who were afraid.

Even Jian Yan and the two Seventh Sword Sect ancestors were trembling too, they were a little afraid of the aura above them.

Rumbled's voice grew stronger and stronger, from behind the clouds suddenly appeared a profound ark covered in gold.

This profound ark was floating above the dark sky.

The aura emanating from the golden profound ark was so extraordinary, everyone from the Seventh Sword Sect admired the golden profound ark currently hovering above the sky.

The golden profound ark began to descend down, the golden ark landed right in front of the entrance of the Seventh Sword Sect.

After the golden profound ark descended to the ground, from above the golden ark descended a middle-aged man.

This man emitted an extremely powerful aura, judging from this person's cultivation base, should be at the 6th stage of the Overlord Realm.

This man swept his sight towards everyone currently at the entrance to the Seventh Sword Sect.

Jian Yan, Jian Ding and Jian Lubo immediately stepped forward and greeted this middle aged man.

"Yours truly to Jian Teng's ancestors." Jian Yan, Jian Ding and Jian Lubo paid their respects to the middle aged man.

Jian Yan, Jian Ding and Jian Lubo even called this person the ancestor.

This middle aged man was Jian Teng, he was the sect leader of the 21st generation.

Currently Jian Yan was the sect leader of the 30th generation, that meant that Jian Teng had become the sect leader hundreds of years ago.

Because this was Jian Yan, Jian Ding and Jian Lubo called Jian Teng as the ancestor.

"Hahaha, it's been a long time since I last visited this sect." It had been hundreds of years since Jian Teng last saw the Seventh Sword Sect.

So many things had changed since he left the Seventh Sword Sect.

Several hundred years ago Jian Teng left the Seventh Sword Sect towards the Kunlun Holy Land.

to go to the holy land of kunlun is not easy the risk is too great, many people have died trying to go to the holy land of Kunlun.

The entrance to the Kunlun holy land was extremely dangerous, countless weak cultivators had died at the hands of the monsters living in the dark and gloomy forest of death that were at the entrance to kunlun.

It is for this reason that few people dare to take the risk of going to the ancient holy lands.

Jian Teng was one of those people who dared to take that risk and managed to become a great cultivator.

After making it through the forest of death, Jian Teng joined one of the powerful sects that ruled the Kunlun holy land.

This was the reason why Jian Teng had become this strong in just a few hundred years.

"Ancestor Jian Teng, it's an honor to welcome you back to the Seventh Sword Sect." Jian Yan looked very pleased when he greeted Jian Teng.

Jian Teng nodded at Jian Yan. "It seems that after this sect I live the strength becomes a little weaker than before." Jian Teng overpowered everyone here.

He saw that the Seventh Sword Sect's strength had decreased slightly after he left this place.

Jian Yan, Jian Ding and Jian Lubo felt embarrassed when they heard Jian Teng's words.

"That's true, the Seventh Sword Sect's sect has declined from when you were around, but other sects have experienced the same thing as us." Jian Yan told Jian Teng that all sects had decreased considerably.

This possibility is caused by a decrease in the pure energy on earth, in today's era pure energy is difficult to find, this is caused by the actions of mortals destroying the purity of nature, because of this now all sects are experiencing a slight decline.

Jian Teng hadn't visited the mortal world in a long time, which was why he didn't know what was happening to the mortal world right now.

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