Journey To Become A True God Chapter 36

36 Kisses Indirectly

"OK, the time is over, gather all your books, and your English notes in front." Lin Rouxi ordered one of the students to collect all the books.

After all the books were collected, Lin Rouxi distributed the Questioners to all the students.

"You have 1 hour to answer this question, after the time is up or not finished you just collect your answers, if you feel finished Before the time you can also collect them, the cheating will get a punishment" Lin Rouxi Explains the Rules.

Lin Rouxi looked at the clock in his hand and said "time starts from now".

After Lin Rouxi gave the signal, all the students immediately worked on, Problem, Ye Chen also began working on the problems.

Ye Chen saw the question and it was very easy to do, Ye Chen then began to write all the answers of all the questions, only within 10 minutes the answer sheet Ye Chen was already full of writing.

Ye Chen stood up from his seat and came forward, Ye Chen then piled up the answer sheet and filled back into his seat, this scene was also seen by all students in the class.

Lin Rouxi looked at his watch and saw that time was running for about 10 minutes and Ye Chen had already collected the answer sheet, Lin Rouxi then said to Ye Chen "Ye Chen are you sure? To collect it, there is still 50 minutes left why don't you correct it first".

"Teacher Lin, I am sure of the answer I wrote" After saying this, Ye Chen returned to his seat.

Strangely, the whole class looked at Ye Chen with a look of pity, even though in this class, all students were not smart in their lessons, but they were not stupid enough to answer them with careless origins. These were the subjects of their homeroom teacher, Lin Rouxi, if anyone got a score below 30 Then there will definitely be a full day Lecture by Master Lin Rouxi.

"Ye Chen, why are you too hunted to collect the answer, not a long time, are you sure of the answer?" Zhao Yanyan worried about Ye Chen when he got bad grades.

Ye Chen "Calm down Yanyan Darling I'm Confident With my own answer, By the way, what's the prize for me later? "Ye Chen is Laughing Satisfied.

Zhao Yanyan's face immediately blushed "huf Forget If you get a bad score just watch out" After that Zhao Yanyan Focused answering those English questions.

Ye Chen was quite bored waiting there were still about 40 minutes left until the Practice Exam was Over, so Ye Chen slept while Absorbing (Yin) from Zhao Yanyan.
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Lin Rouxi was quite curious about Ye Chen's Worksheet, so Lin Rouxi took and looked at the contents Ye Chen wrote.

The more Lin Rouxi saw her the more surprised, all of Ye Chen's answers were almost the same as the one in the answer key that Lin Rouxi made, what made Lin Rouxi shocked was that Ye Chen had finished all the Questions Yag had in just 10 minutes.

Lin Rouxi did not think that Ye Chen was smart enough in terms of lessons, it was clear that Ye Chen's worksheet was all right and there were no wrong answers Ye Chen's belonged to, this was the first time anyone had a perfect score in this class during Lin Rouxi start teaching here.

Lin Rouxi looked towards the place where Ye Chen sat and Lin Rouxi saw that Ye Chen was sleeping while the other students were working on the practice test.

Lin Rouxi Who saw This shook his head, Lin Rouxi actually wanted to reprimand him but it was okay for Ye Chen to finish

Finally the exam time is over and all students collect all the answer sheets in front of the class, including Zhao Yanyan too.

Lin Rouxi then corrected the results of all the answer sheets belonging to all students, the students were not too enthusiastic about the results of their answers.

After 15 Minutes Later Lin Rouxi Called Students One By One and read the Score.

30,41,35,51,47,39 Results from the average students who are here even nobody touches the value of 60, Ye Chen finally understands why this class is called the worst class, students who are here are very bad at Exam.

Zhao Yanyan Graded 90, Lin Rouxi read out the results of the Examination when the results of the Retrial were read aloud to the entire Class.

"It is worthy of being a Goddess in our hearts, the value is very good".

"Yak you're right, we're very lucky to still have Zhao Yanyan who begged in our class".

Students Male students praised Zhao Yanyan

Zhao Lin Rouxi then handed over the results to Zhao Yanyan "Yanyan's good work" Lin Rouxi whispered and only with Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan was displeased with this, Zhao Yanyan was worried about the value that Ye Chen would get.

"Ye Chen's results are" when Lin Rouxi read out the results of Ye Chen, all the students became curious.

Because Ye Chen had already collected the results of his answer in just 10 minutes which made all the students guess Ye Chen answered it carelessly.

Lin Rouxi "100" when Lin Rouxi's words were finished all the students in the class were quiet, they thought they were not mistaken. Hear what had just been said by Teacher Lin Rouxi.

Ye Chen accepted the results of the Examination and saw the 3-digit number which was 100, Zhao Yanyan who was beside him closed his mouth in surprise as well as the results.

"Teacher maybe Ye Chen cheated from the book"

"Ye Chen must have cheated on how he could get such a perfect score."

Sen Tu first protested and was followed by several male students in the class.

Whereas Female Students look at Ye Chen With starry eyes Star, in the minds of female students Besides handsome Ye Chen is also very smart.

Who is a woman who does not like men who are handsome and smart, Zhao Yanyan is more happy because his men get good grades.

"Silent" Lin Rouxi slammed the ruler on the table, which made the noisy class like the market calm.

"All of you think that Ye Chen copied the results from the Book? then I ask if you have seen someone cheating can finish in just 10 minutes? "Lin Rouxi then asked all the students in the class.

All students in the class were silent because they just remembered that Ye Chen had finished the test in just 10 minutes.

So the students who were protesting accepted Ye Chen's results gracefully, but that did not apply to Sen Tu, his sense of hatred towards Ye Chen was getting bigger and bigger.

After seeing that the students were able to accept it, Lin Rouxi then said, "Today's lesson will end here, you who get a score below 50, then you have to do the exercises Question 50 ~ 60 and get it collected tomorrow. Those who don't collect can't get into class, now you can rest now.

Students who score below 50 face suddenly become gloomy, including Sen Tu.

"Yanyan I have got a good grade where my gift" Ye Chen asked impatiently.

"Huh, not here, I'll give it to you later," Zhao Yanyan said with a reddened face.

"Then where will you give the gift to me?" Ye Chen asked again.

Zhao Yanyan "Let's go to the back garden of the school first".

Ye Chen began to think with dirty thoughts, maybe Yanyan would give his body to him

When the two of them are ready to go to the park behind the school Lin Rouxi Called "Ye Chen come with me to my office".

Ye Chen was quite displeased with this, good things would start soon and Lin Rouxi messed it up.

"Ye Chen I will wait for you in the back garden of the school then" then Zhao Yanyan Go first to the back garden of the school.

Ye Chen was helpless and could only follow Lin Rouxi towards his room.

After arriving at Lin Rouxi's private room, Lin Rouxi then walked to his chair and took two boxes from his drawers and put them on the table.

"Ye Chen, because I promised that if you cure my illness, I will treat you food. This is food for you. This food is much healthier than instant food sold in the canteen. Lin Rouxi Said With a slightly flushed face, Lin Rouxi tried to hold the image as a teacher in front of Ye Chen, but still Lin Rouxi was still shy.

Ye Chen was not Segan Segan and received the city Food that Lin Rouxi gave, Ye Chen then opened the contents inside.

When the food box is opened, inside the food is neatly arranged, there are vegetables, Tomatoes, Danging and also Eggs which are complete foods for Nutrition for Growth.

And this food looks really good, Ye Chen just remembered that Zhao Yanyan once said that the food made by Lin Rouxi was better than what he made.

So Ye Chen immediately took one bite, and sure enough the food was very delicious, Ye Chen immediately ate it heartily.

Lin Rouxi Yang saw how to eat Ye Chen laughing in his heart, Lin Rouxi thought that the situation would become ambiguous but apparently not, Ye Chen seemed to think that he was eating with friends not with Master.

Lin Rouxi also opened the food supply for herself, and what was in the food box was almost exactly what Ye Chen ate.

Lin Rouxi also started to eat it but slowly and gracefully, Ye Chen finally finished eating all the food in the box.

Lin Rouxi then asked when the next treatment would be carried out.

Ye Chen replied that the treatment would be done in a few days, and the method was still the same, namely massage, but in the end Ye Chen would use a needle to remove the remaining cold air and Lin Rouxi could recover completely.

When Ye Chen said that Lin Rouxi's Massage remembered the Indecent Shouts last night, but fortunately Ye Chen didn't discuss it at all, so Lin Rouxi felt relieved.

Lin Rouxi fetched a cup and poured tea for Ye Chen, from wherever Lin Rouxi was like a wife serving her husband while eating.

But Lin Rouxi didn't realize this and just getting carried away, Lin Rouxi was shocked at the speed Ye Chen was eating, Lin Rouxi's food stock was still lacking a little but Ye Chen's had run out.

Because Ye Chen had finished saying goodbye to leave because there was still an appointment with Zhao Yanyan "Teacher Lin I Go First" Ye Chen got up and left the room belonging to Lin Rouxi.

Lin Rouxi Seeing the departure of Ye Chen, actually Lin Rouxi was happy to be able to eat together with Ye Chen because this was the first time Lin Rouxi had eaten with the opposite sex, what else was still his own student.

Lin Rouxi picked up the glass and gulped down the tea and then drank it. After finishing drinking Lin Rouxi Seeing that there was another glass beside him, Lin Rouxi then realized that the glass he made to drink was Ye Chen's, It seemed like Lin Rouxi was wrong in taking the glass.

"Ahhh" Lin Rouxi Screamed, "I just drank from Ye Chen's former name. It's not this which was called a kiss indirectly" after saying that Lin Rouxi's face turned red like an apple.

What's more Ye Chen was his Disciple, the more Lin Rouxi thought about it the more red his face was.

Ye Chen didn't know this scene because Ye Chen had already left for the back garden of the School at full speed.