Journey To Become A True God Chapter 355

355 Zhao Yanyan Was Happy
After finishing showering and changing clothes, Ye Chen wanted to invite Qing Cheng to enter the fairy gate.

First Ye Chen wanted to introduce other women to Qing Cheng, after which they could later go to the Frozen Ice Sect

"Close your eyes," Ye Chen told Qing Cheng to close her eyes for a while.

Qing Cheng obediently closed her eyes, she wanted to know what Ye Chen was up to.

After Qing Cheng closed her eyes, Ye Chen took Qing Cheng into the fairy gate.

"Now you can open your eyes" Ye Chen allowed Qing Cheng to open her eyes.

Qing Cheng started to open her eyes, when Qing Cheng opened them she was very surprised when she saw a scene that was different from before.

Right in Front her eyes, Qing Cheng saw a very beautiful place, not only was this place very beautiful, the energy in this place was extremely pure.

It's tens or hundreds of times purer than where the Cherry Blossom Sect is.

Husband, where are we currently? ", Qing Cheng immediately asked where they were right now.

Whereas earlier they were still in Ye Chen's villa, it was unexpected that in just a few seconds they had moved to such an extraordinary place.

"This is the fairy gate, the place where all my women practice." Ye Chen started explaining about the fairy gate to Qing Cheng.

Qing Cheng very seriously heard Ye Chen's explanation.

"This is great." Qing Cheng started admiring the artifact of the Fairy Gate that Ye Chen had.

If Qing Cheng cultivated in this place, then she would be very quick to raise her cultivation base.

", Chuckled, so the two of you have finished having fun." Chu Yuechan suddenly came behind Ye Chen.

This beautiful fairy really liked to surprise Ye Chen, she often came and went unnoticed.

Qing Cheng immediately looked back to see which woman was speaking to her and Ye Chen.

When Qing Cheng looked back, she saw that behind him stood a beautiful woman who had the appearance of a fairy goddess.

Qing Cheng saw that this woman was much prettier and sexier than herself, Qing Cheng did not expect that Ye Chen would have such a beautiful woman.

Chu Yuechan smiled, she suddenly disappeared and reached behind Qing Cheng.

From behind Chu Yuechan's hand immediately grabbed Qing Cheng's two large objects.

"Kyahh" In shock, Qing Cheng let out a little scream.

", I am a little jealous of seeing yours as large as this. You have the biggest thing I have ever seen, I am sure that Master likes you very much." Chu Yuechan began measuring Qing Cheng's double peak with her hand.

Ye Chen tapped Chu Yuechan's head gently. "Yuechan, stop, don't tease her anymore." Ye Chen told Chu Yuechan to stop teasing Qing Cheng.

"You cheapskate." Chu Yuechan stuck out her tongue.

Qing Cheng immediately covered her double peak with her two arms, she tried to cover it up so that this beautiful woman wouldn't touch it again.

" Husband, who is this woman? "Qing Cheng finally asked who this beautiful woman was.

"This is Chu Yuechan, is she the guardian of this place? "Ye Chen introduced Chu Yuechan to Qing Cheng.

"Hello little sister, my name is Chu Yuechan, you may call me Sister Yuechan." Chu Yuechan introduced herself to Qing Cheng.

Qing Cheng did not expect that she would be called by this little sister by this woman, Qing Cheng began to wonder how old this woman had.

Given that this woman was the guard at this place, Chu Yuechan should have an unknowable age.

It was also impossible for Qing Cheng to ask Chu Yuechan how old she was, it would be very disrespectful.

"Hello Yuechan's sister." Finally Qing Cheng called Chu Yuechan by the name of sister Yuechan.

"Good, let's go, I'll take you around this place." Chu Yuechan wanted to take Qing Cheng around this place.

There was something personal that Chu Yeuchan wanted to talk to Qing Cheng about, it concerned the matters of the other Ye Chen women.

Chu Yuechan didn't ask Ye Chen for a decision, she took Qing Cheng away from Ye Chen.

Qing Cheng herself was a little reluctant to leave Ye Chen, she still wanted to be with Ye Chen for a little longer.

Ye Chen was left in this place alone, even though Ye Chen only wanted to introduce Qing Cheng to his other women, not expecting Chu Yuechan to even take Qing Cheng to go around.

To wait for the two to finish walking around, Ye Chen decided to go see his medicinal garden, it had been a long time since Ye Chen had seen his medicinal garden.

Ye Chen wanted to see if his medicinal garden had flourished or not.

Just as Ye Chen wanted to go to the medicinal garden, a light appeared right in front of Ye Chen.

After the light disappeared there was a beautiful woman appearing in front of Ye Chen, the beautiful woman who appeared was of course Zhao Yanyan.

Currently Zhao Yanyan looks very cheerful and very happy, Ye Chen wants to know what made Zhao Yanyan act like this.

"Yanyan, you look so happy, did something good happen? Ye Chen approached Zhao Yanyan, he asked what had just happened to Zhao Yanyan.

"Husband, do I look happy now?" Zhao Yanyan asked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded "Yes, you seem very happy, tell me what happened when you were? "Ye Chen is becoming more and more curious about what makes Zhao Yanyan happy like this.

"That, actually last night I did sparring battle with Mengyan, when I did sparring I gave a lesson to Mengyan, I was very happy when I thought about it." It turned out that the thing that made Zhao Yanyan happy was bullying Cheng Mengyan.

Ye Chen didn't expect that Zhao Yanyan also had this kind of cruel side.

Ye Chen thought that Zhao Yanyan was an innocent and kind-hearted woman, unexpectedly Zhao Yanyan also had this kind of side.

"So last night you had fun by bullying Cheng Mengyan" said Ye Chen to Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan nodded lightly "Usually Mengyan is a person who bully me a lot, now I finally have the opportunity to get even, I am very happy anyway." Zhao Yanyan was happy because she could take revenge on the past she had with Cheng Mengyan.

Ye Chen wouldn't complain about this, he would let Zhao Yanyan do whatever she wanted.

After all from now on Cheng Mengyan would be Zhao Yanyan's servant.

"Oh yes Yanyan, I haven't told you, from now on Cheng Mengyan will be your servant for the next 2 years, so she will obey your words for the next 2 years." Ye Chen told Zhao Yanyan that Cheng Mengyan would become Zhao Yanyan's personal servant.

" Is it true ? ", Zhao Yanyan could hardly believe what Ye Chen just said.

"That's right." Ye Chen nodded at Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan didn't expect that from now on Cheng Mengyan would be her servant, from now on, Zhao Yanyan could get Cheng Mengyan to do what she wanted.

"Husband, you are great, I am very happy." Zhao Yanyan suddenly hugged Ye Chen, she was overflowing with pleasure by kissing Ye Chen's lips.

Zhao Yanyan's lips started to kiss Ye Chen's lips, this time Zhao Yanyan was the one who took the initiative first.

Ye Chen of course was very happy about this, he started to cooperate with Zhao Yanyan.

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