Journey To Become A True God Chapter 357

357 Headed Towards The Frozen Ice Sec
Ye Chen and Xiao Lulu started to harvest all the medicinal herbs that had matured.

Sometimes Ye Chen would tease and joke with Xiao Lulu a little, Xiao Lulu himself seemed quite happy with what Ye Chen was doing.

Both of them look happy while harvesting medicinal plants.

After several hours, finally Ye Chen and Xiao Lulu finished harvesting all the medicinal plants that were here.

Apart from harvesting medicinal plants, Ye Chen also replanted medicinal plants so that the medicinal garden was not empty.

Ye Chen also picked fresh fruits that Xiao Lulu grew, he tasted this fruit, it was quite sweet and delicious, this was even better than the fruit on the market.

"Now this is another Ye Chen woman," when Ye Chen and Xiao Lulu were picking fruits.

Chu Yuechan and Qing Cheng came to this place, the two of them walked towards Ye Chen and Xiao Lulu.

Ye Chen and Xiao Lulu stopped their fruit picking activities, both of them turned towards Chu Yuechan and Qing Cheng.

"Have you finished walking around this place? ", Asked Ye Chen to Qing Cheng.

Qing Cheng nodded "I've been around this place, this place is very extraordinary, and again I did not think that you have so many very beautiful women" Qing Cheng has been going around all the places in the fairy gate.

Qing Cheng was already acquainted with all the women who were currently inside the fairy gate, only Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu that Qing Cheng had not met.

The current Liu Yue was probably taking care of company matters.

Whereas Xia Qingyu might now be helping Liu Yue restore the company.

Since Ye Chen had already dealt with the person behind the incendiary, so he didn't have to worry anymore, Ye Chen would let Liu Yue take over the restoration of the company.

"Cute sister, what's your name? ", Qing Cheng asked Xiao Lulu.

According to Qing Cheng Xiao Lulu as cute as a doll, Qing Cheng wanted to hug Xiao Lulu and caress her.

Xiao Lulu was a little scared when she saw Qing Cheng, she was hiding behind Ye Chen's body.

Ye Chen looked at the Xiao Lulu who was hiding behind himself, Xiao Lulu was like this, she was quite shy when she met people she had just met.

"Sorry Lulu didn't mean that to you, she's just a little shy." Ye Chen told Qing Cheng that Xiao Lulu is really shy like this.

"It's okay, I can understand the situation he has." Qing Cheng can understand Xiao Lulu's situation.

"Lulu, hurry out and introduce yourself, from now on she will also be your other sister, so you have to get along even more." Ye Chen pulled Xiao Lulu who was hiding behind him.

Xiao Lulu who was hiding was pulled by Ye Chen out, now she was standing in front of Qing Cheng.

"Hel. . ., Hello. My name is Xiao Lulu, nice to meet you. "Xiao Lulu shyly introduced herself to Qing Cheng.

"Ahhh, cute, let the sister hug you." Qing Cheng couldn't stand the cuteness that Xiao Lulu had.

Qing Cheng hugged Xiao Lulu into her arms, Qing Cheng hugged Xiao Lulu's head and buried her into her two large double peaks. Qing Cheng started stroking Xiao Lulu's head, she was treating Xiao Lulu like a doll.

Xiao Lulu was currently caught between the two soft and large objects that belonged to Qing Cheng.

Xiao Lulu felt unable to breathe when trapped between soft objects "help I can't breathe" Xiao Lulu asked for help, she couldn't breathe.

"Oh sorry" seeing that Xiao Lulu couldn't breathe, Qing Cheng finally let her go.

After being released by Qing Cheng, Xiao Lulu was finally able to breathe again.

Xiao Lulu ran behind Ye Chen, she returned to hide behind Ye Chen.

Xiao Lulu began to fear Qing Cheng's soft and large object.

Ye Chen and Chu Yuechan laughed when they saw Xiao Lulu's cute behavior.

Ye Chen knew how great Qing Cheng's double peak strength was, it must be that Xiao Lulu had a hard time breathing just now.

"Sorry sister Lulu, I accidentally" saw Xiao Lulu being afraid of her, Qing Cheng decided to apologize for what he just did to Xiao Lulu.

"It's okay, I forgive you." Xiao Lulu forgave Qing Cheng, but she was still hiding behind Ye Chen.

Qing Cheng is helpless, what Ye Chen said is true, Xiao Lulu is quite shy, Qing Cheng should slowly try to get close to Xiao Lulu.

"My name is Qing Cheng, I hope from now on we can get closer" Qing Cheng stretched out her hand towards Xiao Lulu.

Xiao Lulu saw Qing Cheng's hand, Xiao Lulu initially hesitated to shake Qing Cheng's hand.

seeing Qing Cheng's sincerity, finally Xiao Lulu wanted to shake Qing Cheng's hand.

Qing Cheng was delighted to see Xiao Lulu willing to shake hands with her, this would be a great start for both of them.

All of Ye Chen's women are quite good, Qing Cheng can easily get along with all of Ye Chen's other women.

"Oh right, Qing Cheng can we go to the Frozen Ice Sect now? Ye Chen invited Qing Cheng to go to the Frozen Ice Sect.

"Of course, let me take you there right now" Qing Cheng will take Ye Chen to the Frozen Ice Sect.

"Lulu, we have to go, you can continue the training you are currently doing." Ye Chen said goodbye to Xiao Lulu, he had to go to the Frozen Ice Sect to see what happened to Mu Lanyin.

Xiao Lulu nodded "be careful on the way." Xiao Lulu will pray for Ye Chen's safety.

"Okay." Ye Chen understands, he will always be careful.

"Yuechan, if anyone asks where I am you can answer them" Ye Chen will not interfere with a woman who is practicing, he will go with Qing Cheng secretly.

"OK, I understand." Chu Yuechan understood what she had to do.

Chu Yuechan and Ye Chen were connected, so Chu Yuechan could know where Ye Chen was, Chu Yuechan told the women where Ye Chen was.

after that Ye Chen took Qing Cheng's hand, both of them turned into particles, both of them came out of the Fairy Gate.

right now in the medicinal garden there were only Xiao Lulu and Chu Yuechan.

"Lulu, how far have you progressed in practicing the YGGDRASIL heart art." Chu Yuechan wanted to know how far Xiao Lulu had progressed.

"Right now I can only grow plants, I can't completely control the plants." Xiao Lulu told Chu Yuechan about the progress she had made.

"No problem, let me give you a little direction, you might quickly master it." Chu Yuechan intended to give Xiao Lulu directions.

Xiao Lulu nodded she wanted to be taught by Chu Yuechan.

Xiao Lulu and Chu Yuechan started training again, Chu Yuechan guided Xiao Lulu in learning the YGGDRASIL heart art.

After exiting the fairy gate, Ye Chen and Qing Cheng walked out of the villa.

"Qing Cheng, you lead the way to the Frozen Ice Sect." Ye Chen wanted Qing Cheng to lead the way to the Frozen Ice Sect.

Qing Cheng nodded, she led the way to the Frozen Ice Sect.

Currently Ye Chen and Qing Cheng flew towards the Frozen Ice Sect.

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